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3/31/2022 – Snoop Quit Dog – Episode 0324

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Show Introduction

On the show today, we’ll be recapping the eNascar Coke Series race from Richmond, as well as the Porsche Supercup Race at Red Bull Ring. We’ll ask why so much difference from COTA in iRacing and the real race, and we’ll ride along with the Snoop Dog in iRacing.

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Coke race – Richmond



  • Taylor Hurst on the Pole – chaos on the first lap… and they survived…
  • First caution was a @MalikRayTTV spin, he was close quarters racing with Brian Murcurio and the two came together, sending the No. 7.
  • LAP 19: @CVincent34 takes 2nd from Brian Murcurio
  • Brian Murcurio is in the wall! @LoganClampitt_ is in the wall! Caution! Caution was for Brotherton who gets tagged by Parker Retzlaff 
  • Just before the yellow, Collin Bowden got loose, Logan Clampitt tried to avoid, and Zack Novak had nowhere to go. Heavy damage for all three.
  • RESTART LAP 26: @TDawgHurst and @CVincent34 lead the field
  • LAP 30: Biggest mover of the race so far, @dylanault42, up 20 spots to 17th.
  • LAP 48. Caution! @rayalfalla gets spun.- late three wide
  • @CaseyKirwan23 wins the race off pit road with a 2-tire stop.
  • CAUTION! Big wreck! @KeeganLeahy, @dylanault42, @KadenWHoneycutt, @znovak15, @vicente_salas14, and others are involved. Lap 61
  • RESTART LAP 66: @CaseyKirwan23 and @TDawgHurst lead the field into Turn 1.
  • LAP 67: @MikeConti5 takes 2nd from @TDawgHurst… but Hurst isn’t letting him go easily!
  • Caution! 54 to go. @GarrettManes is upside down.


  • @CaseyKirwan23 pits under this caution, @MikeConti5 assumes the lead.
  • RESTART 49 to go: @MikeConti5 and @TDawgHurst lead the field into Turn 1.
  • CAUTION! @rayalfalla spins into the outside wall. For the second time tonight A three wide battle Ends up with a four time champ spinning
  • FREE PASS: @GarrettManes in 38th.
  • RESTART 41 to go: @MikeConti5 and @TDawgHurst lead the field into Turn 1.
  • CAUTION! @vicente_salas14 and @CaseyKirwan23 spin into the wall! 39 to go.Three-wide dive bombs are NOT turning out well for those on the top side. HARD lick for Kirwan.
  • FREE PASS: @KeeganLeahy, 37th at the time of caution.
  • RESTART 34 to go: @MikeConti5 and @NickOttinger lead the field into Turn 1.
  • CAUTION! @BriarLaPradd spins off Turn 2! @Nick_Shelton402, @DerekJustis, and others are collected.



  • RESTART 28 to go: @MikeConti5 and @NickOttinger lead the field into Turn 1.
  • Caution. Liam Brotherton, @rayalfalla, and @KadenWHoneycutt spin. 27 to go. Liam just missed the braking point and took out alfalla
  • RESTART 21 to go: @MikeConti5 and @NickOttinger lead the field into Turn 1.
  • Caution! 18 to go. @DDuval42 among those involved. A bit of a check up and domino effect and duval gets spun
  • FREE PASS: @GarrettManes in 37th, that should put the @SadlerEsports driver back on the lead lap.
  • RESTART 13 to go: @MikeConti5 and @NickOttinger lead the field into Turn 1.
  • 10 to go – ottinger hits the wall bowlin gets to 2nd has better tires – then yellow!
  • CAUTION! @Parker79p and @LoganClampitt_ crash on the backstretch. 9 to go. Seemed to be going after each other
  • RESTART 3 to go: @MikeConti5 and @BowlinGraham lead the field into Turn 1. Mike w a big jump – Cameras were watching 3 wide battle for sixth, announcers are calling the battle for the win – awkward TV moment until the director finally picks up Conti on the White bringing it home, graham didn’t have enough to get him – DREW we need picture in picture man!
  • It’s his second of the season and the 13th of his career! 12th season




Ragin’ Snoop Dog

GitGud Racing posted a YouTube video of Snoop Dog rage quitting


Short Cutting COTA

Tyler Stooksbury Posted, “I noticed specifically with COTA, NASCAR is allowing drivers to use a lot of the paved run off areas of the track. How hard would it be to get a NASCAR layout where the only difference is expanded track limits that follow the nascar rules more closely?”



New Event Registration Forwarding System



Porsche Supercup Championship Round 5

Red Bull Racing Esports driver Sebastian Job became the fifth different main event winner in five rounds to start the season at the Red Bull Ring. The win also enabled Job to jump to second in the standings, after faltering around the edge of the top 20 just a few short rounds ago. Diogo Pinto continues to hold the points lead, which now sits at 38 points over Job


Sebring 12 Hours Winners

Coanda drivers Josh Rogers and Mitchell deJong took top split honors in last weekend’s Serbing 12 Hour Special event


How Much is it Really?

