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10/5/2023 – Bag of Air with Some Chips – Episode 0403

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Show Introduction

On the show today, we’ll check out the super high speeds of the first ever Grand Prix Series race on an oval track. We’ll check out a sim racer making a big splash in real world racing, and debate the pros and cons of visible iRatings.

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Special Guest

John Kerley



GP Turn Racing Series

Thursday’s third round of the 2023 Grand Prix Turn Racing iRacing Series was a first of its kind, as some of the top open wheel road racers took on oval racing in the Dallara iR-01 at Texas Motor Speedway. Utilizing the new oval-centric package developed for the naturally aspirated, 3.0-liter V10 open-wheel racing machine, 25 drivers entered the evening with a chance to score a win like no other in series history.


South American Esports Championship

Brazil will host the 1st edition of the South American Esports Championship. The competition will be held on November 2nd, during the week of the São Paulo Formula 1 Grand Prix and will be run on @iRacing using the FIA F4 car.



Great Motorsports Quotes

iRacing asks on Twitter, Wgat are some of the best motorsports quotes


Season 4 Build Highlights

iRacing posted a Youtube video highlighting the Season 4 build


Nascar and MS Games

Sources have indicated that 9/30 is nothing more than termination date of NASCAR and MSportgames… There is no new license announcement as of yet.


Rennsport and rFactor

There have been rumors that Rennsport is using rFactor 2’s physics and parameters


Chat Ban Prevention

Alan Strovich has some ideas to help prevent Chat bans in iRacing


Rally Dirt Issues

Robbie Kirtley posted that there’s something wrong in the Iowa and Atlanta tracks that feel more like asphalt than dirt


Is the UI Getting Worse

Massimo asked in the forums if there’s no more indication of how many cars are registered in a practice session on the UI


Hidden in Plain Sight

DJ Yee J posted a video with 10 iRacing tracks that are hidden in plain sight


Hidden iRating

Dave Cam explores the benefits of having a hidden iRating


Tony Kanaan Sim Garage

Matt Malone posted a Youtube video where he gets to check out Tony Kanaan’s Sim Racing Garage


Top iRating

Max Benecke announced on Twitter that he has reclaimed the title of highest iRating


Season 4 Patch 2 Hotfix 1 Release Notes


Time Attack Results

Because of the dirt rallycross physics bug iRacing has eraced all of the Time Attack results prior to the patch


Sim to Real

Kaden Honeycutt gets a win in the ARCA Menards West Series in his series debut.


iRacing for Beginners

Anthony Alfredo posted a iRacing for beginners series on his Youtube Channel


Nasar and iRacing Console Style


Le Petit Le Mans


SCCA Runoffs


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Simagic P1000 Pedals

Lawrence Dusoswa reviews the Simagic P1000 pedals with the haptic rumble motors 



Rally DYI 

Pokornyi engineering offers a button and optional shifter addition to your favorite Rally, GT and Cup car wheel


Trackform Phone Mount

Trackform has a T-Slot phone mount for 80/20 rigs

Thrustmaster 488 GT3 

Thrustmaster is now taking pre orders for their new Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-on


6 Sigma in the States

6 Sigma Simracing now has a new warehouse in Syracuse NY for faster shipping to US customers



GOVEE Lighting

Dave Cam shows in a video how to use GOVEE for ambient lighting


Top 5 iRaing Apps

Matt Barnett posted a video of his top 5 Apps to use with iRacing 


Trading Paints https://www.tradingpaints.com/

Crew Chief https://thecrewchief.org/

RaceLab https://racelab.app/

VRS Telemetry https://virtualracingschool.appspot.c…

iRacing Manager https://members.iracing.com/jforum/po…

CoachDave Academy https://coachdaveacademy.com/


NASCAR iRacing Series

Thursday Fixed – Tally

  • Justin – PWas in the mix for the win but didnt have a good push
  • Brad- wheel disconnected

Friday Open – Tally

  • Mike -.  P Was near the front on the side where the inside lane was trying to side draft up and I got no damage though, but I was in the First caution. Lap 11 I was pushing the leader on the bottom. The guy behind me started pushing me and turned me 2 1/2 minutes damage. eventually caught a caution took a wave around but needed a yellow to get enough fuel to finish. Finally got the yellow with three to go put me in the back after fueling for P 23 for the green White checker number one. Wrecked coming to the checker P 27.
  • David – p 14, wasn’t on the best fuel strategy and then got flush out of the draft by a huge check up right when I made a lane change.  So I went ahead and pitted so I could re catch the draft off cycle.  We cycled completely around.  I made a move to late to try to get in line and turned myself.  Trying to get back up to speed I spun the tires on the apron and that brought out the caution.  Made it back up to 2nd, then late caution and on restart I get hung out in middle lane and fade to 19th and pass 5 wreckings cars for 14th.
  • Tyler – P4 Started P1 with the Only one caution on lap 3.  Led the first 20 laps after giving up the lead to save gas. Was able to stay with the main pack during two green flag stops to bring it hope 4th. Lappers screwed me on the last lap but happy with a Top 5 and 0x.

Sunday Open-

  • David – P20 got hung out on green flag stops

Sunday Fixed- 

  • Mike- P 4- got spun twice but no damage really let some laps at the end there was just a top seven breakaway and I was six we mixed it up but I didn’t make very good moves P4

Wednesday Open: roval

  • MikeP7 – got as high as P5, but had a slip and fell back to eight missed the final chicane about four or five times but brought it home seventh. Pretty proud of this run. It was car number 34. Tom got a P9 in the same race and I only gained five championship points on him.
  • Chris- P 6. Good safe run.
  • GregP wrecked out top split
  • TomP9
  • Brad – P 32. Was ran off course and then was dropped by server.

Thursday Open: 
MikeP car number 35. Start 16th top split.

Official Series

FIAF 4 @inter-Lago Brazil start a 21st got wrecked in the first lap on a pile up. I got the worst of it was dead last at 23rd made my way back up to 16th.
Started near the back, but still got ran over on lap. One turned one from behind dead lash worked my way back up to 9 out of 14.
DraftMaster, 1987 cars at Daytona top split. Got involved in a couple of incidents but brought it home P9.
Ran three or four Chris McGuire hosted races, wrecked out of each one

Final Thoughts

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  1. Bag of Air with Some Chips


On the show today, we’ll check out the super high speeds of the first ever Grand Prix Series race on an oval track. We’ll check out a sim racer making a big splash in real world racing, and debate the pros and cons of visible iRatings. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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