Episode 0418

1/18/2024 – Screen Size Matters – Episode 0418

Show Introduction

On the show today, we will be looking forward to the Daytone 24 Hours and looking back at the Membership Site. The iRacing Coke Series Silly Season kicks off with some new changes and we’ll see how iRacing might be cracking down on cheaters.

Team Conti Sim Performance



RIP Membership Site

Ryan Douchette put his own touch in saying goodbye to the iRacing Membership site on his Twitter account



2024 FIA Motorsports Games

The third edition of the FIA Motorsport Games in Valencia, Spain, this year (October 23-27 2024) will feature a hugely expanded Esports programme with two gold medals up for grabs across two separate gaming titles.



Coke Series Draft

The iRacing Nascar Coke Series Silly season is under way with a few new changes in the series format.


Team News:

BS + Competition joins as a new team. They announce Garret Lowe.

Team Conti has announced that their proposal to enter the series has been rejected.

Jim Beaver and Beavermotorsports are out after 5 seasons…

Nitro Circus Sim Racing Team joins as a new team. They announce Dylan Duval and Matthew Zwack

Spire Motorsports joins… They quickly announce Malik Ray and Casey Kirwan are signed. And David Schildhouse is the General Manager

Driver News:

RFK Racing announces Timothy Holmes and Collin Bowden

PioneersGG annouces Wyatt Tinsley returns and they add Graham Bowlin

Other News:

2024 Contender is… INTERESTING! Top 20 no longer locks you into coke, top 30 just to have a shot to be picked in free agency! Imagine winning the contender title and getting stuffed as a backup driver the following season because 2nd-21st were more ‘marketable’ than you, Say a <team> guy wins the title and gets chosen in free agency. He could pretty easily sell his teammate who finished 30th in the points to them with some solid arguments. This GUARANTEES that at least one t20 driver doesn’t make it.


Supporting Links:












Sim in Your Real Car

Vern Klukas posted in the forums ways that his real world driving has changed since starting sim racing


Coke Series Document

iRacing posted in the forums the 2024 iRacing Coke Series Document that spells aout all of the info you ever need to know about the Coke Series


SRX is Still Coming to iRacing

Steve Meyers confirmed on Twitter that the SRX is still coming to iRacing, maybe just without all of the fanfare.


Darkhorse and New Camry

Steve Myers also announced in the Twitter thread that the new Mustang Darkhorse and the Toyota Camry Cup cats are already being worked on.


Worst (or Best) Crash Ever

Denverracingsim crashed his car in iRacing is a crazy motion sim that took him for a literal spin


iRacing with the Prez

President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, J Douglas Boles, introduced the new Indycar partnership with iRacing and turned some laps in the sim!


Youngest to 10K

At 14 years old. Joel Smith became the youngest member of the iRacing 10K iRating club in asphaly oval racing


What’s in a Name

Kim Berry in the forums answers iRacer’s question of, “How do I change my display name?”  


WoO Week 8

Alex Bergeron grabs fourth win of 2023-24 World of Outlaws Thrustmaster Sprint Cars season at Port Royal


Daytona 24 Week

Its Daytona 24 Week, the most highly participated event in Sim Racing, and  Actrollvision relives one of the greatest saves of the event’s history



iRacing is recruiting for a Quality Assurance Tester


Catching a Cheater

D J Yee J speculated the new switch to the iRacing to the UI may have an element of preventing cheaters and the UI has better cheat protections


Max to F3

iRacer Max Esterson has linked up with Jenzer Motorsport the run in the 2024 F3 season


Lego Sim Rig

Fastlane Fans has posted on Facebook a Lego build of a sim rig

May be an image of text


Road to Pro Schedule

Tyler Hudson has posted the 2024 eNascar Road to Pro Series Schedule


Stats for the Roar in ’24

iRacing posted the impressive stats from this year’s iRacing Roar


Goodbye Renault

Greg West posted in the forums that the Formula Renault Series will end after this current season due to low participation and a modernized open wheel ladder system


VCO Grand Slam

The VCO Grand Slam will  be kicking off this weekend with the Daytona 24 Hours, and iRacing has release the BOP 



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Gomez Formula Pro Elite V2

Gomez Sim Industries introduced on Twitter their Version 2 of their flagship formula wheel the Formula Pro Elite and OverTake.gg got their hands on one


Rig Insanity

Boosted Media got their hands on a Motion Systems QSV 20 4DOF 


499Racing Dashboard

Nick Ebyhas introduced the free 499Racing Dashboard that is built within Simhub 

Soelpec Spectra XR

Will Ford at Boosted Media reviews the Soelpec Spectra VR Formua wheel


The SOELPEC Spectra XR is a feature-rich Sim Racing wheel with outstanding build quality which has quickly become one of my go-to wheels.  With a 302mm diameter and 5″ Touchscreen Display, it is very well suited to Formula and GT racing giving quick and easy access to a huge range of inputs. At the price of €1499 (+ Shipping and Tax) it is in the same ballpark as the Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite and Cube Controls CSX-3 sim racing wheels.  So there is some tough competition in this price range, and for this amount of money our expectations are high.

