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6/2/2022 = Well Mounted Rig – Episode 0333


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Show Introduction

On the show today we will recap the first ever Coke Series race at World Wide Technology Raceway. We begin to get some Season 3 reveals leading up to next week’s update. In Hardware we’ll be checking out a great new product from our sponsors at Sim Coaches, and catch up on my (Mike’s) sim rig upgrades.

And remember you can follow along with us on your PC or mobile device in real time as you listen to the show and see for yourself all of the great topics and products we’ll discuss by visiting iracerslounge.com and selecting show notes. Hope to see you there..


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Coke Series Race


  • Pre show – evan impersonations were fun…
  • Info on road to pro…
  • GREEN FLAG: @CodyByus and @CaseyKirwan23 lead the field into Turn 1 at @WWTRaceway.
  • After a few laps @CaseyKirwan23 continues to lead Byus has slipped back to ninth!
  • LAP 22: BATTLE FOR THE LEAD! @BowlinGraham and 
  • @CaseyKirwan23 fight for the top spot.
  • LAP 23: NEW LEADER, @BowlinGraham
  •  clears @CaseyKirwan23 for the top spot.
  • LAP 28: Not only is Darik Bardeau the biggest mover, now up 13 spots to 21st, he’s been the fastest car on track the last two laps


  • LAP 31: It took less than 10 laps, but @BowlinGraham’s lead over @CaseyKirwan23 is already over 1 second.
  • LAP 35:Trouble but we stay green! Derik Bardeau and @blakereynolds66 collide off of Turn 4 coming to complete Lap 35. Heavy damage for both, and it’s enough for Bourdeau to park it for the evening.
  • LAP 40: @RyanLuza is the biggest mover, up 13 spots from 23rd to 10th.
  • LAP 42: Liam Brotherton pits. Garrett lowe pits
  • LAP 43: @NickOttinger takes 2nd from @CaseyKirwan23
  •  LAP 46: @dylanault42 pits.
  • LAP 46: @vicente_salas14 takes 3rd from @CaseyKirwan23
  • LAP 52: @TDawgHurst pits.
  • LAP 54: @blakereynolds66 pits.
  • LAP 55: @KeeganLeahy pits.
  • LAP 56: @MGuest33 pits.
  • Since losing the lead, Kirwan has fallen back to P5. @bobbyzalenski is on the move, up to P4 now with pit stops happening all around.
  • LAP 56: @MitchelldeJong1, @swilson3_, and @Blade_Whitt are on pit road.
  • LAP 57: @MikeConti5 pits.
  • LAP 58: @A_Boes21 and @KollinKeister Pit.
  • LAP 59: @NickOttinger pits.
  • LAP 60: @bobbyzalenski and @CaseyKirwan23 pit.
  • And then Caution!
  • The caution was for @GarrettManes getting turned by @jmullisracing. Mullis locked up the brakes and clipped Manes.Many pitted before pit road was open.
  • There’s a lot of end of line penalties.
  • A LUCKY BREAK for once for @BowlinGraham who made it on to pit road before the yellow! He’ll maintain the lead on the restart!
  • RESTART 56 to go: @BowlinGraham and @KeeganLeahy lead the field into Turn 1.
  • LAP 69: Last week’s winner, @mbussa75 is the biggest mover, up 29 spots from 39th to 10th.
  • 42 to go – bowlin, novak, clampitt – ray, leahy, byus, vincent retzlaff, bussa, lowe
  • 39 to go: CONTACT @CaseyKirwan23 and Liam Brotherton.
  • 34 to go: @mbussa75 takes 6th from his @ModeMediaHouse
  •  teammate @CodyByus
  •  20 to go: @mbussa75 enters the top-5.Someone who needs a good finish tonight, @LoganClampitt_’s birthday celebration tonight currently sees him unwrapping a third place effort with 20 to go. He’s going to try and catch P2!
  • Ten laps to go for @BowlinGraham at WWT Raceway. 
  • Bowlin novak clampitt ray luza bussa vincent lowe salas ottinger
  • The fight for tenth w 5 to go is ottinger over vincent
  • Meanwhile upfront bowlin extends his lead 2.3 seconds over novak…
  • CHECKERED FLAG! @CLTPhoenixGG gets their first @eNASCARCocaCola #iRacing Series win with @BowlinGraham at @WWTRaceway and the second win of his career!


Josh Rogers Video Expose

Recode The Race did a video segment on road race ace Josh Rogers



Drift King

iRacing posted a video of member Togo Hisada with an insane drifting save in his Lotus 


Simming for a Living

Gary Klutt talked on his podcast how one makes a living as a sim racer


Superbike Sim

Sim Racing point shares a video of a motion sim racing rig for superbikes



Sandown International Motor Raceway is a 13 turn, 1.928 mile road course in Springvale, Australia


New Content in 2023

iRacing fans will soon be able to expand their garage with the addition of the Toyota GR86 Cup car coming in 2023 according to the SRO Motorsports Club


Season 3 Downtime

iRacing posted in the forums the upcoming downtimes for the Season 3 patch, including the Test Drive special feature


New Content Teaser

iRacing posted a new content teaser on their Twitter account with the clue “A historic track in Melbourne”


Fuji Speedway

Another, less ambiguous teaser from iRacing’s twitter shows a picture of Fuji Speedway located in the foothills of Mt Fuji


Cup Series Damage Model 

iRacing announced that the long awaited Nascar Cup Cars will finally get a new damage model for season 3


Majors 24


Creventic Endurance Series

The iRacing CREVENTIC Endurance Series, one of iRacing’s longest-standing team racing challenges, returns this Saturday, June 4 with a visit to Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg. In partnership with CREVENTIC, the organizers of the real-world 24H Series and iRacing’s NEO Endurance League, this series of 12-hour endurance events brings a full slate of GT and touring cars to some of the world’s most iconic tracks.

