Episode 0410

11/24/2023 = Who’s the GOAT? – Episode 0410

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Show Introduction

On the show today we welcome a very special guest, long time Coke Series driver, Michael Conti. Well check out a detailed development update from Greg Hill and we’ll debate who is the iRacing Greatest of All Time.


Team Conti Sim Performance


Special Guest

Mike Conti

General Questions:

  1. Two time podcast guest, episodes 146 and 169, back in the day… Retired from Coke racing here in 2023.
  2. https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/CareerStats.do?custid=38602
  3.         Gen 4 5 6 or 7 or 87’s? What is the best
  4. Playing some videos of some older racing… What were you wanting to message here?
  5. So lets talk about “Team Conti Sim Performance”.
  6. https://www.iracerslounge.com/team-conti-sim-performance/
  7. https://kickinthetires.net/esports/team-conti-simperformance-shake-enascar/


2023 Development Update

Greg Hill, iRacing’s Executive Producer,  narrates the Develpment Updates for year 2023 and what is coming up next in iRacing


Indy Car Updates

A bit of a more pessimistic view of the situation, this youtuber is not entirely hopeful for the chances of us having a 2024 Indy 500 on iRacing… He also highlighted a tidbit of info we missed out on, on this deal, this was published by Marshall Pruett from racer.com in a Q and A.

“I’ve been told by quite a few folks that at least one decision-maker in Penske Entertainment’s leadership team has deep ties to the company in question which, if true, would explain how they got themselves into this mess.”



iRacing and Indycar

Myers: “We would love our previous IndyCar [simulator] rights back for our iRacing product, but I’m guessing they still have much to consider. As far as potentially building a dedicated IndyCar game for consoles, if we could acquire the license, that is also a big decision. We currently only have the capacity and resources to do so much simultaneously.”



iRacing Top Ten – November


Road Racing iRatings

DJ Yee J explains in a Youtube video why Road Racers have higher iRating than oval racers


Who Is the iRacing GOAT?

DJ Yee J has a different perspective of who the is the iRacing Greatest of all Time


WoO Sprint Week 2

Alex Bergeron goes back-to -back to win his second WoO race at Weedsport 


Sim to Reality Double

Glenn McGee and Sim2Reality brought home the Lamborghini Super Trefeo World Title to match his iRacing FIA sancioned World Title


AI vs AI in Real Life?

So Instead of AI Driving, SimRacers Control the Real Cars…? The Abu Dhabi-backed A2RL Autonomous Racing League plans to pit ten driverless cars in wheel-to-wheel battle from next year; the most ambitious AI motor sport plan yet. Its backer reveals more about the super-sized science experiment


iRacing for Dummies

Sim Racing Pal made an iRacing guide for beginners


Southern National Repave

Mike Diaz at Southern National has repaved the top line and added PJ1 down the middle for the Thanksgiving Late Medel Stock Classic

Black Friday Deals


Go Drive Smart


Winter Derby Open


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P1X Pro Review 

Sim Racing Setups reviews the SimLab P1X Pro Sim Rig



Conspit GT-B Sim Rig

Conspit unveils their GT-B Sim Rig designed for young racers


Fanatec Black Friday

Karl Gosling reviews Fanantec’s Black Friday Sale includig 1/2 off the DD2 Podium Wheel Base




DC3-RS Pedal Review

Race Beyond Matter reviews the DC3-RS Load Cell Pedals by DC Sim Racing



All in One Gaming

All-in-One Gaming shows off their Pro Series and Phantom Series Sim Rigs


Heusinkveld MagShift

Heusinkveld unveils their next generation og magnetic sequential shifters with the Mag Shift sequental shifter


Sabrent 16 Port Hub Mount

SimSport Gadget makes a mounting hub for the Sabrent 16 port USB hub to attach to your 80/20 rig 


Long Term TR160 MK4 Rig

Dan Suzuki posted a long term review of the Trak Racer TR160 MK4 Sim Rig


Simucube D

Simucube teased their new D-shaped racing wheel the Valo GT-23 coming to their ecosystem


Fanatec and Sparco

Will Ford at Boosted Media checks out the new Fanatec Sparco wheel rims 


GTPROV2 Steering Wheels

Cube Controls unveils their GT Pro V2 Suede and Perferted GT Steering wheels


Final Thoughts

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  1. Who’s the GOAT?


On the show today we welcome a very special guest, long time Coke Series driver, Michael Conti. Well check out a detailed development update from Greg Hill and we’ll debate who is the iRacing Greatest of All Time. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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