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4/1/2021 – April iFools – Episode 0273

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  • Welcome to the iRacer’s Lounge, I am your host “XXX”. iRacer’s Lounge is a podcast for the iRacer, where we talk all things iRacing in a casual setting.
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On today’s show Evan Possoco will be joining us to cover the Coke Series Race at Auto Club, we’ll recap a great day at Sebring for some Tifosi teammates and our impressions on the NIS on Bristol Dirt.

And remember you can follow along with us on your mobile device in real time as you listen to the show and see for yourself all of the great topics and products we’ll discuss by visiting iracerslounge.com and selecting show notes. Hope to see you there.


Grid Finder is the home of online sim racing leagues.  Grid Finder is also a great resource to find paint designers and race commentators.  Recently they have been adding some great articles discussing various aspects of running leagues and sim racing in general.  Grid Finder is constantly adding helpful content and giving us all more reason to visit www.grid-finder.com

Visit www.grid-finder.com to find a league, or to upload your own!

Grid Finder – “The home of online sim racing leagues”


Coke News [Mike]

Standings – https://www.iracing.com/enascar/team-standings/

Parker Klingerman celebrates with his driver Bob Bryant on a video posted on his Twitter account.

Porsche Supercup Round 8 [Brian]

Josh Rogers takes the win in week 8 of the Porsche Tag Heuer Supercup on the  Nordschleife circuit at Nurburgring amassing a near unsurpassable 127 point lead with just 2 weeks to go.

Standings – https://www.iracing.com/supercup/standings/

Porsche All-Star Race [Brian]

Jimmy Broadbent took the win in the feature race in the Porsche All-Star Race at the Nordschleife with Dave Cam taking the sprint race victory.

12 Hours of Sebring [Hall & Greg]

The 12 Hour of Sebring team consisting of Tifoso team members and your show hosts David Hall and Greg Hecktus finished in P3 in their split.


Stats [Tony]

Rob Crouch posted all of the stats in the forums from this weekend’s 12 Hours of Sebring Race as only he can do.




Listener Garrett Streets Sent in [AJ]

Listener Garrett Streets sent into the show a fantastic Twitch video of iRacing streamer Bacho Grande (John Bacho) a legally blind iRacer who picks up his first win in emotional fashion.


Release Notes – UI [Mike]

Nicholas Bailey from the iRacing staff posted the details of a zero-downtime update for the UI.


And 1 day later another UI Patch [Brian]

One day later Nicholas Bailey announced another UI patch.


Season 2 Patch 2 Release Notes [Hall]

Alex Gustafson posted in the forums the details of Season 2 Patch 2 including a new method of payment, Venmo.


Venmo Details [Tony]

iRacing Support posted a link to the forums with more details of the new Venmo payment method.


UI Release Notes

Another zero downtime update from iRacing


eRacer Market [AJ]

eRacer Market is a website marketplace where the sim racing community buys and sells


iRating School Survey [Mike]

Kyle Rusinko is taking a survey ion the forums to gather data on the correlation between account age and iRating and is asking for as much data from the community for a school statistics class project.


Josh Berry Late Model Win [Brian]

JR Motorsports announced a victory for Josh Berry in a Late Model Race at Tri-County Motor Speedway in iRacing colors. Berry won the 75-lap NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series event on the .400-mile oval Saturday night, while teammate William Cox III recovered from a late spin to earn an eighth-place finish.  Josh made his second appearance in the familiar All Things Automotive/iRacing Chevrolet Late Model this season,

Throwback Cup [Hall]

Greg West posted in the forums the details of the Throwback Cup, a 400 lap race in the ’87 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the ’87 Ford Thunderbird to be held April 9-10.


Epic Factor [Tony]

In the first episode of a video series called Epic Factor, they visit with Joshua Rogers, the fastest sim racer.


Daytona 75 [Mike]

Our good friends at Grid-Finder are hosting the Grid-Finder Invitational #3 Daytona 75 on April 10th including a Livery Competition.


