Episode 0413

12/14/2023 – Placebo Effect – Episode 0413

Show Introduction

On the Show today, you can now walk every track configuration in all of iRacing, we’ll share some tips for how you might better enjoy your iRacing experience and we’ll check out the newly released 2024 season of iRacing Special Events

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Team Conti Sim Performance



Fixed Master/Meister

The New Draftmaster and Ringmeister series will mose to fixed setups for Season 1


iTrackwalk 370

After a long few month iTrackwalk has announced that ALL the Tracks and Configurations are finally ready. All current 370 Track Configurations – including the only in maintenance mode available Stafford Motor Speedway – Mini Mile.


Tips to Enjoy iRacing

Kenin Bouhalassa posted on the Forums his personal tips to help you better enjoy iRacing


Brake Bias Biased

D J YeeJ put to the test his claim that brake bias can effect the handling of a car


Deleted Track

D J Yee J posted a video of the only track ever permanently deleted from iRacing: the Summit Point right hand oval


Mooncar Charity 

The Mooncar Series has raised over $9K for Marine Toys for Tots campaign and were congratulated by Dale Jr

Sim Gift Ideas

Random Callsign posted a video of great gift ideas for sim racers 


Advanced Sim Racing Event

Successful event last night by @advancedsimracing at Kanaan eSports Headquarters. Super opportunity for sim racing fans and guests to enjoy a variety of ultimate equipment.


MNR Final Season

The Monday Night Racing Sereis announced that this will be the final season for the long running series


Podium Sports Opportunities

Podium Sports are looking for Producers on Wednesday and Thursdays 


Season 1 Contests

iRacing posted the new contests that are available for the Season 1 series


ENascar Pro Invitational

ENascar held their pro invitaionla event at the LA Coliseum and the victory went to Anthony Alfredo



Mugello Intro

iRacing posted the introduction video of the new Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello


WoO Week 5

Kenny Miller wins his second race in a row at I-55


2024 Special Events


Why It’s Important

Overtake GG tells us why the seemingly unimpressive Season 1 build is a very important update for the sim


Season 1 Patch 1 Release Notes


Micro Center Sim Setups

Tony Kanaan was at a local Micro Center to advocate for sim racing and the products available at their stores


Auto Club Update


North Wilksboro at Night

North Wilksboro shows off their updated track with new lights


FIA F4 Regional Tours


RFK Holiday Showdown 

The RFK Holiday Showdown will kick off at 9PM ET, broadcasted on some of @ROUSHPerf’s social channels


Firt Step Dynamics

Femi Olat agrees with Michael Guest saying the season 1, phase 1 of the oval refresh is a good step in getting the dynamic track fans were looking for


Team Conti Week 1 Setups

Team Conti Sim Perfomance’s new setup shop has posted their week 1 sets 


Qualifying Tricks

D J Yee J posted a video of tricks Pro iRacers use for best qualifying


Race for Mental Health

Youtuber Jimmy Broadbent is hosting a charity race to benefit mental health


Holiday Sale for new iRacers


Shaun Timmerman Mermorial

Shaun Timmerman Memorial Event is fast approaching



Chili Bowl 2023


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You can now order fantastic looking merchandise for your favorite iRacing show, The iRacers Lounge Podcast!

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35K Rig

Charlie Ferer lets you know if his new $35k sim rig was worth the money


AMG GT3 Button Box

The new AMG GT3 Inspired button box from Simworx will be available soon, Featuring real carbon face plate and a CNC machined body


Fast Pasta Rig

Anthony Alfredo shows off his current sim rig in a short video



Thermaltake’s AH T600 is a  Helicopter Styled Open Frame Tempered Glass Swing Door E-ATX Full Tower Case


Pokornyi Engineering

Pokornyi Enigneering will help you build your own formula rim and you can soon pre-order their new Rally Button Plate


VNM Simulations

VNM Simuations offers their direct Drive Wheelbase and D wheel


Heusinkveld Magshift

Heusinkveld unveiled their new Magshift sequetial shifter was reviewed by Dave Cam




NASCAR iRacing Series

  • Mike- P 14 – I sucked out there I ran about 18th the 20th most of the day and brought it home 14th
  • Justin – P5

Sunday Fixed- 

  • Mackenzie – P1 – Started 13th, got some early damage and rode mid pack for most of the race fixing it during every caution, ran up to the top 3 within the last 40 laps of the race. Started P2 coming the to GWC, dove down to the inside and carried just enough speed to win before getting taken out at the line. Only won by .021 

Wednesday Open: 

  • John – p3. Started in back. Saved tires the first ⅔ of the race and ran like crazy the last ⅓ and picked cars off one by one. One of those rare races for me because everything I did worked. Special thanks to Nick Ottinger for the help on how to navigate this track.
  • Mackenzie – P2 – My first ever race with this car, struggled to figure out how to drive it at first but once I did I was very fast on the long runs, restarted 10th with 15 to go and just kept running them down. Another lap or 2 and I would have made the pass for the lead

Official Series


  • Fia f4 outlon park. Started 15th got the ninth by the end of first lap. Fought my way. Clear up to finish fifth fighting hard for fourth.
  • Then started eighth and got up the third by lap one and was able to hold it the whole race P3

A Open

  • John P3 today. Started on the pole and decided to go easy on tires at the start. Let 10 guys pass me used up their cars and fell back. Lap times never fell off and I was gaining on the leaders, but not enough time to catch them.

B Open

     John P23. Started P2 and banged the turn 2 wall three times. I was awful.

       John P5. Ran again and kept it off the wall this time. Started P13 but ran against some aliens I   could not get to.

C Open

John. Ran 4 of these this week. I was either really good or really bad. Finishes were 21, 17, 24, and 3. I got crashed by maniacs and a blinker in the first three races.

League / Hosted Races

   Winter Series League – 

  • David – P slow, tried to go fast, went into wall instead
  • John – P. Missed race thanks to Covid
  • Brad – Ran RFK Holiday instead.
  • Justin P17 3x just wanted to stay on track
  • Mike- top split. Got wrecked by somebody from behind with four minutes optional damage got most of it fixed ran around the back until 44 to go. A guy was pushing crowding me down to the bottom. I came up just a little and turned off his nose, hard into the wall upside down 34 minutes damage Did not finish 

Hosted- Chris McGuire supercars at Michigan

  • Ellis- p2 pretty good race, but the leader got ahead of the pack by a few seconds I had no chance of getting them. I thought I was racing for the lead and actually beat everyone in the pack, but it was a P2.
  • John- P12
  • Brad- got cleaned out
  • Then 87 at Talladega started in the back was in the hunt with the white, but got wrecked. 
  • Then 87 at Charlotte I missed the start because the beta UI sucks. Went to the website and got right in.  John got killed.
  • Trucks at dirt Bristol started dead last. P10.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Placebo Effect


On the Show today, you can now walk every track configuration in all of iRacing, we’ll share some tips for how you might better enjoy your iRacing experience and we’ll check out the newly released 2024 season of iRacing Special Events. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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