“I will put it up there with the best of the best…”


Quest 2 Price Cut

The Oculus Quest 2’s price was reduced to $249 for the 128GB unit and $299 for the 256GB unit


Simucube Swapout

Nixon Motorsports swaps out his Fanatec DD2 with a new Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive wheelbase on his Alpine TRX Chassis


Simucube 2 Pro Unbox

Danny Moffat unboxes the Simucube 2 Pro wheel base after boxing up his 2nd Fanatec to be returned 


Bargin of the Century?

Dave Cam Reviews the Race Gear 3 pedal set


Ricardo Haptic Seat

Ricardo introduces their new sim racing seat with 14 individual metahaptics


Pinapple Grips 

Pinapple Grips has replacement grips for many popular wheel rims


Seperate ABS and TC

Bostjan Fujs asked David Tucker in the forums if iRacing will provide Traction Control Data for the Simagic HPR’s

Hey David, as I am looking to buy the Simagic HPR (if they will restock sometime), could you answer one question please, I was thinking about only using one HPR on the brake for ABS, as iRacing will not provide TC date for the HPR on the throttle. Will the support you are working on, support two HPRs independantly for brake and throttle? In this case I will order 2 HPRs! It would be great to know what is coming before ordering.

Thank you, Bostjan

I’m not sure where we will land. I have something stubbed into the sim but currently don’t have anything but wheel slip/ABS to drive these with. Ideally I would have time to add in traction to the mix, and possibly even separate things out per pedal, but I also have other projects coming up fast that will take me away from this in a few weeks. I would not buy anything based on what I could potentially do in the future.


Hori 7 Speed Shifter

Sim Racing Corner unboxes the Hori 7 Speed Shifter with Sequential mode



Alan Quan Reviews the VNM Wheel Base


Sim Facility Tour

Daniel Morad shows off his Sim Racing Facility


Podium 1 Racing


TRS 160S

Lance Dusoswa reviews the Trak Racer 160S Sim Rig



Does more NM’s make you faster?

Third Wheel Exclusive asks if boosting the FF nanometers make you any faster


NASCAR iRacing Series

Thursday open –

  • Justin- NiS Winter Series Update North Wilksboro, Open series i did a total of 2 races a P6 and a P2 really solid races, track position over tires was the key i think. In the Fixed series it was kind of a roller coaster. My first race I had a P26 made it to 20 to go with a 0x and got junked. The second Fixed race I did was a little better result, took the lead 30 to go and never looked back P1. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. At the end of the week I’m leading the Open series by 30 points and leading the Fixed series also by 3 points. Dover next week. I’m trying to get team Tifosi another NiS Championship. Wish me luck       

Official Series


  • Supercars at Michigan posted Chris McGuire. winner, winner, chicken dinner.
  • 87 at Talladega wrecked out
  • GEN five at Daytona. Came from the back to finish P5 great race another couple laps I might’ve won.
  • IndyCar at Indy nice respectable finish P10. The sticker on the outside wall that shows the Indy logo coming out of turn four is missing.
  • Supercar at Michigan with John Curley. We were mixing it up in a huge pack of four and five wide green flags and everything but both get wrecked out at the end.
  • 87 at Talladega got wrecked out at the end
  • GEN 5 cup car at Daytona was running P2 with two to go when a lab car purposely wrecked the entire field. 
  • srF@Oran Park started P six finished P3 I’ll take it
  • Pick up cup at Phoenix. P11


  • Roar-started p17, finished p13 in class and p23 overall. Got some nose and rear damage on lap two from a stack up in bus stop. That hurt my speed on the oval. Drove up to p10 before first pit stop. Missed my pit stall so gave up a bunch of time. Short pitted second stop and double stinted tires because I did not need a full tank of gas try to jump some spots. Ended up looping it in the horse show. After that kept it clean till the finish.

League / Hosted Races

Winter Series League – 

  • Brad – p 19-Felt like I had good speed but ended up with some damage and blew the green flag pit stop by missing the commitment cone. Sat for 1:10 penalty and ended up three laps down. 
  • Greg – p poor pit strat
  • David – p9

Final Thoughts

Words Spoken in Closing Audio Clip -“”Thank you for listening to the iRacers Lounge podcast make sure to go subscribe to us on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Google Play, Facebook & Twitter, See You On The Track .” 


  1. Screen Size Matters


On the show today, we will be looking forward to the Daytone 24 Hours and looking back at the Membership Site. The iRacing Coke Series Silly Season kicks off with some new changes and we’ll see how iRacing might be cracking down on cheaters. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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