Episode 0415

12/28/2023 – The Only Show in Town – Episode 0415

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Show Introduction

Welcome to the final show of 2023 where we will be looking back at some of the milestones iRacing has achieved this year. We’ll check out or favoite new content of the 2023 season, review how your safety rating is calculated and a huge announcement from iRacing for the upcoming 2024 season.

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Team Conti Sim Performance



Hocevar Getting Mousy

Nascar Driver Carson Hocevar tried his hands at superspeedway racing with a mouse 


Killing iRacing 

Did Low Fuel Motorsports’ lower costs cut into iRacing’s fanbase?  


Bottom Split Broadcast

The January 19th bottom split of the Daytona 24 will be broadcasted by Bottom Split broadcasting 


The Only Show in Town

Juen-Jen Wang asked in a poll in the forums if iRacing is the only simulation you use


Indy is Back?

Adam Stern announced on Twitter that Indy Car will indeed be back in iRacing in 2024 after the Motorsports Games deal fell apart




Larson Needs a Set

Nascar driver Kyle Larson was doing some fishing in the off season, fishing for iRacing setups


My Dog Ate My…

Lewtorace posted a video of his puppy taking a bite out of his glove while racing around Bathurst


My puppy chomping on my hand while im sim racing #simracing #fyp #puppy #pain

♬ original sound – lewto

Sim Racing Bringing Joy

Sim racing brought some joy to a gentleman who is unable to drive in real life due to a dibilitating disease


I’m Good on Fuel

Robert Crisdale found out his IMSA Ferrari GT3 is holding a lot more fuel than ot should


Simmy Awards in 2023

The iRacing Daytona 24 was awarded best sim event in 2023, and the Cadillac V-Series.R GTP won the award for best vehicle


PC Giveaway

Team Conti Sim Performance and Mardon PC are giving away a new PC to someone whoe enters their contest

May be an image of text that says 'TEAM CONTI IUSIM PERFORMANCE)) AROON PC PC GIVEAWAY! Team Conti Sim Performance officially opens on Wednesday, November 22nd and we're excited! So excited that we've teamed with MARDON PC to give away a MARDON Intel Rookie PC to one lucky winner! PC SPECS -Custom MARDON PC case -Intel Gen processor cooler 32GB DDR4 3200 NVME SSD -NVDIA GeForce RTX 3060Ti 750W PSU 1:းးးးး း 2০০০ HOW TO ENTER Follow AROON MARDON PC Tag who needs PC!'


How is Safety Rating Calculated

DJ YeeJ pisted a video of how your iRacing Safety Rating gets calculated


2023 iRacing Favorites

iRacing asked what’s your favorite new car or track introduced on iRacing in 2023


iRacing in 2023

iRacing put up some pretty big numbers in 2023 and look forward to 2024


The Roar in 24


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Custom Console

Alex Kay shows you how to make your own customizable center console for your rig


Asatek vs Simucube 2

Beano von Rensburg gives his thought in the forums whether the Asatek DD is comparable to the Simucube 2


Gavin Auld noted in the forums that, “By default all on screen info is placed around the edge of the screen. Racing in VR means it can’t be seen without breaking your neck. This is solved by pressing Alt-K and dragging the boxes to a location that best suits the POV of your headset. The problem is, some things can only be seen when a notication is on screen. Certain pop ups, like lap splits are only there for a few seconds.”


Qubic QS-BT1

Qubic teased their new Dual channel belt tensioning system


Simagic Shifter Review

OC Racing reviews the new Simagic DS-8x H pattern and sequential shifter



Cammus C5 Direct Drive Review

The Sim Racing Corner reviews the Cammus C5 Direct Drive Wheel


SuperWide or Triples

YouTuber Dr Alan Quan compares different triple wide monitor setups vs un ultrawide display


Listener Submission

Listener Troy Eaton sent us a story that Mircosoft may be shutting down WMR for VR users


Troy Eaton 
to iracerslounge


Is VR going in the wrong direction?


Simagic GT Neo and Maglink


GT Omega ART Cockpit 

Karl Gosling reviews the 2024 GT Omega ART cockpit amd answers if it’s the best entry level sim rig


Clubsport DD

OC Racing checks out the new Fanatec Clubsport DD 



NASCAR iRacing Series

  • Justin – NIS Week, summary, 
  • Ran 3 Open Races P1,P8,P2 and at the end of the week still leading the series by only 8 points. Fixed i only ran two races, a P5 and a P8 i did decent still leading point on the fixed by 35 points at the end of the watksglen week. Gained 343 IR and now I’m a couple tenths below my A license. Productive week!

Official Series


  • DraftMaster GEN five at Daytona got ran over from behind trying to save tires. P 16.
  • Chris McGuire hosted old IndyCar at Charlotte – got wrecked out running third
  • Supercars at Michigan. P10
  • Indy pro 2000 @Gateway qualified nine out of 17.  P11
  • Brad-
  • Weekly Race Challenge – FF1600-Oulton Park Started p15 and avoided early spins. Was spun by over aggressive drivers that spin early and then drive like mad to get spots back. Finished p14 but continue to lose SR from getting collected in other people’s messes

A Open

  • Brad W – p4. Second split, started p3. Had the fastest car but just like real life it was hard to pass. Late in first run got the the lead only to get punted into T3. Was able to fix damage and drove from 14th back to 4th on 35 lap run to the checkers.
  • SRF at Southern national. P9
  • Cot Daytona- 


Hall –   P2 highest at Le Mans in Caddy

League / Hosted Races

    Winter Series League – 

  • David – P wrecked out lap 1
  • Brad – p14 and this was what I deserved. I was way to lose on short run and that caused me to lose multiple spots on the last restart. I had fun, just wanted a few more spots at the end.
  • Justin P16 its was a good race same as brad got what i deserved. She was slick 
  • Mike- p26- hit the wall hard 3 minutes 20 seconds damage – limped it home

Final Thoughts

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  1. The Only Show in Town


Welcome to the final show of 2023 where we will be looking back at some of the milestones iRacing has achieved this year. We’ll check out or favoite new content of the 2023 season, review how your safety rating is calculated and a huge announcement from iRacing for the upcoming 2024 season. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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