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6/11/2022 – Puppy Royale – Episode 0334


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Show Introduction

On the show this week, we will be covering all of the new and exciting details of the Season 3’s build including new cars, tracks and features. The Porsche Supercup Season has wrapped up and a new Road Racing Champion in crowed, we’ll discuss a what may be a clue that rain is coming soon. But first we welcome special guest Super Late model Driver and Road to Pro iRacer, Derek Lemke,

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Special Guest

Derek Lemke


Introducing the Speed Palace

iRacing Tweeted out a photo of the release of a new track – Port Royal, a 1/2 mile  dirt track located in central Pennsylvania




3D Fence Generator Tool  Mishap

Greg Hill Tweeted a picture from a test of their new 3 dimensional fence generating tool.  But it may have to go back to the drawing board for some tweeks 


Toyota GR86

iRacing and Toyota Gazoo Racing North America announced on iRacing’s Twitter page that the Toyota GR86 Cup car, the exclusive vehicle of the all-new Toyota GR Cup that will debut in 2023, will be coming to iRacing in a future build.  


Nascar Cup Restart Zone

Greg Hill announced that their Quality Assurance team in the final stages of testing a restart zone on Nascar Ovals.  the plan is for a soft launch in hosted and AI sessions with a wider release to follow


Porsche Tag Heuer Supercup

The iRacing Porsche Tag Heuer Supercup Series concluded Saturday at Monza.  While Sebastian Job took his third feature victory of the season, it was Diogo Pinto, with his solid consistency throughout the entire season that earned him the title of 2022 Series champion with a 19 point cushion over the late season charge from Sebastian Job who grabbed second place for the year.



Racical SR10

iRacing introduced on their YouTube Channel a video of their new Radical SR10 


Dave Cam’s Top 5 Tips

iRacing streamer Dave Cam posed a video of his top 5 tips for new sim racers.

  1. Practice
  2. Trail Braking
  3. Composure
  4. Think Big Picture
  5. Check the Replay


Remember Rankin?

Heads up from listener Jason Bosse:

Remember the kid that was doing post race commentary for his mx5 races, racing the top irating guys of iracing? He finished p2 i think in the iracing skip barber series, awarding him 5 races. not sure id he got the money to do the full season but first race was last week. they join him here p2 in the race…. https://youtu.be/LcApXkgpVzY

that feed sucked.They only showed a portion of race 1. Elvis Rankin started pole and finished p3 in race one so starting p3 in race 2.https://youtu.be/K5ozMG8dqOQ?t=4m30s

iRacing is a Drag?

Blake McCandless Tweeted that he hates that drag racing has been overlooked in sim racing after the announcement that an all new NHRA video game will be released later this year.


New Fuji International Speedway

iRacing introduced on YouTube a video of the new, AI compatible, Fuji International Speedway.



Story Title


Wipers first, rain next?

Greg Conway noticed that the wipers on the LMP cars are now functional, indicating that rain may be coming soon.


Week 13 Season 2

iRacing released the Season 2 schedule


Mercedes-AMG GT4

iRacing is expanding their fleet of GT4 cars with the new release of the Mercedes-AMG GT$




IMSA Pilot Challenge Lineup

Greg West introduced the new lineup of vehicles for the IMSA Pilot Challenge Series for season 3


iRacing Companion App

iRacing announced on Twitter their new iRacing Companion App available on Google Play and the App Store



Mooncar Madness… “There all F”ing Wreckin'”

The Mooncar ’87 Series produced another crazy finish at Talladega with a last lap  call worthy of Bob Menery


Story Title


Release Notes




Grid Finder 4 Hr of LeMans


Apex This

Hi All,
I’ve sent content a few times in the past and listen regularly.  Thanks for the great job covering the simracing news and updates.
I would like to request the possibility of mention for the APEX This iRacing League on your awesome podcast.    We are starting season 12 on June 21 and have lined up some great sponsors again with a nice prizes for winning and random draws.
all details and links can be found at:  https://apexthis.racing/

Apex This iRacing League – season 12 is sponsored by SCCA -tracknight in America, Boostlogic, and Discgolf.  We are proud and honored to once again have sponsors join us for season 12!  Please check out these great league sponsors for additional info!