Competitors can choose between three different classes, featuring the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992), GT4 cars, and touring cars. GT4 racers have the choice of the Aston Martin Vantage, BMW M4, and Porsche 718 Cayman. Touring car teams can select the Audi RS 3 LMS, Honda Civic Type R, or their choice of the Hyundai Veloster or Elantra N TC


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Simlab P911 

The Simlab P911 formula wheel is now available for pre orders



Tillett B4 

The new Tilett B4 racing seat is moving from GT tp GP



Advanced Sim Racing ASR-K

Advanced Sim Racing introduces their new ASR-K aluminum profile rig



Mike has Wind! (MIKE)

Our own Mike Ellis is making progress on his homemade wind simulator


Moza vs Fanatec

The Ford Brother at Boosted media posted a video comparing the Moza R9 vs the Fanatec CSL DD



Sim Coaches P1 Pro Handbrake

Sim Coaches announces their new Hydraulic P1 Pro Sim Racing Handbrake



All-In-1 Pro Series Cockpit

The Pro Series racing simulator cockpits are among the strongest frames on the market. Constructed from beastly 45 series commercial grade aluminum profiles, this cockpit has no flex with even the mightiest of wheelbases.


Pitlogic Race Team Management Tool

PitLogic is designed to help keep your team organized and make raceday setup choices easier and more precise.  Thousands of hours have been spent developing this app for racers, so that anyone from a novice to a professional race team can benefit from it.


DIY Rigs

Mario Bohm Posted on “SimRacing Builds” a picture of his homemade simrig.


Mike’s Got Lights 

Mike added his new Hue Light System to his rig!



NASCAR iRacing Series

Fri open: Charlotte

  • Ellis –   pwrecked out – very uncomfortable loose in was slow out there for sure – made it to lap 83 before i killed it putting it in the wall hard – 
  • Rochette-Pwrecked.  Tried to stay away from the crap but it hit the fan. First had a spinner come back up on the track from just loosing it on the back and knocked some revs outta me. Than just before half way a car went into the infield on the stretch  and the dumbass lapper in front of me slams on his brakes and i knock the hell out of him. Im done 
  • Hall – P 9.  Frustrating race, but stuck it out.  Trapped a lap down early because a car wouldn’t catch up to the pack and we couldn’t get wave around after a cation in the middle of green flag stops.  Got damage from a lead lap car that decided to go Ryan Newman mode on cars racing for the lucky dog.  Forgot to change my wheel setting so ran the whole race with to high a steering ratio.  But did finally get back on lead lap and survived for 9th

Groves – P wrecked

Hall – p wrecked out by unavoidable

Race : Gateway

  • Wed Open:
  • Hall –p. 19, purely survival.  Tough Top Split was car 37.  Got damage on 2nd lap as a driver discovered on green his FFB was gone.  Caught in a 2nd wreck and just limped around on back of tail lap, but was far enough from the rest of the wrecks.
  • Ellis – p wrecked out – had a good race going running about 10th to 12th – around half way i got 12 x within 20 laps from people running me over from behind in the corner. After that I spun off on my own late exit down the the inner wall and killed the car 4 minutes optional. Stayed on lead lap and couldnt really repair due to people cant pace. Maybe 20 laps later the engine blows.
  • Thurs Open  

Ellis – p. 11 – Was running good top ten as high as second, but someone spun up front and i tboned in for five and half min damage – soldiered on to be last on lead lap

Official Series

  • Ellis – skip barber – ring – started p17, finished p7 – missed the big one
  • Wrecked out four different races in a row
  • Started 14th finish P6.

  • PDS Euro Sprint Series
    • Hall –  3 WINS at Daytona, one was a 18 second comeback.

League / Hosted Races

  • FastTrack League –
    1. David – p 7, good long run speed but suffered to much on the short run
    2. Greg pDisappointed in the setup and tired of getting run over in this league by A-Holes
    3. Mike – p21- was pretty uncomfortable around the top letting everybody go wasn’t racing anyone get the car cleaned till roughly halfway and then started hitting the wall was barely hanging onto it by the end. Glad to get a finish at Charlotte this week that is an accomplishment for me. 
    4. Adam –  p w Wrecked out

Git R Done GT3 Series

Greg – P2 in head 1, field inverted for heat 2 and made it back up to 2nd. Didn’t have anything for the leader

Final Thoughts

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  1. Well Mounted Rig


On the show today we will recap the first ever Coke Series race at World Wide Technology Raceway. We begin to get some Season 3 reveals leading up to next week’s update. In Hardware we’ll be checking out a great new product from our sponsors at Sim Coaches, and catch up on my (Mike’s) sim rig upgrades. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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