Episode 0362

12/22/2022 – I identify as an IndyCar Driver – Episode 0362

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Show Introduction

On this weeks show the NTT Indy Car Racing Series drops a bomb that has all of iRacing up in arms. We’ll recap all of the details and reactions to the news. The special events calendar was released and we’ll check out all of the events this year.

And remember you can follow along with us on your PC or mobile device in real time as you listen to the show and see for yourself all of the great topics and products we’ll discuss by visiting iracerslounge.com and selecting show notes. Hope to see you there..


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Indy Car is Leaving iRacing

Social media was in a buzz as Indy Car announced the it will be giving its exclusive rights to anonother video game company and possibly freezing out iRacing and did we find out that rain is not just for the road courses, but could come to oval racing as well? We’ll check out all of these stories plus lots of hardware news as well.


2023 Season 1 Patch 1

iRacing released the notes of the 2023 Season 1 Patch 1 including the new laser scan of VIR


  • This Patch will include the release of the 2022 laser-scan version of Virginia International Raceway, along with some updates and bug fixes for 2023 Season 1.
  • As a reminder, when this new 2022 laser-scan version of Virginia International Raceway is released, the original version of Virginia International Raceway will be Retired, and will no longer be available for use on iRacing in any capacity. Sessions will not be able to be created at the old version of this track. Replays at the old version of the track will no longer be viewable.
  • – – Please collect any screenshots and videos you desire of the existing Virginia International Raceway before it is retired on December 21st at 0800EST/1300UTC!
  • Virginia International Raceway (2022 laser-scan version) will be added as part of the iRacing base content, and will be free for all Members.




NEW Content: Mercedes AMG W13 and VIR

iRacing released new intro videos of the new Mercedes AMG W13 F1 car and the newly scanned VIR


You Spin Me Right Round…

Dan Suzuki posted a clip to Youtube of a spinning LMP.


iRacing, Amongst the Top 10!

iRacing cracked the top ten of most streamed sports on Twitch in 2022


Is Active Reset a Good or Bad Thing?

Fellow iRacer, Damon Black posted in the forums and stating that, Active Reset could be Considered Harmful.

“I’m sure it will be a minority opinion, but I think active reset diminishes the iRacing experience. It’s moving test (solo practice) sessions away from a sim driving experience and toward monotonous game-grinding. I also suspect it will produce drivers who can nail qualifying laps, but are a disaster when they have to drive off their ideal line.”


Another 10K Member!

Simone Maria Marceno became the newest member of the ten thousand iRating club for road


Will iRacing be Ready?

R.E. Samuelson posted in the Forums asking if iRacing will be ready for the May All-Star Event at North Wilksboro.


iRacing Track Garages

Ryan Blackford Tweeted his suggestion for iRacing: full screen garages


World of Outlaws Week 4

The Carquest iRacing World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series made its debut at Lincoln Speedway which was won by Kenny Miller, his first win as a rookie this season.

1223Kenny Miller35913.43378
2500Kendal Tucker35-2.526013.81574
31051Clayton W Tilley35-2.875013.70170
4785Tyler Schell35-3.282013.78068
5913Aiden Bierlein35-3.351013.72264
  1. Alex Bergeron, 267
  2. Tyler Schell, 236
  3. Kendal Tucker, 233
  4. JD Brown, 226
  5. Timothy Smith, 218

VIR Arrives for Season 1

iRacing tweeted the announcement of the arrival of the newly built VIR 


Coke Series Drivers for 2023

The Contender Series wrapped up and now the new Coke Series Drivers are set for the 2023 season


Screen to Speed 

Traxxion posted a reference to the story we had last week, the Screen to Speed iRacing competition for women drivers.


iRacing Build Highlights

iRacing posted a video recapping all of the new content from the season 1 build


Special Events Calendar

iRacing released their complete 2023 Special Events Calendar



Mighty Max at Dega

Max Verstappen was spotted by a driver running a race at Talladega. What famous drivers have you run with?


Nascar in the Rain?

Kenny Wallace on his show said that all three Nascar series will attempt to race in the rain at the tracks at North Wilkesboro, La Coliseum , Phoenix, Richmond, Martinsville and New Hampshire.


iRacing for All Ages

Ray Alfalla set up Jim Baker who was 89 at the time with iRacing, and 7 years later he’s still racing at 96!


An Oldie But Goodie

Florida Man crashes his quadrillion dollar sim rig, circa 2020


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Logitech Through the Years

At the Sim Racing Expo, Logitech had a nice look at the evolution of Logitech Sim Racing Wheels

And btw…. Back in stock ….


