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8/4/2022 – Blame Game – Episode 0342


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Show Introduction

Today we talk with Evan Posocco about the All Star Coke Race at Chicago, there seems to be more grass controversy, and an spot an actual gold plated sim rig… So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast.

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Coke Race – All Star Race at Chicago

  • Bob Bryant returns to the series and tells us prerace that this series is based on merit alone, nobody’s cutting a check to get in, these guys are literally the best in the world at what they do. 
  • Donovan Strauss had to miss the race due to some personal matters.

@GarrettManes takes the pole position for the #eNASCAR @iRacing All-Star Open at @NASCARChicago. This Open will be 12 laps and the Top 5 advance to the Main Event later tonight.

  • Early on, @DDuval42 takes control of the lead with @Parker79p and @GarrettManes in tow. Trouble in the back.
  • W 5 to go in the open it is duval, retzlaff, manes, reynolds, and we get the competition caution. Great interview w liam brotherton talking up nascar and chicago
  • Dylan Duval up front on the restart and gets into it with manes, manes basically gets on his back bumper and pushes duval, who basically lost control and fell back to the relegation zone – Retzlaff wins!
  • Reynolds mercurio manes ault advance
  • Dejong, bowlin, zalenski, conti, retzlaff, reynolds, bussa, wilson, hurst, mercurio are the top ten for the start of heat 1 – 
  • Mitchell breaks away at the start as they all jostle a bit before breaking down single file. Looks like manes is moving fwd…
  • Manes gets 3 wide at one point as one car slipped…
  • Ault spins at the back of the field.
  • This heat is halfway done.@MitchelldeJong1 has led it all. 
  • Bob Bryant catches the tires and collect lapradd…


  • Bussa and Kirwin in a great battle on the last lap for 8th…bussa gets him while mitchell wins the race.
  • So they invert the top 8 for the next 16 lap race, we now have bussa up front…
  • Lap3 conti misses the corner and head on into the wall and mitchell dejong casey kirwin collected! 
  • Meanwhile up front, @mbussa75 continues to lead, but @swilson3_ is stalking!
  • Lap 6 3 way battle for the lead, bussa wilson, zalenski, 
  • 8 to go – bussa breaks a way a bit as bobby is trying hard to get by wilson
  • Wilson finally out brakes and gets by bussa and takes the lead
  • Then competition caution w 6 to go
  • Restart – wilson bussa zalenski  kirwin up front
  • Wilson has a great start and zalenski gets by bussa right away
  • Bobby getting close waiting for a mistake by wilson as they take the white.
  • Kirwin got to third – then bowlin then manes 
  • Zalenski looks low wilson throws the block and holds him off and Wilson wins!


Story Title



Story Title


Didn’t We Just Get The EVO?


Another Wild 87′ Save at Dega

87’s at Talladega were wild last week. iRacing posted a clip, reminiscent of last weeks Moonhead Twitter clip, of a pack of 87’s loosing it at the front of the field but somehow they all save it.


What Regrets Do you Have?

La Broca Sim Racing posted a video laying some of his regrets regarding the amount of money he has spent in a year and a half on the service. He provides good advice on what content you should or should not purchase. When and when not to make purchases.

In March 2022, La Broca indicated he has spent $231 Euros. Averaging out to be $21 Euros a month. Honestly, does not sound that bad.

How much have you spent?


Spa – The Aftermath



Best Racing Highlights of the Week


We Need This Track! 43 degree Banking



Scan the School Buses at Charlotte!



Off Road Championship


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An Evil Flag

Youtuber, Dan Suzuki, posted a video of a new iFlag mountable device from the people at Evil Racing. The Densu Flag V2 is made from aluminum and carbon.



How Much Travel, is Too Much Travel

A Youtube video posted by, DO-YOU-THINK-IM-JOKING of a Rig with 6 DOF.


