Episode 0419

1/25/2024 – Racing with Depends – Episode 0419


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Show Introduction

On the show today, we will be recapping the highly sucessful Daytona 24 Hours and how the Tifosi Teams faired. We have the final iRacing 2024 Coke Series lineup and sponsores, and we get a glance at what the rain setup could look like.


Team Conti Sim Performance



Coke Series News

eNascar reports that there will be 6 new teams that will be involved in the 2024 Coke Series to go along with their new format as the full sponsorhip field is set.





Virtual Tie

AREA racing posted a video of a fantasic finish at their race at Richmond


iRacing in Stages

iRacing AutoStages -is a fully automated stage racing and season tracking program.  AutoStages will allow racers in Hosted or AI sessions to simulate NASCAR-style stage racing complete with points tracking. You’ll be able to toggle options to customize your stage race experience – including 2, 3 or 4 stage races, custom stage lengths and whether or not to throw stage break cautions. Here’s a look at what the beta UI looks like as of today:


Top 10 Highlights

iRacing puts out the January Top 10 Highlights


52 Car Pile-Up

iRacing posted a video of a huge, 52 car pile up at Talladega


Streaming The Simracer

The SimRacer, a feature film set in the world of Sim Racing, is now available to watch on Tubi


The 24 Up in Smoke

Presley Sorah Tweeted how is Daytone 24 Hour race was ended with a unexplainable blown engine


Tony and Matt At the 24

Matt Malone posted a video of his Daytona 24 race at Tony Kanaan’s Sim Racing Garage


Redline Takes the Crown

Team Redline featuring Max Verstappen won the 24 Hours of Daytona in the GTD division


Drafting to the Title

Paul Wainwright asks in the iRacing Community what’s everyone’s thought on the drafting strategy that got Team Redline the 24 Hour victory

Sailing it In 

Jack Mace shows a video of a GT car taking off in a crazy glitch at Daytona


No Spotter

Leigh Overton asked why they were unable to spot or crew for their team during the 24.

Staffer Jason Bryfrogle responded…

I can see that you can join a team in a practice session that started after the 12:00 UTC session launched. But you are not in the list of people who can join that same team in the 12:00 UTC session. The only reason there wouldn’t be an entry in that particular table is if you were not a member of the team at the time the team was registered for the 12:00 UTC session. If a team invitation or application is accepted after the team is registered, they do not get added to the list of people who can join the team in the session.


Daytona 24 Recap

The 2024 iRacing Daytona 24 event wrapped up this weekend with some very impressive numbers


this year’s event was the largest in history, with more than 18,500 competitors split across 95 concurrent race sessions that started at four different times on Friday and Saturday. In addition, more than 1.8 million viewers watched iRacing broadcasts of the event across Twitch and YouTube.

NASCAR Avg for 2023 2.8m on broadcast/cable tv


Where’d That Come From

Listener Ryan Carwile submitted a video clip of a LMP in the Daytona Pits getting cleared out by a rouge GT car

Daytona Solo

Matt Sherlock (kinda) won his split of the Daytona 24 by himself 


Fastest Down the Hill

iRacing posted a video of what might be the fastest decent of Mt Washington ever in the Mercedes F1 car


Rogan’s Rig

Podium 1 Racing posted a video of a ultra high end build-in-progress Sim Rig for Joe Rogan



Next Gen Updates

iRacing is ready for 2024 with the new artwork and texture updates for their Next Gen Cup cars


WoW Week 9

Forster assumes championship lead as Bergeron takes fifth 2023-24 World of Outlaws Thrustmaster Sprint Cars win at Eldora


Storm’s Coming

iRacing posted a quick view of how you will be able to set up weather timelines that will change according to how you edit your session


Vetting IMSA

Michael Poole is asking iRacing to get the new Chevy Corvette into the new IMSA season 


Season 1 Patch 4


iRacing Stats

Jason Chess put out some interesting iRacing stats 




Mt Washinton – ReScan Needed?