Dom Parker Racing Has been on iRacing for one calendar year. In his YouTube video he shows how much he actually spent.


$18 per win

$0.48 cents per start

$.006 cents per lap

$127 per yr

Would Chastain Get Protested?

Juen-Jen Wang asked in the forums if Ross Chastain’s moves in the Nascar Cup race at COTA would get a protest in iRacing


Setup Shop Shenanigans

Was Premier Racing Setups steeling setups from Ryco? A YouTube video from Area 51 Alien Factory claims to have evidence that they did.


Karting vs Sim Racing

SAFE is FAST posted a video on YouTube asking which is a better training ground, Karting or Sim racing?


Bristol Doubleheader

Hey guys.  I saw where you wanted details on this money race I’m having:
It’s going to be a Bristol Doubleheader with Trucks first then nextgen cup cars.
1st place money is guaranteed.  Also $100 to a random driver in each field.  
Trucks will be irating of 2500 or less at time of signup.  Cup is open to all, including pros and will be open setup.  
trucks – $15 entry – $500 to winCup – $25 entry – $1000 to win
More than 41 cars, will have heat races to set field. 
More info can be found in discord  

Aftermath Podcast – Get it!

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We are in the regular rotation… (Mike)



Paul’s Hardware GPU Pricing Spreadsheet

Paul’s Hardware GPU Pricing Spreadsheet shows the pricing trends of GPU’s all in one, easy to find location


Rig Metal Flagship Cockpit

Rig Metal’s Flagship Cockpit is a extruded aluminum profile sim rig selling for $799


IMMSource ET5 DD Review

Barry Rowland on his Sim Racing Garage YouTube Channel reviews the new ImmSource ET5 DD FFB Wheel system


Don’t Shut Down Your Computer

Liron Segev shows on his YouTube Channel the different power options on your computer


Sim Magic Pedals Review

Laurence Dusoswa reviews the Sim Magic P2000 pedals


Next Level Racing Motion plus Platform

Next Level racing posted a video of their new Motion Plus Platform System in action


Overlays in VR

No Tech Drama shows how to use iRacing overlays in VR with OVR Toolkit

Rain Sim

Sim Race Blog NL posted on a picture of their rain simulator.


NASCAR iRacing Series

Fri open: COTA

  • Ellis –   p9 – started like 16th got to 11th by lap 1 – at the end of the long inner straight some guy went right across my brow as i made the sharp u-turn 25 seconds damage – only slipped like once and lost a couple of seconds other than that pretty flawless race – 
  • Hall – P. technical issue,  Tightened throttle cylinder, and couldn’t get the car to down shift the whole race, wasn’t getting enough response to blip.
  • Greg – p disconnected
  • Kyle – p6 Started P10 and worked my way up to the top 5 and held the top 5 all the way through pit cycles. Led 4 laps and pitted on lap 22 hoping to make up ground with fresh tires while the field had older tires. Came out P7 and just over drove the car the last 12 laps and finished with a solid P6.

Kyle – P.  P-5 was having PC issues restarted my PC during qualifying so started back in 18th. Started the race with shifter issues pitted lap 1 to fix it came out P26 got involved with a spin right in front of me and got some damage. Fell back to last P27 and worked my way up through the field. Pitted at the halfway point and came out P7. Continued to charge on and work up to a P5 I was running down 3rd and 4th but just ran out of laps. So I’ll take a solid P5.

Race : Richmond

  • Wed Open:
    • Hall –p.7.  Caught by other cars wrecking 4 times, had to finish the 3rd green white checker with 16x.  Almost unlucky lucky.  Won’t be able to get in car again still Sunday.
    • Ellis – p. 19 – How a good run going and was actually marching forward on old tires from 19th as high as fourth at Lap 140 I got just a hair loose turn back to the right and it slammed to the wall over four minutes damage, lost two laps and this brought it home. 
    • Tom D – p wrkdt out
  • Thurs Open  

Ellis – p2 – Started 9 fairly clean race up front worked my way up to eventually leading w 50 to go – gwc restart guy divebombs from way back gets by, i then get into the back of him in the middle and get back by, but the guy in third goes by both of us and i cant hold if off and it was side by side at the line at .03 diff. Apologies to joseph lester for the bump and run

League / Hosted Races

  • FastTrack League – Texas
    1. David – p in rehearsal for a show
    1. Greg p – 18
    2. Mike – p Sucked – Just kinda rode around….
    3. Adam – 10
  1. Ellis  –  
    • Chris Macguire Caddies at Daytona – p wrecked
    • 87’s at Tally – Man super fun driving from back to front – got wrecked
    • David – Almost won – HIt the wall
    • IR18 at Michigan – p4
    • Supercars at Michigan – p2
  • OBRL Aftermath Truck Series 

Final Thoughts

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  1. Snoop Quit Dog


On the show today, we’ll be recapping the eNascar Coke Series race from Richmond, as well as the Porsche Supercup Race at Red Bull Ring. We’ll ask why so much difference from COTA in iRacing and the real race, and we’ll ride along with the Snoop Dog in iRacing. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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