Episode 0404

10/12/2023 – Runoff at the Runoffs – Episode 0404

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Show Introduction

On the show today well ask what your iRating might say about what kind of driver you are, we’ll dive into reactions to Nascar and iRacing on consoles, and what tracks are most desperatly in need of updating and why.

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Multitasking While iRacing

Incoming Cup driver Carson Hocevar knocked out a Nsscar Radio interwiew on his phone while iRacing at Dega


iRacing at Charlotte

Rajah Caruth was repping the brand in the iRacing sponsored Xfinity car at Charlotte


Pocono Update

Listener Craig Ream gives the Lounge some great feedback about the infield courses at Pocono.

Hi Gents,

Just to lend input on your mention about the Pocono infield courses.  While they “could” be used for go carts but they are most often used for HPDE and drift events.     Some club level racing is also booked there. (example spec Miata’s)

The legacy Pocono config actually has a few of the infield courses but they are now dated and have changed slightly.

Craig Ream

NASCAR Game 2025 – What Do iRacers Think?

iRacing will be bringing Nascar to consoles in 2025 and the forums chime in with their thoughts.


Send It Sim Racing

Send It! Sim Racing in Amherst, NY provides racing simulators to rent for single drivers leagues and more


SRX Ready for Scanning

In a Tweet from SRX racing, the IROC style racing league is readt for iRacing’s scanning team


Your iRating and You

DJ Yee-J posted a YouTube video discussing what, as a driving instructor, he sees with drives at certain iRatings


Update Me!

RacingDepartment.com posted an article about which 3 tracks in iRacing desparately need updating


Racing With Alonso

PitBits found himself in a Formula Vee race with F1 world champion Fernando Alonso and posted  his race on his YouTube Channel 


Pro Driver Pipeine

Coke Series Driver Vicente Salas is turning his dream of racing into a reality as he chases a career in Nascar 



Sim Racing Expo

The 2023 ADAC Sim Racing Expo starts this weekend  in Dortmund, Germany



Season 1 Schedule




iRacing athe SCCA Runoffs

iRacing made it’s presence well known at the 2023 SCCA Runoffs


IMSA 2023 Esports Global Chamionships


Crandon Pro 4 Championship




BMW M Road Atlanta


SCCA Runoffs


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Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus

Next Level Racing offers their new Go Kart Plus Sim Rig

Sim Racing Pro Handbrake Review

Sim Racing Pro reviews thier handbrakes



Samsung Odyssey and the 4090


It appears that the Samsung Odyssey G9 cannot be handled by one of the world’s highest-performing gaming graphics cards, namely the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090.


Cube Controls Mercedes AMG GT Wheel

Boosted Media reviews the Cube Controls Mercedes AMG GT Edition


Asetek Invicta 27 NM Review

Simracing Enthusiast Reviews the Asetek Invicta 27 NM wheelbase


Logitec Foldable Rig

Logitech launches collapsible sim-racing rig which supports the full range of Logitech G Wheel and Pedal products.


Grid Porsche 911 RSR

The Sim Racing Den reviews the Grid by Sim by Sim-Lab Porsche 911 RSR calling it the best sim racing wheel I’ve ever used


Pimax Crystal Sim

The Pimax Crystal VR headset now comes in a Sim version at a reduced price


Ascher Racing Artura Sport/Pro SC

McLaren Artura Sport-SC and Artura Pro-SC will be available for presale to end customers on October 13, 2023, with the first units scheduled to ship in mid-November 2023!

SRP GT-R / GT Pedals

Experience unmatched sensitivity, precision and realism with our high-end professional pedal set. These pedals are fully modular, allowing for any combination and position you desire: three pedals, two pedals, inverted, formula style, and more. SRP’s exclusive innovative pneumatic piston technology takes your experience to the next level.


Conspit Pedals, Wheels and Cockpit

Conspit CPP.lite comes with hydraulic brake and the haptic system

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Global Sales

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Sim-Lab XP-1 Pedal Review

TraxionGG reviews the Sim-Labs XP-1 Load cell pedals  


Simpush Wheel Mod

Billkwando reviews the Simpush 13″ Wheel mod for the Moza ES


SimMagic P1000 Review

The Sim Circuit reviews the Simagic P1000 haptic pedals on their YouTube Channel


Simucube 2 Software Update

The much anticipated Simucube 2 Software update is on its way soon as announced in their Youtube teaser



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Roval

Mike .  P2. Qualified fourths. Got it to second the leader ran a bunch of quick laps at the beginning and got a big gap on me. Eventually I matched his laps, but it was too late. No mistakes though and I brought it home. P2. 

Wednesday Open: Vegas

  • MikeP19 – we had green flag stop so I had ran my tires off I was running 20th Short pitted just a little got up to 13 but made mistakes and fell back again. Was hoping for a caution near the end and we got it went hard trying to get to the top 10, but ended up killing the wall and having wheel damage limped home P 19
  • ChrisP13. Drove safe and managed tires for long runs. Was faster than leaders on long runs but caution would always come out. For the first time I went over 2500iR! 
  • DavidP 25, good on long run, blew it on short run
    • Justin – P11, started 28th caution around lap 20 stayed in the back went on a 75 lap run got a caution cycle to p11.
  • TonyP7 with my laps led 28 in the beginning was tight on the longer run
    • TomP9
  • John – p10 Skipped qualifying and started P29. Worked my way up the entire race and pushed hard the last 34 laps to pass as many cars as I could. My tires held up as tires dropped off for people in front of me. Got past 5 cars in the last 10 laps. Zero X!
  • Brad – P – Still down waiting on wheel base to be repaired.

Thursday Open: 
MikeP card number 22 and top split. Basically top 10 got as high as third but around lap 70 I got clipped by somebody sent to the wall wheel damage one and a half minutes, but no caution came out rolled around dead last on the lead lap until green flags stop started decided to stay out as long as I could ensure enough the caution flu, as I had about five laps of fuel, and I was P13 next. Got involved with two lab, cars wrecking, and another two minute damage with 20 to go. Did a restart with 11 to go a huge stack up and I turned the guy in front of me and get passing on the inside penalty.

Official Series


  • Fia f4- wrecked out early on my own got ran over had to tow made it back from 19th to 14th. 
  • Started seventh out of 18. Wrecked out.
  • Chris McGuire hosted supercars at Michigan
  • DW 12s at Charlotte Roval start at 13th finish P3

A Open

  • John P 11. Started P 25. First 79 laps were green. Pitted in P 20 and picked up 9 spots in the final 17 laps. 

Final Thoughts

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  1. Runoff at the Runoffs


On the show today well ask what your iRating might say about what kind of driver you are, we’ll dive into reactions to Nascar and iRacing on consoles, and what tracks are most desperatly in need of updating and why. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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