24 Hours of Nürburgring [AJ]

Greg West posted in the forums the details of the  24 Hours of Nürburgring to be held on April 23-25th


Bristol Dirt Review [Hall]

After the conclusion of the NIS series week at Bristol Dirt, what are your thoughts about the addition of dirt to the series?

RIP William Marsh [Brian]

The iRacing community morns the loss of William Marsh of Sim Racing Paddock. Will Ford of Boosted Media was a good friend of William’s and gave his thoughts on on his freind of many years.



April Fools [Tony]

Formula Vee coming to iRacing?


Fanatec announced their new DD 0.5



Midwest Simulations has a new BFL spotlight system. Also works in VR!



Logitech announces it’s new Logitech, or Dogitech wheel base for dogs.


eRacr announces it’s new iRacing mobile app for phones and tablets.

Podcast Housekeeping

Aftermath Podcast – Get it!

New Website – Leave Comments https://www.iracerslounge.com/

Midwest Simulations

You’ve heard us talk about the Spotlights. Those of us that have them here at iRacers Lounge absolutely love them. So much, we have become an affiliate! With the roll out of their new Spotlights Pro. Here’s your chance to check them out, you won’t be disappointed. Enter coupon code: IRACERSLOUNGE for 10% off!!


We are in the regular rotation… (Mike)


Fantasy [Tony]


Sim Racing Shoes [Brian]

Sparco is introducing the new HYPERDRIVE, the gaming shoes that combine comfort and performance with a cutting-edge design. Ultra-comfort and maximum lightness to help your driving performance even at home.

May be an image of footwear and text


Sparco Sim Seat [Tony]

Sparco GP Gaming Seat priced at 460 euros. It’s currently out of stock, but Joe Sullivan posted in the forums that the Sparco rep he talked to said their goal is to have them available in about two months.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Fri open: Bristol

  • Ellis –  – p18 – Had a good run going top  5 and a guy who was riding the wall came off of it doored me down to nose first into the inside wall – 8 minutes damage – 8 laps down
  • Hall = P4  Stay top 5 whole race, just couldn’t execute on the first two laps of a run
  • Groves – P16 – Top 5 most of the race, got knocked in to pit road with 20 or so to go, couldn’t recover
  • Sunday Open
    • David – p 14 top split, running top 5, got sandwiched into wall hard and  got 18 second meatball.  Got last lucky dog to get on lead lap but no chance to gain spots.
  • Sunday fixed 
    • Mike -p6 – Ran back half of top 10 all night – only 10x by being super careful staying low – as high as 3rd but choked a bit on final run
    • Tyler – P 28 was behind 29 laps after a great performance of my driving skil. 1 meatball. 2 black flags. 3 spins and a partridge in a pear tree. Bye bye Bristol it’s me not you. 

Official Series

  • Ellis – p wrecked out – 
    • Then p11 – got door slammed and was down to 1930 hp, was running dead last and somehow finished 11th after the big one
    • Then wrecked out in two diff races
    • Then – p4 – finally put a race together and finished!

Kyle P – 25 – wrecked

  • PDS Euro Sprint
    • Hall Win at Daytona   #101
  • Dallara Jet Car -Ellis –  Hockenheim – ran during day Friday, 20 drivers, started p17 – made it to 9th in 1st lap, 2nd lap a guy from Finland runs over me from behind

League / Hosted Races

  • FastTrack Sim Racing League
    • Mike- p3 – Ran back half of top ten most of the night – not too much damage had a god last run and gained a couple of spots – 
    • Tom D. P dnf
  • UCRA-richmond
    • Mike – p dnf – spun off late exit of 2 by myself – done… 

Final Thoughts

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Evan Possoco stops by to recap the iRacing Coke Series race at Auto Club. We recap all of the action as iRacing comes to the Bristol Dirt track for the first time. We look back at a very successful weekend at Sebring for some of Tifosi’s best endurance drivers and try to sort out all of the April Fools teasers, all right here on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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