Episode 0409

11/16/2023 – iRacing Multiverse – Episode 0409


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Show Introduction

On the show today we’ll give the latest news on the IndyCar gaming license, and it’s possible impact in iRacing. We’ll ask if you are ready to bet on iRacing and would you be willing to bet your life in sim racing?

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iRacing and Draft Kings

iRacing has hit the big time as you can now wager on races on Draft Kings


5 iRacing Features You Didn’t Know About

Josh Garner has a video detailing 5 features iRacing has that you might not know about.  The features highlighted were,,,,

Practice Groups, Custom radio frequencies, Graphics black box, Active reset, and Session Results info


Can You Beat Super Max

It’s pretty dang hard to beat Max Verstappen, even when it comes iRacing 

GrandPOOBear teamed up with Jimmy Broadbent, Cameron Das, and Cooper Webster of Red Bull Sim Racing to try to break Max’s world record. Will they be able to do it?


100 Pits

DJ Yee J reviewed Jordan, aka Bottom Split, on his 100 pit stop race at NIS Martinsville and pulled out a P5


DBox Motion Zone

The D Box Motion Zone at Phoenix Raceway let viewers experience everything the driver was feeling using the DBox Motion Systems


iRacing in Drag

Bryan Miller asked in  a forum poll if it’s time for drag racing in iRacing


Dying for iRacing

James Barry asked in the forums what your intrest in sim racing would be if there was a real risk of death


WoO Sprint Cars

Bergeron capitalizes, wins iRacing World of Outlaws Thrustmaster Sprint Car Series season opener at Volusia


iRacing 9.0.0 Release Notes



What is iRacing Web?

Prior to sunsetting the Classic Membersite, we will make portions of the existing iRacing UI available directly in a web browser, without the need to have an iRacing installation on the machine. We are referring to this as iRacing Web in official documentation. This is not a separate product, merely an additional way to access what is currently known as the iRacing UI. The goal is to make sure functionality which does not require a connection to an iRacing installation is still available once the Classic Membersite is sunset in the future. This should be particularly helpful for Team and League Admins, but will obviously be nice for everyone who wishes to interact with the service on PCs without an iRacing installation. Results and stats are available in iRacing Web

Indy Breaking Free

Mike Straw reported on his Twitter account that IndyCar has officially Termonated its license agreement with Motorsports Games


Contender Series Champion

Vicente Salas takes the championship for the iRacing Contender Series and will be heading back to the Coke Series with a lot of momentum behind him


Phantom Cars

Robin Truswell compiled a list of ‘Phantom Cars’ cars without a series but not designated as legacy’s


Drive Smart to Daytona

Drive Smart to Daytona is a racing competition that sarts as a time attack, then 200 drivers will be drafted by sim racing influencer into teams, and then drive in  series of races for great prizes including a trip to Daytona



iRacing Top 10 Highlights


iRacing Black Friday Sale



Next Level Racing King of the Track


This Week in iRacing


iRacing Winter Derby – Open


iRacing Winter Derby – Fixed


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Simracing 4U Button Box Review

The SimPit reviews the Simracing 4U Button Box



iRacing on the Cheap

DJ Yee J (The Anti Boosted Media) tries to get a sim racing setup for the least amount of money possible


Next Level Racing GTLite Pro

Dan Sizuki reviews the Next Level Racing GT Lite Pro foldable racing sim rig


QR2 Upgrade Review

trauma Team Racing revies the new Fanatec QR2 and asks if the upgrade is worth it or not


Disapearing 4090’s

Jayz Two Cents looks into the sudden lack of 4090 GPU’s


Cooler Master Dyn X Cockpit

Karl Gosling reviews the Cooler Master Dyn X Cockpit 



Fanatec’s Kill Shot

Will Ford at Boosted Bedia reviews the new Fanatec Clubsport DD and DD+ 



League / Hosted Races

Winter Series – 

  • Brad – P. 8 What a dominating team effort that did not get the result that was deserved. Greg and I both lead race high laps of 66 and 54. Justin was with us until the green flag stops but lost him in the draft. Had the lead with two to go knowing the run was coming. Greg tried to stall them out but this separated us and I lost the lead on white flag. Had a run coming off of T2 but a late block caused a large wreck ending the chance for the win. Overall great broadcast time for the team and the podcast.

Final Thoughts

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  1. iRacing Multiverse


On the show today we’ll give the latest news on the IndyCar gaming license, and it’s possible impact in iRacing. We’ll ask if you are ready to bet on iRacing and would you be willing to bet your life in sim racing? So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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