Episode 0402

9/28/2023 – The Grass Is Good – Episode 0402

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Show Introduction

On the show today we will take you thru the iRacing Coke Series Championship Race Event as we crown the new 2023 eNascar Champion. We’ll discuss if iRacing could, or should be made available to consoles. In the hadware section we’ll look at the long, long awaited Fanatec QR2 quick release system and Simagic’s Pedals with haptic feedback.

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End of an Era

Michael Conti posted the ContiFiles: 6 videos featuring the retiring Coke Series Driver


Why is iRacing Not on Consoles

Kevn Lemberg asks why iRacing is not on consoles when other system demanding sim like Microsoft Flight Simulator are.


The Grass is Good!

Curtis Ramirez says that iRacing’s new grass grip physics are spot on


Hall Pass

Garrett Lowe had to get a note from Nascar to miss his college exams to run in the Coke Series Championship Race


Elliott Sadler eSports will not be back in the Coke Series next Year


Kirwan is Out Early at Miami


Class of the Field

Donovan Strauss and Steven Wilson were the class of the field all race long



The Next Three

iRacing asks on X, What are 3 tracks you’d like to see make it into iRacing?


Toyota or Honda

You’ll now be able to choose between the Toyota and the Honda when selecting your Super Formula SF23!


Season 2 Patch 4


Happy 1k

Joel Smith celebrated his 1000th career win


iRacing Attempted Hack

Bad actors attempted to  access to iRacing files, no member data was lost


Byron and iRacing on Fox

Fox Sports has a 1-on-1 article with Nascar Championship contender William Byron on his path from iRacing to Nascar


Spot from Your Phone

Alan Strovch thought it would be cool if iRacing made an app that let you spot races from your phone


Petit Le Mans

iRacing drops the balance of power for the upcoming Petit Le Mans 


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Helicopter Case

Thermaltake introduces their Snow Helicopter themed computer case


New Sim Rig Stuff

Jays two Cents dips his toes back into the sim rig hardware


Wheel FOV Extensions

Motion Rig Simulations has a Wheel FOV Extensions that make your simulator more immersive with a realistic feel, just like it is in the real car.


Fanantec Getting Stale

Lawrence Dusoswa thinks Fanatec needs to get moving in order to keep up with the ever evolving sim hardware market


QR2 Review

Will Ford from Boosted Media reviews Fanatec’s new, long awaited QR2



PT Actuator Tension R

Jam First reviews the PT Actuator Tension R Seat Belt Tensioning system


iR Sidekick

Dave Cam revies the iR Sidekick software that lets you easily configure system setups 


Sabelt Sim Racing Cockpits

Sabelt launch range of smart-looking sim racing cockpits


Zen’s Simwheels

Zen’s Simwheels offers custom sim racing equipment from a variery of manufacturers 



NASCAR iRacing Series

Sunday Open-

  • David – P 19, top split last car, strategy up and down, finished ok
  • Justin – P6, qualified p7, deserved my finish. 0x on the day. This race was just as good as a win in my book

Wednesday Open: Tally

  • MikeP 17 Jack lead with about 25 to go kept it right up until the end and got hung out to dry not once but twice on the final restart and ended up wrecked. Was good to lead laps. 
  • ChrisP 10. Saved it with one to go and worked my way back up to 10th. 
  • David – P dropped, iracing is dropping people left in right
  • Justin – PLAST, i had 3 other Tifso teammates in the race. We got in order real quick. Random car bounced off the wall. junk
  • Tony – P7  I got spun early not hitting anything got stuck on the banking while still green. Almost went down a lap. Got stuck behind a lapper lost the pack middle of the race, dropped connection while a lap away on a GF stop lost almost 2 laps kept not getting lucky dog for checking up on wrecks and another guy passing me for it. Eventually got it and went from like 20something to 8th on the gwc and gained a spot for a guy getting dq’ed lol
  • TomP23
  • John – p17
  • TylerP8- Qualified 3rd and settled in for a long one. Stayed around the top 5 for most of the race till a late caution came out setting up the GWC. Had fun racing with Teammate Chris as we had a good run up top. Happy with 8th and a 0x!
  • Brad – P 19. Started 10th ran up front till early accident collected all four teammates. Fought back to running in top 10 till final wreck on 3rd GWC, ended up in P19.

Thursday Open: 

  • Mike- P car 33 and top split. I ended up changing lanes and turning myself off somebody’s nose and losing the draft. We finally caught a caution the first one with 20 to go I was almost out of fuel. I end up staying out for a waiver around, and luckily, got another quick caution so I can get enough fuel for the next restart with 12 to go. Finished at P12.
  • Justin – P4, got caught up in 2 wrecks only took a little bit of damage but just stayed chill. Came close to a chance to win. I was the one that gave the winning push.

TonyP4 kept my nose clean til the end went to the outside to push A car to the lead but he got wrecked just before the line

Official Series


  1. FIA F4 at Road America – Pile up 9 cars had to tow – lap 1 turn 2 – i had stopped to miss it but got ran over from behind…
    • Second attempt of the night qualified P4. On the start the guy in front of me in P2 he left his transmission in neutral gassed it with the clutch in and when the green light came out, he dropped the clutch but never left. I had a great start, but turned right to miss him, but it wasn’t enough and I actually flip upside down Wrecking before I even get going.  
  2. Draft Meister car of tomorrow at Daytona top split qualified P5 – got to the Leed by the halfway point, but fell back to fourth after making a mistake P4
    • Top split again was running third near the end. A guy had a run on me. I blocked Lowe successfully and as we entered the corner, he just ran into the back of me and dumped me.  Still finished P5.
    • Next day top split, took the lap lead on lap seven held it to the White some 6500 guy came out of nowhere and blue by me. I finish second. This finished puts me above 3000 rating. I started the week around 2450.
    • Top split again with Matt Busse and Liam. Brotherton was running third behind them when I had to dodge a lopper and fell back to sixth.
    • Top split again end up hitting the wall once cost me maybe third I finished P5
    • Top split again let a bunch of laps and then hit the wall all by myself. Ended up finishing P3.
    • Was running third in this one top split again and a lap car basically ran into the back of me when I got loose and spun me clear out somehow I was able to finish fourth
    • Not top split this time the same guy who ran over me before was fighting me hard for third I finally got him and got the second but not enough to catch the leader
    • Somehow someway ended up three wide for the lead I was on the outside and got pushed to the wall fell the third, even with how heavy damage P3
    • Ran one more race and finished P4
    • Next night top split got in a wreck on the final lab, and somehow still finished 10
    • A open Talladega top split strength of field 5K I was car number 29 Garrett Maes was car number one started in the back of the pack after a bad move, but was able to make my way back up to the lead right before the caution and was leading lap, so I stayed out when everyone else pitted under caution fill back a little bit and got wrecked in a stack up domino effect wrecked out on lap 31 of 70

Final Thoughts

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  1. The grass is good


On the show today we will take you thru the iRacing Coke Series Championship Race Event as we crown the new 2023 eNascar Champion. We’ll discuss if iRacing could, or should be made available to consoles. In the hadware section we’ll look at the long, long awaited Fanatec QR2 quick release system and Simagic’s Pedals with haptic feedback. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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