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1/4/2024 – The California Pickle – Episode 0416

Show Introduction

On the show today, iRacing kicks off 2024 with some more clues about the upcoming Indy Car Series, we ask what are your iRacing New Years Resolutions, and could we have seen the fastest speeds ever in iRacing?

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Team Conti Sim Performance



New Cali

Motor Racing Media posted on their Facebook account an updated look at what the newly reconfigured Auto Club Raceway might look like


Start Hero

iRacing posted the 2023 stats of Tuckles, who had 2433 starts this year, an average of 6.7 starts each day


Sim Not Loading

Luke Smoker and others have been having problems loading into iRacing ever since the last update. Staffer Michael Hinkle posted his fixes in the forums


Conti Has the Grip

Michael Conti posted a video of his A Open race where his grip level matched his commitment level


Kirwan Leaves XSet

Former Coke Series Champ Casey Kirwan announced on Twitter that his time at XSet has come to an end 


 More MSGM Problems

JPet27 Tweeted that MSGM still out of compliance with the NASDAQ regarding minimum amount of required shareholders in the company. IF they do not regain compliance with NASDAQ, they will be delisted & they will declare bankruptcy


Team Conti Sim Performance Discount

Listeners can enter “IRACERSLOUNGE10” at checkout to receive 10% off any eNASCAR Performance Pass!


Stroll Through the Infield

Joey Masiewicz found out the hard way during Daytona testing that the infield is a lot more accessable that he remembers them being


Top Speed Yee J

DJ YeeJ shows a glitch in iRacing that may have given him a speed world record


Indy Car Schedule

Indy Car’s official 2024 schedule was released on Twitter Wednesday, and iRacing says their ready for it


iRacing New Years Resolutions

Jordan Wentzel posted in the forums his personal iRacing Goals/resolutions for 2024 and asks what is yours


Sonoma Asphalt

Nascar posted on Twitter that Sonoma is getting some new asphalt on the road course


LA Clash

Bryan Darlington asked int the forums if there will be a 2024 Nascar clash at the LA Collsseum 


Daytona 24

The biggest Special Event in iRacing is right around the corner.  The Daytona 24



IIS Championship

Listener Lionel Marbezy sent this in…

FTF.gg’s 2.4 Hours of Daytona


2024 Roar


Greg West Posts:
Hi All- By popular demand, we are adding an additional timeslot for the Roar as a trial; Sunday 00:00 GMT (7:00 pm eastern).

Based on participation and feedback, we will consider this for special events that are 4 hours and shorter moving forward.


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FF Clipping

Emanuele Ottonello asks in the forums what the second line in the force feeback HUD means


Sound Shift

Clayton Mcloud is working on his Sound Shift program that gives audio cues for shifting gears



Chris L. Cothern — 12/25/2023 4:08 PM (in discord…)
I tried it but didn’t love it. Was more of a distraction for me than anything

Laptop Beast

PC Gamer shows off a beast of a laptop computer with server grade hardware

Yungai REV-9 mobile workstation against a stylised backdrop



Evil Racing DGT+

The Sim Pit reviews the Evil Racing DGT+ Wheel



Hot Moza

Michael Smith noticed that his Moza R5 Wheelbase was overheating and was loosing grip in his race because of the problems he was having.


CXC Simulations 

CXC Simulations makes customized super high end motion simulators 


Triple Ark’s

Dominic Calvani is thinking of running triple Samsung Ark monitors, and was asking if anyone has done this already


The Simagic Connection

Simagic posed an Instagram message showing off their revolutionary magnetic connection design


Slip Angle Shaker Kit

OC Racing reviews the Slip Angle 4 corner LFE Transducer Spring kit


No Excuse Racing

Tom Ford posted pictures of him custom sim rig that lets him race with one leg after loosing one in a motorcycle accident

Simagic GTC

OC Racing reviews the Simagic GTC formula wheel



Fanatec Support Part 2

Sim Racing Corner made a follow up video about his poor experience with Fanatec Customer Support


Laurence Dusoswa is worried about Thrustmaster and theor new T818 Direct Drive Wheel Base


