Episode 0394

8/3/2023 – Genius to the Max – Episode 0394

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Show Introduction

On the show today, we will review another exciting eNascar Coke Series Race at Pocono. We celebrate a milestone anniversary for iRacing, and we see what happens when your pit crew goes on strike.

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Coke Series Pocono



Throwback Month

iRacing is celebrating their 15 year anniversary of the launch of their servers.  Throughout the month of August, iRacing will be running 4 ‘throwback’ series honoring the cars & tracks that have been with us since Day 1!



Sim Racing Genius, Max Verstappen

Driver 61 posted a Tik Tok video of why Max Verstappen is a sim racing genius


Brad Miller RIP


Improving Performance

Dan Sizuki posted a video showing 2 ways to really help improve your lap times.  Using Active Reset and Live telemetry.  


Junior eSports Challenge

Motorsports Australia is has an exciting opportunity for aspiring Esports competitors aged 14-17 in the Asia-Pacific and Oceania region, with a once-in-a-lifetime prize up for grabs 


Gen4 Bugs

Tim Moore posted a bug in the Gen 4 Model causing bad netcode type issues


Fastest iRacers Ever

D.J Yee J posted a Youtube video posting trying to set the fastest lap average speed in iRacing


WoO Round 4 – Port Royal


Mike’s Gen 7 Makes Instagram Reels


Cam and the Pros

Dave Cam posted a video of him racing with real world racers and gettig the worst end of the deal


Not Top 10 July


Off Road Championship



No Pits for You

Gabriel Mauricio posted a gitch where he gets into the pits, but the crew won’t perform a service


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Why Hydraulic is th Best

Sim Coaches posted a video decribing why hydralic sim racing pedals are the best


Advanced Sim Racing

Marc From Advanced Sim Racing shows his $30k rig they use for race events


GT-LM Button Box 

The Racebox GT-LM Carbon Fiber sim racig Button Box has a 2 mm carbon fiber front panel. 6.8″ Display, 16 RGB LEDs ring plus 7-way ALPS Switch. This button box can be configured with 28 in-game inputs. Made with high quality components.

Active Pedal Power Brick Mount

Sim Sport Gadget makes a Power brick mount for the Simucube Active Pedals


Cammus LC100 Pedals

Cammus is taking pre oorders for their new LC100 pedals


Asatek QR

Lawrence Dusoswa shows off the versatility of the new Asetek Quick Release System


Mid Range DD Review

Lawrence Dusoswa compares mid range direct drive wheel bases including the Asetek, SimMagic, Moza Logitec and Thrustmaster offerings


V-PGT Sim Formula Wheel

V-PG teases their new formula wheel the V-PGT professional gaming wheel



Asetek La Prima Bundle Review

Boosted Media reviews the Asetek La Prima Bundle



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Richmond

  • Mike -.  P 9- round basically top five most of the race with the reset at 40 to go. I restarted fifth ran the tires off pretty much and faded back to ninth. 
  •  Justin –  p3 started 23rd. Not much to say about it, very well executed race only 2 cautions had the lead for a bit. If that race went past 50 lap runs I was the fastest. Maybe I need to drive harder in the short run?
  • Chris Waldron- finished several laps down sped on Pitt Road and then got in a wreck, fighting for the lucky dog
  • Rochette P20 was wrecked out of 12th with no caution and lost 3 laps this race sucked

Sunday Open- Richmond

  • Tom D – p10. Don’t know how much more I had.  But I’ll take a top 10 in Sunday top split
  • Tony – Welp had a good top 5 car til i got side swiped by a guy that couldn’t hold it out of 4 and into the wall for a green flag meatball p19
  • Hall – p 11 top spit, only race this week other than 1 A open.  Same dirty driving but I got lucky with caution timings and came back from last to 11th.

Wednesday Open: Michigan

  • Mike- p 13- ran around 10 to 15. Most of the reason I kept hitting the wall coming off two. We had a green flags stop near the end and I somehow cycled backwards quite a bit. Not sure what went wrong.
  • David – p one stop versus two. 
  • KyleP6
  • Justin – p 6 started p33 kinda adopted Tom’s idea of starting in the back at least guaranteed to miss 1 or 2 wrecks. Did get super lucky and dodged a lot of wrecks kept it clean. Any 3 wide situation i backed out. I think I would have had a shot if I pitted 10 laps earlier. Didn’t expect the last half to go green. Never taken 2 tires before could have pushed harder. Fun rance
  • Tony – Had a top 5-10 car but got pinched against the wall and damage but 22nd on the final restart with 4 to go and finished 15th
  • Tom -p23? – Wasn’t positioned to Win on a long green flag run but they got a late caution and then got ran into the wall after the restart.  Was going to finish either 1st or second.  A yellow comes out with 5 to go.  I get crashed and finish 26th.  That’s a lot of points left on the table
  • Tyler – P10! Finally a good result. Car #35 and started dead last. Even better was the 0x! Great set from the team and had my son, Parker,  next to me as crew chief for the entire race. He made the right calls and got us to finish strong. So happy to get this top 10. 
  • David – p13,  was on the way to a poor finish as stretching fuel for an entire stint was not effective, late caution and the late wreck gave me a lot of spots back.

Thursday Open: Michigan

Justin- p6 started p7. Stayed in the top 10 most of the race had a little run at the end again just a few positions didnt have alot of long run speed isn’t like me. The track temps were lower than normal

Official Series


  • A open- p8. 
  • Ringmaster FF 1600. Wrecked out.

League / Hosted Races


  • Brian -P DQ first set of incident points were on me, the second not so much

Final Thoughts

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  1. Genius to the Max


On the show today, we will review another exciting eNascar Coke Series Race at Pocono. We celebrate a milestone anniversary for iRacing, and we see what happens when your pit crew goes on strike. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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