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6/17/2021 – On The (Air) Bubble – Episode 0284

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Show Introduction

On the show this week we work along with iRacing with a few Nashville Superspeedway issues that may be included in the first patch of the season 3 build. The ’87 Legend Cars are in the news this week with classic events and thoughts in the community of the new update.

And remember you can follow along with us on your mobile device in real time as you listen to the show and see for yourself all of the great topics and products we’ll discuss by visiting iracerslounge.com and selecting show notes. Hope to see you there..


Silverado Woes

David Schildhouse tweeted that there may be a problem with the Chevy Silverado fixed at Nashville similar to the one that plagued the Chevy Camero in the Coke series race several weeks ago. David claims the Chevy is put at a disadvantage due to the gear ratio being off.


Plot Twist

After the most recent patch, it turns out that the Ford F-150 and the Toyota Tundra were the ones that received a gearing update indicating that the Silverado was the one that was correct and the other two need the correction.


Release Notes – Patch 1 Season 3

iRacing posted the release notes for the first Season 3 Patch 1 release notes.


Better Half Dash

McCall Gaulding, the better half of driver Zane Smith, won the Better Half Dash held last Thursday evening on FS1.




24 Hr Race in Two Weeks?

iRacing posted the schedule for the VRS Global Endurance Series. A 24 hour racing series held every other week including tracks from around the world, including one in northeast France.



Nashville SS Wall a Bit Wonky

@JamesDeeGee03 posted a video on Twitter letting iRacing know that the walls at the new Nashville Super Speedway is a little wonky, and may be in need of a patch.



Nashville SS Grip

There was a discussion in the forums regarding the new Nashville Super Speedway and the amount of grip. Some speculated that it’s the cup car package, others the setups. Staffer Christian Challiner said, “It’s none of the above. What you’re currently driving on is essentially our ‘defaults’ for surface parameters.” What you will have post-patch will be the specific parameters for that concrete surface. Jared Carr asked, “Then why was it released with the “wrong” track data if the data was available before release?” To which Challinger replied, “There was an error and It will be resolved in a patch next week as has already been mentioned. For what it’s worth, it’s impossible for a tester to spot/know this.”


Formula Vee Painting Fun

The Folks in the community are having a lot of fun painting the new Formula Vee with designs including pencils, ears of corn and 64 variety pack of Crayola “CrayVees”.



Fun Racing in the Vee

iRacing posted a video of a driver going from 22nd to 4th at the start of a Formula Vee race at Summit Point in week 13 shenanigans.



iRacingTrophies.com updated for new forum

Craig Lager posted on the forums that iracingtrophies.com has been updated so that the Get Forum Signature button on your profile works with the new forum.


Forum Fixes #Soon

Nicholas Bailey posted in the forums there may be some updates to the forums. he said, “I think we have something for this on Monday. Just need to test some things out with nested categories. Regarding the emails coming for every comment rather than just since you last visited, Vanilla is targeting a release in Q4 of this year for two new pieces of functionality.

  • Email digests
  • Batch notifications

Neither of these are exactly what we had before (only email since last visit), but both will allow grouping of various notifications into a single email. We hope to have more to share on that later this summer.”


Project K9 200

A special thank you to all of those who help make the Project K9 200 a big success! We had 34 drivers show up and the multiclass racing was a blast. Bob Fellenbaum and Dwayne Mcarthur won the Cup and Xfinity Poles. Team Tifosi lead the majority of the cup side while Eric Essary and Dwayne were hunting each other down on the Xfinity Side. We saw some long green flag runs in which Greg Heckus took home the checkered for Cup and Eric Essary nabbed the Xfinity prize. Eric also grabbed the Old Bastards Racing League & the Metro Ford Chicago clean driver awards. Grabbing both those awards on the Cup side was David Hall, and both David and Eric generously donated their winnings to Project K-9 Hero along with both pole winners. Thank everyone that participated and donated, we couldn’t of done it without you and feel free to checkout www.obrl.net and www.eMetroford.com





Firecracker 400

Landon Cassill mentioned in a post last Friday that the entry list for the Firecracker 400 has surpassed the 300 mark with three days left to register, at that time.


eRacr Goosebumps

eRacr tweeted out that they have goosebumps in anticipation of the accurately recreated classic Nascar event.



RTP Exhibition at Knoxville June 24th

Tyler D. Hudson Posts that on June 24th, iRacing will be doing an exhibition race at Knoxville. All series parameters will be set up exactly as Round 2, EXCEPT, this will be a fixed setup event. This will be an official series and count toward iR and SR. The purpose of this is to completely test the functionality to have a roster based series go off snake split into two races. It is extremely important that we get at least 36 participants so that the races will split in order to test this properly. If you’re a driver in round 2, please participate in this event.