Prizes this Season include:

The SCCA is donating three $150 gift certificates to be used at any Track Night in America event.

BoostLogic is providing a $200 gift card, hoodie, and t-shirt as prizes.

DGA is providing 4 prizes with a value of $500 in total:

  1. One Starter Pack consisting of a Mach Lite Portable Disc golf Basket, 3 Disc Starter Set, and DGA Starter Bag
  2. Three APEX THIS logoed Mini Trophy Baskets, each with a set of 10 Mini Markers (small light mini frisbees).

As always 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Season point champions for each race night will earn season trophies (TBD) – see league site for additional details.

Apex This is one of the fastest growing iRacing road racing leagues with over 700 members, we know how to have a good time. We have races for all skill levels, from beginner to alien. While we take our racing seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like good close racing with some healthy banter and taunting tossed in. No wreckers, bitching or moaning. Join us and enjoy racing again! 

Our Mission: 
Have fun – Improve skills – Help novices – Go Fast 

League information is easily found on the league website along with a hosted league Facebook page and Discord Channel. Races are also routinely broadcasted each season! Best part Apex This is completely free join and race! (donations greatly appreciated if you do)



Craig Ream

Watkins Glen 6 Hours


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Fanatec Driver issues

In the Fanatec Forums, Admin Marcel Pfister gave instructions how to check if you have a driver 442  issue.


Cube Controls SP01 

Cube Controls announced on their Instagram page an introduction video of their new SP01 pedals



Precision Sim Engineering LM-X

Covering this to compare to last weeks new Sim Lab Grid 911 Wheel… The Precision Sim Engineering Lm-X formula is a comparable wheel.


Moza CS Steering Wheel


Immsource Vs (Almost) Everything

The Ford brothers at Boosted Media compare Immsource vs individual proprietary software for your wheel base fidelity

Even though torque levels are the same as others you dont get the driving details that you get in for example dd1… It feels smoother than a dd1, but you lose a lot of detail…



Coffee Table Sim Rig

Chris Haye on his YouTube Channel reviews the Coffee Table Sim Rig



NASCAR iRacing Series

Fri open: Gateway

  • Ellis –   p6 – finally a good race – was running third most of the night – as high as second. One of the final restarts i came up through the gears drifted a hair to the right and hit the guy next to me causing a big wreck. Was back as far as 14th and damaged but enough other attrition got me to 7th – we had a natural gwc, then 4 gwc’s yes 4 – then once it was over checker it continued to say pacing so i kept doing laps and it gave me one more spot – 
  • Hall – P22. tough top split.  Got early damage avoiding the wreck but found the inside wall.  But I was really mostly racing around the guys I usually race.
  • Sunday Open

Rochette-Pself walled first time racing gateway in years just couldn’t find a groove. Gassed it alittle too much out of T2 with 16 to go destroyed the car. Flat tracks hate me

Race : Sonoma

  • Wed Open:
    • Hall –p. Dumped by a leader, same guy turned me last week.  Apology or not, he’s on the list
  • Thurs Open  
    • David – p wrecked my self out

Fri open: Sonoma

  • Hall – P24, slow, but survived finally
  • Greg – P4 Uneventful Race
  • Tony – p19 wrecked top of the hill lap 1 lost ton of time and just couldnt gain any spots. On the plus side that was my only off track in the winey sandy hills of Lame-noma

Official Series

League / Hosted Races

  • FastTrack League –
    1. David – p 5
    1. Greg p6 – Fought hard to learn as I kept figuring out the track

Final Thoughts

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  1. Puppy Royale – Episode 0334


On the show this week, we will be covering all of the new and exciting details of the Season 3’s build including new cars, tracks and features. The Porsche Supercup Season has wrapped up and a new Road Racing Champion is crowned, we’ll discuss a what may be a clue that rain is coming soon. But first we welcome special guest Super Late model Driver and Road to Pro iRacer, Derek Lemke.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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