Episode 0405

10/19/2023 – Winter is Coming – Episode 0405

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Show Introduction

On the show today, we’ll check out what was on display at the 2023 ADAC Sim Racing Expo, including new offerings from Fanatec. We’ll check out an open letter to iRacing from an influential sim racer reguarding the new conso;e game, and debate iRacing having free, spectator only accounts.

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Special Guest

Brad Wrenn


Winter is Coming

Dante Pontecorvo asked in the forums if there’s a date for the release of the Nascar iRacing Winter Schedule


iRacing Support Solutions

iRacing’s support solutions menu may be able to answer your iRacing questions


Bobby Foley Interview

iRacing interviews IMSA GT3 driver Bobby Foley


Get Closer Racing

Get Closer Racing shows off thier products at the Sim Racing Expo


More Sim Racing Expo

Unicorn Reviews makes the rounds at the Expo


Venym Pedals – country flags on the pedal faces

Coffee Racer – Folded up rig in a coffee table

pXn – Base and wheel –

SRP Sim Racing Pro – pnumatic pedals

Aceolith – Prototype wheels

Grid Racing – Using balloons in the seats with air hoses in seats for a g seat – early prototype

Asetek had the biggest booth –

Sabelt Rigs with Seat – neat colors on the seats

p1 Sim – Pedals look nice w heel bucket

Conspit – Interesting rigs, hydralic pedals

Tour of the Expo

Laurence Dusoswa gives a full tour of  the Expo 


Cube controls and Gomez are not at the the expo

Overtake-ing the Expo

Overtake.gg takes a look at new wheels at the Expo


0:19 Fanatec
0:29 Podium Button Module Rally
0:38 Podium Steering Wheel Bentley GT3
0:54 QR2 Hands-on
1:23 Fanatec Formula Rig
1:30 Fanatec ClubSport DD 12 Nm Check
2:59 Ascher Racing McLaren GT4 Wheel
3:45 Sabelt Wheel & Track Time Motion Prototype
4:30 Asetek La Prima & Forte Wheel Button Box
5:45 Cube Controls AMG GT Wheel
6:18 BavarianSimTec Omega Pro Hands-on
6:56 PXN
7:07 Varjo Aero VR Headset

Fanatec New DD’s

Fanatec shows off thier new Direct Drive Wheel Bases 


Setup Updates for New Patch

Greg  West posted in the forums that the new 10/19 patch will correct setup issues in the ’87 Legacy Cars


Patch 3 Release Notes



Overland to iRacing

Chris Overland posted an open letter to iRacing with his thoughts of the newly announced console game


Worst Value on the Road

DJ Yee Jay asks which road courses were the least value based on official races this season.  Winton and Zolder


Unscheduled Pits

Matt Malone takes an unplanned pitstop in his race session


Spectator Accounts

Neil Gardener ask in the forums why we can’t have spectator only accounts for spotting/broadcasting


SCCA And Trading Paints

iRacing will allowthe use of Trading Paints for the Runoffs


Sim Racing Chicago Mobile

Sim Racing Chicago’s Mobile Sim Racing Trailer is almost ready to go!



iRacing Spend

DJ Yee Jay adds up how much he’s spent on iRacing over the years


SCCA Runoffs


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Qbic QS-210 Review

The Sim Pit reviews the Qubic QS-210 motion actuator system


Meta Quest 3

Meta has released the Newest version of their VR platform, the Quest 3



Jimmie Johnson Spotter Pack

Dwarehouse dropped a new version of the Jimmie Johnson Spotter Pack

Asatek SimSports Launch Premier

Asatek Ceo gives a rundown of their new button box with exchangable rims


Fanatec Clubsport DD

Fanatec introduces their new direct drive wheel bases, the Clubsport DD and Clubsport DD+




Saving You Back

Sense of Speed shows how to save your lower back in your sim rig with inflatable lumbar supports


Sabelt Sim Rigs

Random Callsign reviews Rim rigs from Sabelt- a high performance safety company



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – 

  • Mike -.  P8- kind of ran around mid pack most of the race a bunch of cautions at the end played in my favor and I was able to move forward from about 15th up to eight. I will take it.  
  • Tony -p20 Just felt absolutely stuck the whole race. Didnt gain or loss anything hanging around top 10 but was caught in white flag BS 
  • John -p10 – Started P11 and stayed there most of the race. In P9 with 19 to go and stuck to the turn 4 wall like super glue. That put me back to 16th but fought my way back. Felt good about the race because I stayed with the lead pack and avoided all the wrecks behind me.
  • Tom- p10

Sunday Open-

  • David – P good long run car, wrecked a by an asshole who took out other people early in the race and expect everyone to get out of his way, yet turns across my nose and blames me.

Wednesday Open: vegas

  • MikeP got involved in three different cautions. The last one was eight minutes damage. P22
  • ChrisP 10. Took a bit to learn the track. Drove around 30th the first part of the race. Drove up under green. Nice Top 10 and iR at career high. 
  • David – P Wrecked on lap 2 unable to fix drove a green flag run with damge, pited, pit crew never showed up – rage quit
  • Tony – P26 was doing ok while trying to get jiggy with it when cars wrecked and t-boned a guy. Spent lap and half getting damaged fixed figured i was the only car a lap down til we started getting green flag stops. Waites til i had ½ a lap left when pulling onto pit road when i was hit getting on pit road saved it but missed pit road and ran out of gas and had to tow. 3 laps down rest of the race  
  • John – pP14. Strarted P16 and fell back quick. Got as far back as P29 one lap down. Got lucky dog in P 19 with a green white checker.Gained 5 spots on green white checker. Heck, I’ll take it. 
  • TylerP6. Started in the back and caught up in a massive wreck on lap 1. Got damaged fixed and caught a lucky dog on the very next caution. Again on the green flag. Race stayed green the rest of the way. Pitted 1 lap before halfway and was able to finish strong only on the one stop. 

Thursday Open: 
MikeP top split. P23. Caution free race. I ran what I deserved.

Official Series

Draft Master

John – Started P1 on Thursday night. On lap 5 the guy behind me thought it would be a good 

Idea to bump draft in the tri oval. It caused a massive pile up. Got going again in P10. Draftmastered my way back up and finished P2.

John – Friday night. Started P1. Led 17 laps of a clean race. Leading on the last lap and got passed at the finish line on the outside. P2 by 2/1000 of a second. 

John – Wednesday night. Started P8. Dodged two massive wrecks. With one to go I was in P6 and get caught up in  a wreck and had a damaged right front wheel. Kept going anyway and finished P3

Final Thoughts

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  1. Winter is Coming


On the show today, we’ll check out what was on display at the 2023 ADAC Sim Racing Expo, including new offerings from Fanatec. We’ll check out an open letter to iRacing from an influential sim racer reguarding the new conso;e game, and debate iRacing having free, spectator only accounts. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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