Help Wanted

Greg West posted in the forums that iRacing has posted two new job openings for a Senior 3D Car Artist/ Assistant Outsource Manager and an Environmental Artists with job requirements and descriptions in the forums.



New Blimp Tools – Game Changer

For those who love to do video editing within the sim, or just watching cool replays there is a new blimp tool.

Nick Neben Posts:

I have no idea what blimp radius is but that looks amazing. The blimp circles around at a set distance, you can change this distance, but before you could only go down to 100, which was still very large. This allows you to take it down to 1, so you can fine tune shots like those for corners. Essentially you can now make decent attempts at boom crane shots, or low drone shots, without the camera going clear on the other side of the track to get back around. (to access camera tools ctrl+f12)


8 Cars in Certain Series

Greg West Posts in the forums that we will have 8 cars available in certain series. those are the European Sprint Series, IMSA, GT Sprint Series, the GT3 Fixed and the GT3 Endurance. The Creventic Endurance Series as well as Nurb Endurance Series will not change as they are already in progress.


87 Update Thoughts

There have been several thoughts of the new ’87 Update. Here’s a few…

Cody Dutton Posts:
Michigan shows massive tire wear in just a few laps, Charlotte looks balanced. Going to require a lot of testing and practicing to see how good or bad this update is. Dale described this era as searching for front turn. I feel that now. Its pretty tight, feels like a big potato street stock that will never turn, and once you get it turned, you break the rear tires loose


James A Allen Posts:

No more snap loose. Car is very fun to drive still though, actually requires braking unlike the contemporary cars. I might actually enjoy Daytona this time around! You can tell there is more downforce but not an egregious amount.
Car is slower overall (gets tight off if you get on the gas too early), but lap times are close to the real-life values (I looked up pole speeds on Racing Reference).
Tire conservation is going to be extremely important. You have to crank the wheel 90 degrees to the left (even on 12:1), like what’s shown in the in-car videos from the time period.
Big fan so far. I think people are going to like the changes a lot.


Crowds do not turn off at even more tracks now

Nick Neban posted that Chicago will join Southern National and Williams Grove as tracks that you cannot turn off the crowds.


Special Events: What to Expect for Joining & Registering

Francisco Scaramuzza Posts in the forums of what to expect when joining and registering for special events.

We’ve implemented a change to the registration processing that we expect will help this process. Once the main registration period closes, and splits are being made prior to events beginning to launch, the scheduler is simply not going to allow any additional members to register until all sessions have finished launching. This will give the scheduler unimpeded time to do its thing. Those who try to register during this time period will not be allowed to register. They’ll receive a new error message that says, “Please wait, registration is temporarily closed while the session launches. You will be able to register once the session has fully started.”. For members that registered for the session before the main registration period closed, nothing has changed. They will receive a “Join” button in the iRacing UI or a “Race” button on the Membersite or if they are in a Practice session, just as they normally would. This message will only be presented to members attempting to register to enter the session after the main registration window has closed and before the session has launched.

Additionally, we’ve identified and made improvements to data locking strategies and made physical changes to data structures to spread out data and reduce contention. We plan to continue making additional behind-the-scenes improvements, especially after we have more data from another special event.

As a reminder, please note that team registration and the declaring of drivers must still be completed entirely before the normal registration period ends.


iRacer Gary Corbett Go Fund Me

Our wonderfully kind and talented friend, keyboardist, Gary Corbett needs your help and support.

He’s been struggling with health issues, and now we’ve heard that Gary has a very aggressive form of cancer- lung cancer that has metastasized to his brain & hip. ( The good news is IT IS TREATABLE)

As you know, most musicians don’t have health insurance, or when they do, it’s not that great. Due to the costs of treatment, Gary is on the verge of losing his home, and the medical bills are piling up alongside all the other bills.

He has completed a series of radiation therapy, is undergoing an aggressive series of chemo and immunotherapy, and is slated to start cognitive and occupational therapy soon.

Gary and his wife Lenora are desperate. They cannot afford to pay for his treatment and stopping it is not an option.

Here’s a little about Gary you may not know:

Gary Corbett is best known for his work as the keyboardist for rock superstars KISS, and Cinderella.

He co-wrote the iconic #1 hit She Bop for Cyndi Lauper.

He has also played with Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Molly Hatchett, and Ronnie Wood.

He has conducted a live orchestra with pop idol Debbie Gibson, played piano with Whitney Houston, Lou Reed, and Taylor Dayne, played keyboards and produced reggae legends Damian and Stephen Marley, and has been seen most recently performing with Ted Nugent’s original vocalist Derek St. Holmes.

