Episode 0411

11/30/2023 – Enhancing Your Hippocampus – Episode 0411

iRacers Lounge Podcast – Conversation Topics

Show Introduction

On the show today we welcome Dave Allen, coordinator for the “Shaun Timmerman Memorial Event”. We look at why sim racing is a good hobby, and we find out who has the highest combined iRating on the service, and does it really make them the best driver on the sim.


Team Conti Sim Performance


Special Guest

Dave Allen: Coordinator for the “Shaun Timmerman Memorial Event”




New Toyota

Toyota unveiled their new Camry XSE that will be running in the Nascar Cup Series next season


WoO Sprint Cars Week 3

Timothy Smith dominates in week three of the Worl of Outlaws series at Williams Grove


Why Sim Racing is a Good Hobby

Seth Lea posted a letter in thr forums explaining why he thinks sim racing is a good hobby


iRacing Rivalry Week

Steven Wilson and Garrett Lowe battle their way through the last lap at Watkins Glen in the eNascar College iRacing Series


Highest All Around iRating

DJ Yee J digs into who has the highest overall iRating by adding up the ratings in all 4 diciplines


Down for Deployment

iRacing will be down for the deployment on the 2024 Season 1 build on Tuesday, Dec 5th at 8:00am EST


Coexisting Cultures

DJ Yee J explores how iRacing has kept the 2 different communities (Racers and Gamers) racing on the servuce at the same time, and how to keep them happy in the future


iRating Division Thresholds

Vern Klukas breaks down the division threshold for iRating


More Mooncar Glory

The Mooncar Series and it’s fantastic announcers have another great Mooncar Moment


Sim to Real World 

Daniel Morad posted a video of his Sim Racing Team as they took a shot at driving a real GT4 Mercedes racecar


Outside Line

Premiering in New York for the first time was Outside Line, a 17-minute documentary starring NASCAR driver Rajah Caruth. T



iRacing Weekly Challenge

iRacing’s latest new series concept comes to life for 2024 Season 1 with the introduction of the iRacing Weekly Challenge. If you’re into all forms of road racing, this is the series for you—it’s 12 weeks of different car and track combinations, with no repeats on either, for a season-long championship. Prove you’re the best at everything from sports cars to open-wheel racers on a global tour of some of iRacing’s most popular circuits!


Full Send Spec Miata 50


Creventic Endurance Series VIR


eRacing Association Omega Cup

Registration for the eRacing Association Omega Cup Winter Bowl, eRA’s final event of 2023 in its premier Omega Cup series, is open now. Racers can join eRA as a member and RSVP to compete in tournament-style racing from Phoenix Raceway in the NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen car, with $5,000 in prizes on the line for eRA members in the December 13 feature and a live broadcast of the feature airing across all official iRacing pages.


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Moza R12 Review

OC Racing reviews the Moza R12 wheel base


Concerns about long term reliability but does emerge as a good balance between value and performance. A mid range wheelbase, is a strong recommendation of power precision and value…

Fanatec F1 Formula Wheel

OC Racing revies the new, limited editon F1 Formula Wheel


Limited edition of 2023 units worldwide available, with a new green color…

Cube Controls GT Pro V2

Dan Sizuki revies the new Cube Controls GT Pro Versin 2 D-shape and GT Zero shaped wheel


Asetek Forte Wheelbase 

Random Callsign reviews the Asatec Forte Wheelbase coPrompared to the Simucube 



Dave Cam reviews the VPG VP GT calling it their best wheel yet



DD Bundles for Beginners

Overtake GG gives the best direct drive bundles for beginner sim racers



Laptime Comparison Files

Broken A Motorsports shows you how to use and setup comparison laptime files to train 


Fanatec / Sparco Wheels

Fanatec officially unveiled their Sparco series of wheel rims


Asetek Ecosystem

Will Ford at Boosted Media reviews the new Atetek wheel and wheel hub modular system


IMB Racewear Gloves

The Sim Pit shows off their Simpit themed racing gear from IMB Racewear


Simucube in the US

Marko | Simucube — Today at 7:46 AM
My dear Americans 🇺🇸,

Simucube is visiting the US first time on Dec 7-9 in Indianapolis Performance Racing Industry.
We will have ActivePedals, SC2’s and the new Valo GT-23 wheel.

We are partnered with Advanced SimRacing 🇨🇦, who will bring two motion rigs.. so the setup is top notch! 🔥

We are genuinely very happy, if you happen to pop by. 😍


Precision Sim Engineering Pro Switch Panel 

You can pre oder the Precision Sim Engineering Pro Switch Panel (PSP) 



NASCAR iRacing Series

Winter Series – 

  • David – P7 steam VR shat the bed, decided to run open XR, had no overlays.  Had mediocre speed but stayed mistake free when a lot of others didn’t.
  • John – P16. Started 23rd and I am happy to pick up 7 spots. Some real aliens in here. Learned a lot watching the fast guys’ lines and picked up lap times based on that. ZeroX and that is a plus for me. 
  • Justin P14 i ran out of gas i suck

Final Thoughts

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  1. Enhancing Your Hippocampus


On the show today we welcome Dave Allen, coordinator for the “Shaun Timmerman Memorial Event”. We look at why sim racing is a good hobby, and we find out who has the highest combined iRating on the service, and does it really make them the best driver on the sim.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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