In an iRacing discussion post, Johnny Mularz reported that Mt Washington is totally paved now, and there’s no dirt section. Does this need a rescan?

Dave Cam Gets Hacked

Dave Cam’s Youtube Channel was recently hacked and he posted how his subscriber nubers plummeted

iRacing at Court

iRacing finds itself in “The Stupidest Lawsuit” against them according to a video by DJ YeeJ


Porsche 2024 Season 

The Porsche Tag Heuer Supercup returns on Feb 3 with some new formats


The Family that Races Together…

SimRacing Family posted a video of a family with 3 kids all putting time into their racing simulators!


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Simagic GT Neo

Lance Dusoswa reviews the Simagic GT Neo formula wheel that’s well priced


Camus C5

Dan DiMaggio takes a first look at the new Camus C5


Discontinued Graphics Cards

Nvidia Is discontinuing the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070Ti GPU’s


Why You Need Triples

Karl Gosling explains in a video when you need triple screens


Sim Formula Expo

Lawrence Dusoswa and Overtake.gg took a trip to the Sim Racing Expo 2024


Sim Lab XP1 Review

Boosted Media reviews the Sim Lab XP1 Load Cell Pedals



ImSim – Motion With Style

Lawrence Dusoswa reviews the ImSim motion rig


Turtle Beach Enters Sim Racing

Turtle Beach is entering the Sim Racing market with a wheel / pedal offering for pre-order complete with integrated LCD display and button box



SimHub Hue Lighting Setup

Alex Kay shows you how to set up you Hue Lighting system on Simhub


Simagic P-HTS

Simagic reveals their P-HTS hydraulic throttle system fpr their P-1000 sim pedals





NASCAR iRacing Series

Thursday open –

  • Mike- P 
  • Justin- Winter Nis Winter Series update the fixed series i placed p6 and P26 then the open series i had a p9 and p4, just a steady week. The open race I placed 9th in I set the fastest lap time of the race, never done that before in any official race and there were some studs in that race too. My Open series points battle im losing by 58 points and fixed series im leading by 20 points. Side note without drop weeks in both series I would be leading more than 80 points in each series. I Hate drop weeks. Lol. Another side note: I had a family emergency and I’m stuck in Chicago starting tomorrow so I don’t know if I will be able to make all my starts. I’m not going to use it as an excuse though. I will keep grinding. Sorry for the paragraph mike 

Official Series

Daytona 24- 

  • Team Real Fun – P7
  • Team Fun P14 
  • Team Fun 2 p43


  • FIAF4 fixed at spa. Started at 16th got wrecked out real hard and lap one and a huge incident. 
  • Second attempt started dead last 22nd. God is high as P6 in a great race before finally getting wrecked DNF.
  • Chris McGuire hosted old IndyCar at Michigan


    Draftmaster P11, P17, and P22. People wreck and I get caught up in it every time. Doesn’t matter whether I’m in front or back. Never fails.   

B Open    

John P16. Car was terrible in turns 1 and 2 initially. Made some pit adjustments and stayed with the leaders the last 30 laps. Problem is I was a lap down. Was the lucky dog but did not get the caution

League / Hosted Races

Winter Series League – 

  • Brad – p 18
  • Mike- p started dead last finish P 16. Was planning on a one stop strategy, but a caution came out. We could make it from there on fuel. Next run ran it until the tire gave out had to put under green but then a caution came out, was able to take the wave around and get a lap back and threw attrition and what not worked my way up
  • David – p5 .  Good long run speed but spent most of the race 1 lap down after first long run.  Was p6 in lucky dog spot, late caution comes out puts me on lead lap, but cost me the lucky dog prize, finished p5, best finish for the year.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Racing with Depends


On the show today, we will be recapping the highly sucessful Daytona 24 Hours and how the Tifosi Teams faired. We have the final iRacing 2024 Coke Series lineup and sponsores, and we get a glance at what the rain setup could look like. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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