Episode 0393

7/27/2023 – The Impossible Achievement – Episode 0393

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Show Introduction

On the show today, we’ll see a bit of redemption in the eNascar Coke Series Race at New Hampshire, We’ll discus a video talking about iRacing’s Problem, and talk about a bombshell forum post from Greg Hill. Then we’ll show you one of the closest finishes ever in a Major iRacing Event.

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Coke Series New Hampshire




Nascar Video Game Announcement

The Daiy Downfource Tweeted that, “NASCAR has a big video game announcement coming soon. What are you hoping to hear?”




Spin ‘O Rama

Sim Racing Insider posted a video of a car turning a lot of RPM’s


iRacing at Five Flags

Nascar Driver William Byron Tweeted that he is at Five Flags Speedway in a Late Model sponsored by iRacing


The Impossible

YouTuber Stuffey explores iRacing’s Impossible achievement, The Alien


WoO Late Models Round 3 


iRacing’s Problem

DJ Yee-J posted a video about iRacing’s Problem, poor racecraft


iRacing Update

Greg Hill released a July 2023 Development Update on some of the things in delvopment at iRacing





Firecracker 400

Logan Helton held of Ryan Douchette in a photo finish to win the 2023 Firecracker 400


Trackhouse Sim

SVG (Shane van Gisbergen’s) incredible victory in the Grant Park 220 Chicago Street Race for PROJECT91 at Trackhouse was a testament to driver skill, team preparation and the value of technology.


Cheaters Get Karma

DJ Yee J posted a video of a Pro truck driver who gets a win when two drivers in front of him, who purposely cut the course as an exploit get DQ’d


JetCars at Poconono

The IR-01 cars fly around Pocono in the Turn GPQualifying Series


24 Hours of Spa Stats


(Not) 24 Hours of Lemans


Race for More 2.4


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We are in the regular rotation… (Mike)






Mike Wants 55″ Triple’s

Obsessed Garage  builds a 55″ triple monitor sim racing rig


Lovely Dashboard

Sense Of Speed reviews the “Best sim dashboard ever”, the Lovely Dashboard



Sim-Lab Pro Sim Racing Cockpit

Sim-Lab has opened pre-orders for their GT1 Pro Sim Racing Cockpit, offering high-end racing at an accessible price. Next Level Racing introduces the foldable GTLite Pro, a compact and affordable option. Pit Lane Sim Racing presents the Formula Racing Simulator FRS Cockpit, bridging the gap between virtual and real racing


Custom Deal

Sense of Speed shows off his very impressive custom sim racing cockpit 


Bass Shaker Safety

Trauma Team Racing shows in a YouTube video how to safely mount bass shakers to a bucket seat


League Software

XTreme Scoring boast to be the most comprehensive League Management System Available today


Simucube – What To Pick

Lawrence from Sim Coaches reviews SimUCube wheel bases


Next Level Racing GT Lite Pro

Boosted Media reviews the Next Level acing GT Lite Pro fold-away cockpit


VPG Surprise

VPG Sim introduces the enigmatic V-PGT – a high-end steering wheel that blends real carbon fiber with automotive-grade electronics and 97 independent RGB LEDs.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Pocono

  •  Justin –  p1, Started p31, took a 4x with 2 min of damage within 10 laps. After that just kept climbing i would pass a couple cars every stint took the lead 30 to go and kept it. First race i ran with no mistakes
  • David – p wrecked, caution fest, and on a restart same dumb fucks drive bomb t1 and can’t hold it and cause big one
  • Donnie – P Wrecked, DNQ’d

Saturday Fixed

  • Justin- P17, not much to say just couldn’t stay out of anything, my car broke the last 10 laps but kept getting cautions kept me on the lead lap luckly high sof still had plus IR

Sunday Open- Pocono

  • Tom D – p26- I screwed up. 5 to go, top 10, I thought I had enough room and moved up. I did not and crashed
  • Hall – p got loose, took self out
  • Donnie – P12

Wednesday Open: Richmond

  • Mike- p wrecked out – different track different week same results, cant miss anything – at the end i got tagged w 5 to go and 20 x and 8 minutes required 
  • Justin – p wrecked out by lap 20
  • Chris – P. 20. Started with a 98 lap green flag run. Pitted on lap 97 while 5th to go 2 laps down. Took a wave around, did not have time to catch the back of the pack AND somehow passed a car under caution that came out of pits. Was black flagged and 4 laps down the remainder of the race. It’s hogwash iRacing. 
  • Tom -p computer froze – finished several laps down – took points lead by 1

Thursday Open: Richmond

  • Mike – p3 – lead a bunch of laps had a really good race going on 80 Laboratorie pitted for tires with about 20 to go. I got back to second and finish third. I wish I would’ve stayed out the guy who stayed out won the race. But finally a good finish after several weeks of crappy.

Official Series


  • Arca at Iowa. P 10.  Then p15.

League / Hosted Races


  • Brian -P24 Started P9.  Clipped the wall early and slowed me down a bit, but couldn’t get a repair until a green flag pit stop.  Race stayed green till the end so I was stuck towards the back.
  • Donnie -P12

Final Thoughts

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  1. The Impossible Achievement


On the show today, we’ll see a bit of redemption in the eNascar Coke Series Race at New Hampshire, We’ll discus a video talking about iRacing’s Problem, and talk about a bombshell forum post from Greg Hill. Then we’ll show you one of the closest finishes ever in a Major iRacing Event. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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