Episode 0414

12/21/2023 – All I Want For Christmas – Episode 0414

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Show Introduction

On today’s show, we get in the spirit if Christmas with an iRacing Chrostmas Carol. We’ll ask what’s on our sim racing Christmas Wish List. We’ll ook at what is in store for oval racing in 2024 and give our thoughts on the upcoming loss of the Member Website

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Team Conti Sim Performance



Listener Mailbag

From Robby Swan: Was listening today and heard you guys talking about wishing Mt Washington had a special event. Well, it’s actually not dead! Next Level Racing has put up huge prizes(3 nice simulators) for this years “RacecraftTV Race to the Summit”. Qualifiers are open right now in time attack. Top 20 will be in a super session, 3 runs per person…


Something Isn’t Right

There apparently a problem with the Chili Bowl Super Sessions where the morning super session DID NOT take top 60 into top split, it took all drivers and split them equally.


Oval Content in 2024

Kneebon posted a video exploring the new oval content that may be coming in 2024


00:00 – Winchester
00:32 – Anderson Speedway (possible)
01:35 – North Wilkesboro New Scan (possible)
02:24 – Street Stocks New Bodies (confirmed-ish)
03:24 – ARCA Body Update
04:25 – Micro for Pavement
05:30 – California Track
07:20 – Random chunks of guesses

Beta UI Rant

With the upcoming removal of the member site from service, some members are pointing out UI Site inefficiencies.  



2023 eSports Disaster

DJ YeeJ posted a video suggesting that 2023 was a disaster for Sim Racing eSports


IMSA Champions

VRS Coanda and Team Redline won their respective divisions in the IMSA eSports Global Championship


Future iRacing Ideas

Jonathsn Pugh has some interesting ideas for the future of iRacing


Sim Racing Cliches

Mathew Wise launched a forums thread asking your favorite sim racing cliches


Not Top 10

iRacing posted a video of December’s less than perfect highlights


WoO Sprint Cars Week 6

Alex Bergeron goes back to World of Outlaws Thrustmaster Sprint Cars victory lane at Knoxville


All I Want fo Christmas is…

iRacing asks what Sim upgrades you are asking for this Christmas


Sim Racing Christmas Carol

Trauma Team Sim Racing posted an iRacing themed Christmas Carol for the season


Season 1 Patch 2 Release Notes


SHR Pulls Out 

Stewart Haas Racing announced that they will be shutting down their eSports operation in 2024


Following the Rules

Kevin Moseley asks in the forums why iRacing doesn;t follow all of Nascar rules


iRacing Roar ’24


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Simgrade VX-Pro Pedals

Shaun Cole at the Sim Pit reviews the Simgrade ZX-Pro Pedals



Costco Computers

Toasty Bros buys a gaming computer at Costco on Thanksgiving week and give you their review


Simagic P1000 Pedals

Dan Sizuki reviewed the Simagic P1000 pedals



Upgraded Moza R-21/16

The Sim Pit and Sim Racing Setups review the newly updated Moza R16 and R21


Simagic DS-8X Shifter

Sim Racing Corner reviewd the Simagic DS-8X Shifter


 MME Motorsports Shifter

MME Motorsports displayed their H pattern and sequential shifter at PRI 2023


Zen’s SimwheelsD ZS-LMP-P

Zen Simwheels offers their newly updated ZS-LMP-PRO Steering Wheel!


O-Rouge Cockpit

O-Rouge, the makers of the Cool Zone Sim Seats, now offers their new LMP rig setup

Triple 4K Setup

OC Racing is ready to upgrade to a triple 42″ 4K monitors

BDH Bazooka Shifter 

Boosted Media reviews the BDH Bazooka Shifter 


Novus Sim Rig

The new Novus Sim Rig will be available for preorder for Q4 delivery


Heusinkveld Magshift

OC Racing reviews the Heusinkveld Magshift Sequencial Shifter


Allan Quan reviews the SimrRigs Exodus XR1 cockpit


Essential Controls

Sim Racing Support posted a YouTube Video showing you what essential controls you need to map to your buttons


Rig Review

Sim Magic P1000 Add Ons

Shaun Cole from the Sim Pit reviews the Simagic P1000 haptic add-ons



NASCAR iRacing Series

Justin – p1, Started 11th just kept the car on the track slow and steady worked my way to p3 when i picked lap 22 to pit cause of traffic once green flag stops cycled through i was p1 held the lead the rest of the way. First Ever Road Win!

Official Series


  • Rally car at Mount Washington next level racing contest in time trials, I placed 40th yet to be in the top 20 to make the super session
  • Draft Meister trucks at Daytona- Guy pushing on the outside, wrecked the entire field on lap five I still survived to finish P8.  
  • Fia f4 outlon pk. – finished 8
  • Chris McGuire hosted INDYCAR at Charlotte started 42nd out of 49 cars. Dnf
  • Super car at Michigan was leading on the white, but was sitting duck, and the guy behind me won the race
  • 87 at Talladega- p10. 
  • Daytona prototypes Riley at Talladega total pack racing, started dead lash got up to the front quick, going around the outside of everybody and won the race!!!
  • Draft master fixed car of tomorrow at Daytona- top split qualified fifth ended up, leading some laps near the end, but was a sitting dock on the final and the guy in second shut me up and passed me by just a hair at the line P2
  • DraftMaster, somebody spun out on the start and I had a pass-through penalty and ended up P 13
  • Get to the front lead, the most laps leading on the white on the backstretch the guy in second goes below the yellow and then tries to shove me up and I am hold my line and we both wrecked. P 16.


  • Weekly Race Challenge-GT4 Laguna Seca- started p11 self spun on lap 2 drove back to p14. Had good pace and just pressed too hard at the start.
  • Weekly Race Challenge-GT4 Laguna Seca-started p16 finished p13. Sunday afternoon’s top split was in European server with too many fast guys. Finished were I deserved.
  • Weekly Race Challenge-RayFF1600 Oultan Park-started p9 was run over at turn 3 from a guy 5 cars back. Broken rear suspension so did a fast repair and made it back to p15.

A Open

  • John P5, P5, P6, P8, P6, and P3. Raced  a lot during bout with covid. Decent finishes, but could never get to the top.
  • Brad W – Saturday Evening Top Split – start p8 finished p9. One caution early and 66 lap run to the finish. Fell back at the beginning of the run but gained spots back over the course of the run. Glad to put an entire race together.

Draft Master

    John P16 and P12. Wrecked each race. The usual draftmaster

B Open

  • Brad W -Top split Sunday afternoon. Started p17 finished p16. No cautions, the car was good and a blast to drive. Finished where I deserved.   

         John P5. Long runs and tires held up great. Just didn’t have what i needed to get to the podium.

C Open
John Kerley–  Started P22 finished P7. Survived the big one at the end.

League / Hosted Races

    Winter Series League – 

  • David – P 12, details on show
  • Brad – p9-started p15 and managed tires throughout the race. Really had no confidence going into race so, very happy with the top 10.
  • Justin P16, a very good clean race, really didn’t figure out how to drive the track until the second half of the race.
  • Mike- p20 got what I deserved no cautions and ran my tires off
  • Greg wrecked out

Final Thoughts

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