Grid Finder Paint Festival


iRacers Lounge Podcast and Grid Finder present a livery competition.

Here are the details:

  • Livery must be for iRacing
  • Livery must be uploaded to the Grid Finder paint shop
    • with all the info filled in and at least 3 sample images
  • Livery must be posted on social media with iRacers Lounge and Grid Finder tagged
  • Livery must have a Grid Finder theme
  • Primary Sponsor will be Grid Finder with iRacers Lounge as secondary
    • Any other additional sponsorships are welcome
  • Any car may be chosen
  • Contest starts on Thursday 7/22/2021.
  • Deadline for entry is 8/18/2021 Midnight EST.

Prizes Include:

  • Guest Spot on the iRacers Lounge Podcast
  • Grid Finder sim racing gloves and $50 in iRacing credit from