He is an award-winning, multi-platinum songwriter, keyboardist, performer & producer.

His Emmy comes from a documentary he did pro bono work about and called Hunger In America.

He has done USO tours- even getting to fly in a fighter jet in South Korea, made wishes come true with the Make a Wish Foundation, and played at countless fundraisers. Gary never says no to anyone in need.

Now it’s time to turn the generosity back to help our friend who is struggling to stay above water.

Whether it’s $1.00 or $1000, every little bit will go directly to Gary’s family to help cover the mounting bills and medical costs.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and please make sure to share this- Gary has helped so many, many will want to help him.



Overtake, the online motorsports magazine, asks if these 5 five sim racing records are unbeatable. Three of these refer to iRacing including MARTIN KRÖNKE WINS EVERY RACE IN A SEASON in the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series back in 2017, A FIVE-TIME IRACING WORLD CHAMPION when Greger Huttu won 5 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series five times between 2010 and 2016, and COANDA WINS THE 24 HOURS OF DAYTONA SIX TIMES since the inception of the race in iRacing in 2015,


Podcast Housekeeping

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Midwest Simulations

You’ve heard us talk about the Spotlights. Those of us that have them here at iRacers Lounge absolutely love them. So much, we have become an affiliate! With the roll out of their new Spotlights Pro. Here’s your chance to check them out, you won’t be disappointed. Enter coupon code: IRACERSLOUNGE for 10% off!!


We are in the regular rotation… (Mike)




Formula Wheel Integration

The new Thrustmaster Formula wheel SF1000 Edition is now natively integrated on iRacing.


Thrustmaster Tease

Thrustmaster also teased a 400 watt peak power, T-Turbo with more to come on June 23rd.


Sim Pedals Ultimate Now Available

Heusinkveld Tweeted that their fantastic Sim Pedal Ultimate’s are now on sale


MPI Shout-Out

MPI posted on their Facebook a special shout out to @beardedbreezyracing who … bought something we’re not even technically selling. Yet. This Twitch streamer bought the very demo unit off our showroom floor and became the first unofficial owner of our new #maxpapisinnovations#MPI#simmax#simr

May be an image of 1 person, sitting and indoor


VNM Shifter

Darin Gangi posted in the forums that the VNM Shifter and accessories are now on sale for immediate shipment from Sim-Motion.com! We have them both in the U.S. and EU shops. 



New Pedals for Everyone

Ray Alfalla Tweeted that his, “VRS DirectForce Pro Pedals getting installed! It’s all about the details”


New Misc Tab

iRacing now has new options to fine tune your LFE shakers

lfe sliders.png


Tried and True Rigs

Carolina Sim Works offers new colors to their rigs



NASCAR iRacing Series

  • Wed Open:
    • Hall -p load the damn RACE set, load the damn RACE set!
    • Kyle – P Wrecked Out
    • Ellis – pWrecked Out – Used my keyboard to shift, no issues with that really, unchecked my tires because I was thinking about stopping on 1st caution but didn’t, so my 1st gf stop, it didn’t give me tires so i stayed and got them. Fell back to 34th. Eventually i finally caught a caution restarted 11th got up to 3rd but cycled back to 11th before getting killed in a big wreck I could not miss – it blew up a bit later after another wreck i couldn’t miss
    • Rochette – P5 horrible qual started in the 20s but made my way up to the top 5 within a run. Track is fun, even led some green flag laps. Probably would’ve had a top 3 if not a win if i got fresh tires on last caution, 3 of top 5 of us hung in there with the freshies
    • Stephen – Wrecked Out
  • Thurs Open  
    • Hall – p11, side swiped on lap 20, got fixed, came back up through the field and some late cautions stole a couple of spots.  Might have had a shot at top 10 with clean car

League / Hosted Races

  • FastTrack Sim Racing League – 
    1. Mike – Wrecked….
    2. Greg p4 Hunting the win
    1. Hall – wrecked out by dive bombing
  • Major’s 24
    1. P wrecked out after leading cause air bubbles/David
  • Premier Race Network Cup:
  • OBRL iRLP Aftermath Truck Series 
    1. ? Congratulations Josh Robinson #23  Winning The Aftermath Podcast  Truck Series Race at the Nashville SuperSpeedway     
    2. Tom Ogle #11  Finished 2nd
    3. Dwayne McArthur #88 Finished 3rd in The Gary Corbett Tribute Paint Job with Gary’s #88 on the Truck

Final Thoughts

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On the show this week we look at a few Nashville Superspeedway issues that may be included in the first patch of the season 3 build. The ’87 Legend Cars are in the news this week with classic events and thoughts in the community of the new update. Take a load off and join us in the lounge!

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