It’s my role in Sim Racing to inform and to be objective in my findings, so that I can equip potential buyers with as much info as possible to make an educated decision. So this one hurt because it brought up some very harsh realities for Thrustmaster and their future. Where once I was a fanboy, now I’m struggling to find the positives. To add confusion into the mix, the T818 wheelbase is really good. Maybe it was just born into the wrong family…

Jayz Ultimate Rig

Jayz Two Cents build his ultimate rig using all products he found at Microcenter’s Sim Racing Department


Trading Paints Updgrade

Trading Paints announced that they have updated Paint Builder with a number of new features, wtih a big one where you will have the ability to share layers with others using a share code similar to Forza and Nintendo multiplayer.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Thursday open –

  • Justin, Winter NIS recap for Rockingham, it probably took me until Sunday to learn how to really drive the track. In the Fixed series P16,19,P9 and the Open series I got a P11 and P6. I kinda dropped the ball on my point battle in Fixed and Open. I was leading in both of them. Now I’m 2nd in Fixed and 3rd in open. Hopefully I can turn it around at Michigan this week. 

Official Series


  • Carburetor cub at Daytona, wrecked on lap one. 
  • Pick up cup at Phoenix started P8 finished winner, winner, chicken dinner!
  • Second, try finished P3
  • Chris McGuire supercars at Michigan. We were running into the green flag stops in the pack. I was going to do one more lap a bunch of them around me were pitting I got boxed in and somehow wrecked a bunch of them and they booted me out of the race off the server. Yikes~! I didnt mean for that to happen
  • Skip Barber at Monza qualified dead last 16th got wrecked hard and lap one had to get repairs finished 21st
  • FIAF4 at Sebring. Started ninth finished P11
  • DraftMaster 87 at Daytona. Qualified 16th. got wrecked out hard on lap. One was dead last stayed in the race and somehow got back to 13.
  • Chris McGuire, Deya prototypes at Michigan at night with no lights wrecked out
  • Old IndyCar at Monza combined no chicane p11. 



  • Falken Sports Car Challenge-p5 after starting p7 at Daytona. Crazy start to race that pushed me back to p15.  Head down and  spent time picking them off one at a time. Lots of guys over driving. Running a few of these as prep for the Roar.

B Open

    John P12 at Iowa. Having a good run when a guy took me out on purpose and as much as admitted it.  Had a top  5 car easily. Really like the track and had a great setup. Hate to have it ruined by a guy who was making everyone mad. But, thats the way is goes sometimes. 


Brad – GT3 Class p10 after starting p14. Have taken a beating in SR the last few weeks so this was a great race to get some back. Lemans is so easy to get slow down penalties. Probably gave up a p7 because of them.

League / Hosted Races

Winter Series League – 

  • David – P12  Mid pack car.  Interesting fuel strategy some went 1, some went two.  I went two and beat half of the 1 stoppers.  Had another early race incident with a different driver who thinks its a good idea to race like Ryan Newman.  This time you cross over a car that i clearly gonna to out run you in the long run and then door them on corner exit.  3rd party reviewed by the way not just team mates.  Yes you raced too hard for your own good.  Learn dude.
  • John – P27. Started dead last. Never found a good line but was keeping up. One of the team mates said look out for a certain guy. Sure enough, on lap 33 he rear ended me and gave me some irreparable damage. That ruined my night. Just puttered around the track the last 120 laps. Probably would not have had a good finish anyway because i could not find a good way around Nashville in the cup car.
  • Brad – p19-could not keep the tires under me at the end of the runs. Found better wear during 2nd and 3rd run but lost too much track position during first run. Racing would be so much better if we did not have to shift.
  • Justin P28, a day ago I had an issue with my pc. I had to reinstall windows and re-downloaded JRT and forgot to program the fuel calculations. My fault 
  • Mike- p23- completely missed Pitt Road entrance and overcooked it in there on the first green flag. Stop had to go back around and never really could recover.

Final Thoughts

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  1. The California Pickle


On the show today, iRacing kicks off 2024 with some more clues about the upcoming Indy Car Series, we ask what are your iRacing New Years Resolutions, and could we have seen the fastest speeds ever in iRacing? So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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