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10/20/2022 – Mario iKart – Episode 0353

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Show Introduction

On the show this week we’ll look at the Upcoming Championship Coke Race at Homestead and iRacing crosses a huge milestone. Then, like a certain real-world driver, we’ll race to our rigs with a look at an all-in one, ready to race simulator from Sim Coaches, and we’ll look at the new 4090 GPU’s put to the test.

And remember you can follow along with us on your PC or mobile device in real time as you listen to the show and see for yourself all of the great topics and products we’ll discuss by visiting iracerslounge.com and selecting show notes. Hope to see you there..


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iRacing reaches a huge milestone of 5 Billion laps turned by it’s members



What track did you run your first laps at?


Manual Shifting Cheat

Shawn Cole from the Simpit shows some manual shifting cheats using the clutch on his 2nd shifter paddles.  



Phillip McCandless gained 7 spots on the final turn to win the Yankee 600 in a wild finish


Map Your Button for the all new Cone Launcher

Max ‘Mr Excitement’ Molina shoes how to collect, and fire off a traffic cone.


Real Life to Sim

Overtake.com posted a video of Jeff Giassi hoping out of his real life race to hurry into his sim rig for a start


Homestead High Line

Anthony Alfredo shows how to run the fence in iRacing vs running it in real life racing


Coke Preview

Some of the final four drivers vying for the Coke Series Championship posted videos of their thoughts on the upcoming race.  


Dale Jr and the Coke Series Trophy

Dale Earnhardt Jr talked on his podcast about the new Coke Series Trophy that he was named after and helped design.


2022 Crandon Championship


Date: October 19th – October 23rd

October 19th through the 21st 2 timeslots at 01:00 GMT and 15:00 GMT, and 1:00 GMT on October 22nd.

October 22nd and 23rd Super Session taking the top 20 in overall points from the race week.

Super Session Timeslots – Saturday October 22nd at 15:00 GMT and Sunday October 23rd at 01:00 GMT.


Winter iRacing NASCAR Series


Fixed Time Slots

Timeslot #1 – Wednesday 21:00 GMT (Wednesday 4 pm eastern)

Timeslot #2 – Friday 2:00 GMT (Thursday 9 pm eastern)

Timeslot #3 – Saturday 10:00 GMT (Saturday 5 am eastern)

Timeslot #4 – Saturday 17:00 GMT (Saturday 12 pm eastern)

Timeslot #5 – Monday 2:00 GMT (Sunday 9 pm eastern)

Open Time Slots

Timeslot #1 – Thursday 02:00 GMT (Wednesday 9 pm eastern)

Timeslot #2 – Thursday 19:00 GMT (Thursday 2 pm eastern)

Timeslot #3 – Saturday 2:00 GMT (Friday 9 pm eastern)

Timeslot #4 – Sunday 15:00 GMT (Sunday 10 am eastern)


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You Ready to Rumble?

Sim 3D offers their Pedal Rumble Motor Kit


Quest PRO VR Headset Revealed

Meta released the specs of their mew Quest Pro VR Headset

Ryzen vs Intel

PC Guide compares the offerings from Intel and AMD processors


Can You Build it Better

Home built rigs made by and experienced carpenter.

Trak Racer Making A Leap Into Electronic Hardware

An article by Traxion details Trak Racers plans on expanding their hardware department by soon offering electronic hardware.


A Story About Our Wheel

Cube Controls posted a letter to it’s community with the launch of its CSX-3 formula wheel



A Look at the RTX 4090

Boosted Media provides their first impressions on the RTX 4090, utilizing Triple 4k Monitors.


MOZA’s Formula Wheel Heads to the SRG!

The SRG puts the MOZA FSR Formula Wheel to the test.


Unboxing the Logitec DD

The Sim Racing Corner provides a look a the Un-Boxing of Logitec’s new DD and Wheel and offer their first impressions.


Is Your Neck Up to the Task?

FREXSIM posted a video to their Instagram account of a Sim Rig with 6 DOF’s for your body and 2 DOF’s for your neck.



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NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open: Vegas

  • Rochette – wrecked out
  • Stephen- PGA BS
  • Adam – Wrecked Out
  • Donnie – Wrecked out – limped home, p26
  • Tom – Wrecked out – limped home
  • Greg – was leading on the gwc and lost connection
  • Mike  – started p24 but quickly worked my way fwd – stayed between 3rd to 12th basically, always pitted for fuel when others didnt to make sure i didnt get caught out… I will take the podium! p3!
  • Sunday Open
    • Stephen – P1 baby!!!! Me and @Tom Dreiling should of been 1 2 in some way. But a bad caution caught him on pit road put him a lap down and never got another yellow. He was leading before and during stops to.
    • Steve – Started 25th. Was a caution filled race with 9 cautions for 36 Laps.  Got to 3 taking Mikes advice of trying right sides only.  Car was good on 2 tires.  On the 2nd to last caution had to pee, pulled in went a lap down and finished 19th.
  • Sunday fixed 
    • Mike – early in the race got taken three while I was in the outside. I got pushed to the wall 10 minutes damage in the finishing the race P 30.
    • Tyler – P14 after starting 20th. Decent race but the aggressiveness going 3 wide was not pretty. Passing was difficult and you really had to lean on someone to pass. Race ending was interesting as the yellow came out as the leader got the white. Was hoping the race would have finished then. On to Homestead. 

Wednesday Open:  Homestead

  • Hall – p 15, sloppy race, wrong coin flip on caution timing, but stayed out of the wrecks
  • Tyler – P 14, too many cautions. Had one decent green flag run which helped the car set. Worked the high line most of the race. Was able to race with teammate Kyle for a good bit. Always a good time with the team. 
  • Stephen T -p2
  • Mike-p lap one I get loose and spin out all by myself and people wreck around me no damage. Restarted 13th got up to count on lab 17 I got loose again and destroyed the car.
  • Steve – Didn’t qualify, started 20th. 6 cautions at the start of the race then a green flag run for 54 laps.  Was 3rd when the caution came out, went in for tires with G/W/C restart.  Some guys stayed out and restarted 6th. Ended up 2nd by a foot.  Fun Race.
  • Thurs Open  
    • Ellis – p.  18- goal was to finish the race and I did do that.  I ran as high as a eigth. The people who put it on the first caution at sixth lap could make it out one more stop. I didn’t think they would be able to so I didn’t stop it ended up screwing me later.  
    • Donnie – P7, Q15.  Good middle and long run speed.  Race was uneventful for the most except for lappers trying to win the race on every lap.

Official Series

  • Ellis – Chris Maguire hosted- super cars at Michigan. Great race I missed the big wreck ended up P5.
  • Skip barber at Sonoma got clipped from a wreck in lap one had to pit for a meatball flag to get my fast repair and came out nine out of 11 Worked my way up to P5!!! my fastest lap was pretty quick for me, but I’m still three seconds off the leader. 

Final Thoughts

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  1. Mario iKart


On the show this week we’ll look at the Upcoming Championship Coke Race at Homestead and iRacing crosses a huge milestone. Then, like a certain real-world driver, we’ll race to our rigs with a look at new wheel reviews, and we’ll look at the new 4090 GPU’s put to the test. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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