No FFB, Motion Only


I turned off the Simucube force feed back and used only the the motion from the Imsim rig and couldn’t believe the results! For years i believed the motion rigs are distracting in simracing driving but after that experience i redefine my opinion forever !

Future of Sim Coaches


Adding ABS to the Brakes

Visor Software – Driver Development Tab – Pull the data from your run and present it to you etc… Using AI we will present changes you should make to get faster

Direct Drive Bases – coming soon

Prototype Racing Wheel – Coming soon

Trak Racer TR160 MK4 Cockpit Review



VNM Shifter Review



Polsimer Formula Wheel


Gold Plated Sim Rig



NASCAR iRacing Series

Race :  Michigan

  • Wed Open:
    • Ellis – p19 – Got as high as tenth at one point but would fade on longer runs – ended up short pitting the gf stop, and shook out to be lucky dog – decided to save the last set of tires for the next cautio, but there wasn’t no caution…. Faded from p12 to 19th
    • Kyle P – P7 Started P6. Did my best to save tires but found myself fading so decided to push hard and the car got loose after an early race adjustment. Adjusted back to the original setup and the car was comfortable again but now it was time to move back up from 19th. Slowly worked my way up through the field and just couldn’t get that top 5 finish I was shooting for. Bringing home a P7.
    • Tony R – P10 was too loose start of the race. 1 caution burned up my tires on 2nd run 17th to 5th in 5 laps and faded hard and couldnt catch the leaders after
    • Tyler – P29. Was running around 20th as green flag cycles were wrapping up when I brushed the wall in between 3 and 4. Couldn’t get off the wall and spun out completely. No caution and just decided to pit. Was hoping for a late caution to get the lucky dog but was not luck. Bummed out. Solid set. Thanks Tony for the help. 
  • Thurs Open  

Ellis – p8 – Car number one, started 15 no cautions green flag run – some people short pitted i didnt waited until 3 laps of fuel left had pitted from 5th, ended up about 10th when it shook out then caution w 20 to go. Then another caution w 3 to go went from 10th to 8th…

Official Series

  • Ellis –
  • F2000 – Oran park – Qual P6 out of 13. Got the fourth and then on lot two stuffed in the wall hard intern one it’s so easy to overdrive. After a long toe back on track. Finished p8
  • Started P5 our a P 10 got ran over from behind on lap one turn to go back to dad last about 15 seconds back from the ninth Place driver. Kept it on the track the rest of the race and work my way back up to fourth.
  • PDS Euro Sprint Series
    • Hall –  P1 at Sebring.  One of my favorite road courses.  Hard Fought but after pits and some how picked up 20 seconds on the other contender. 
      • 2nd win, small field, beat a guy with 500 more irating than me by 30 seconds. 
  • Stock Car Brazil

Tyler – P1 at Watkins Glen, no boot. Started on pole and ran 3rd close to 1 and 2 the entire race till around 25 minutes in leaders pitted. I used a different set and was able to run the full 30min race without stopping. Extremely please I had the speed and the strategy for once. Took my Chevy Cruze to victory lane. LETS GO!!!

League / Hosted Races

  • FastTrack League –
    1. Joe – wrecked out – just after a restart was getting freight trained and barely clipped the wall and sent me and the car on the inside into pit lane.
    2. Greg p?
    3. Mike – pwrecked out – was on the inside of joe when he wrecked blew engine…

iRacing IROC Challenge Series Season 4     Kyle.  Thursday Night were at Auto Club in the B car. On. August 11 they will be running at Charlotte Motor Speedway Oval. It’s a night race Were broadcasted on Global Sim Racing Youtube channel. Also Some news coming from the IROC league owner. The boys over at IROC are starting up their very own podcast. Called The Hotdog Stand.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Blame Game – Episode 0342


Today we talk with Evan Posocco about the All Star Coke Race at Chicago, there seems to be more grass controversy, and we spot an actual gold plated sim rig… So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast.

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