Grid Engineering MPX

After many months of R&D, Grid Engineering is ready to reveal the MPX. With a pre-order special 3 digit price point and utilizing the highest quality components available,


Cube Controls TCR

Sim Racing Unlimited gave a glimpse of the new TCR wheel by Cube Controls made in collaboration with Honda


Fanatec QR2

Gamer Muscle reviewed the Fanatec new Quick Release system and Bentley wheel from the Sim Racing Expo

Simucube Meets Team Readline

Team Redline and Simucube will be bring out their new Simucube 2 Team Redline Limited Edition 

Best Sim Rig of the Sim Expo

Gamer Muscle gives his thoughts of the best sim rig from the Sim Expo


NASCAR iRacing Series

Saturday Fixed –

  • Mike- top split car19 out of 20. Ran around 15th most of the race pretty much stayed out of trouble and got a P 11.

Wednesday fixed Mike- Car 11 and top split a lot of heavy hitters in here Matt Busse, Tyler Hudson, David L Brown, Blake McCandless. Ran about 10 to 15. Most of the race ended up p 13.

Wednesday Open:  Homestead 

Mike –  car 23 out of 25 in top split. Qualify 12th. P16.

Official Series

  • Ellis -USF 2000. 
  • Ellis-rookie street stock at Charlotte. 97 registered- I was Kar number 8 to 14 car number one was 4600 irating. Qualified8th. Fairly clean race we ran in a pack the whole time clean with about three to go. They finally wrecked. I finished P5. Gained 42 irating.  
  • Rookie dirt street stock at USA. Wrecked near the end 
  • Toyota GR 86 and other production cars at nord 31 cars total start a tenth and finished fourth 
    • Got a seventh on this results. 
    • Yeah, in a big one on turn one. Had to tow eight minutes went back out and got it. Cleared back up to 12 out of 27.
    • Start a 10 got up the fifth by last one, but I was the final lap by wreck by myself and fell back to 11
  • Indy pro 2000 at road America start a seven out of 12. Got to pee five by the end of lap one spun near the end of lap to buy myself hitting the final rumble strips. It is fun in the car around killed it.
    • Qualified six out of 16. Got to pee for bio lab one and was able to keep it and get my first good finish the series.  
  • F 2000 at Rd., America car number two in bottom split out of 13. Qualify third sitting on the grid the guy in front of a backs into me destroying my front way before the race has even started. It wasn’t too bad and I survived for a P3.  
    • Call number two in the bottom split. Qualified fifth and finished fifth had a great battle throughout the race, though with third and fourth place.  
  • A Open
    • Steve –  P7,5,13,6,16 at Kentuchy P3,2 and 27 at Indy.
  • IMSA – Interlagos
    • Hall – p 14 Learning track, unsure about battery strat either.
      • P14, hit with 4x on pace lap and another 4x on turn one
      • P6, geting used to the new track and car
      • P13, put my self in grass so had to work back up
      • P7, clean
      • P5
      • p9
  • Euro Sprint Series – Spa
    • Hall –  P1 in the Ferrari, first race back in this car in a long time.  Fresh paint goes to victory lane right off the bat.  Tire wear is now a factor
      • P4 – really enjoying the GTE reunion
      • P wrecked by dive bomber
      • P2
      • P3
      • P2

League / Hosted Races

  • Ellis -Chris McGuire posted 87th at Talladega started in the back and won the race
  • GEN five NASCAR at Talladega got wrecked out
  • GEN five – car at Talladega started in the back. Got to the lead before halfway.  I go on to win it holla!
  • GEN five car and old Indycar.Talladega. Was leaving my class with sixth ago and got wrecked in Indy car crash.  
  • New Toyota 86 at Lanier dirt. 
  • 87. Cars at RudkCogan.  Wrecked out 
  • Riley Daytona prototype at old Michigan. Started in the back got to the front pack, but wrecked out near the end.
  • Riley Daytona prototype at new Texas, started mid pack ended up finishing P5
  • Riley Daytona, prototypes at Talladega, got wrecked out
  • 87s at Talladega start 25th. Wreck out
  • GEN five NASCAR at Talladega started 37 out of 40.
  • Riley Daytona prototype at Michigan. Was leaving on the white and got wrecked
  • Winter league- 
    • Mike -p we’re going on a two stop race I’m headed for the second time as a caution came out while I was on it road I had energy 16 came out 26 down had to take the wave around 23 to go for the shoot out. I had another caution with 17 to go check my last set. A tires ended up finishing P 10.  
    • Steve Thomson – p17
    • Steve LouAllen-p 
    • David – P 22.  Had a top 10 car, caught in accident.  No recovering this time.  All 4 races I have been caught up in a wreck.
  • OBRL Cup
    • Brian – Michigan P20  Qualified 11th ran the rubber off the my tires on the first green flag run, then over shot my pit stall in the first pit stop, losing as bunch of spots.  Did much better on tire wear after that, but the race stayed green the whole race and wasn’t able to recover.

Final Thoughts

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  1. I identify as an IndyCar Driver


Social media was in a buzz as Indy Car announced the it will be giving its exclusive rights to another video game company and possibly freezing out iRacing and did we find out that rain is not just for the road courses, but could come to oval racing as well? We’ll check out all of these stories plus lots of hardware news as well. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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