Episode 0365

1/12/2023 – Let’s Roar – Episode 0365

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Show Introduction

On the show today, we find out what iRacing may have in store for their next new vehicle, There’s more clues as to the wet stuff, what legendary wheel manufacturer may be in the sim racing market, and Dave Cam goes legend in his own way at Bathurst.

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New Car Coming?

iRacing posted a Tweet with a CAD drawing of a posible new entry into the stable of formu;a cars


MSG Financial Woes?

A rumor from a source at Motorsports Games claim that they have not been paying their employees and they may be threatening a lawsuit.


iRacing Days Numbered?

Overtake has an article asking if iRacing’s days may be numbered with the controversy with Motorsport Games along with the LFM adding rFactor 2



We Are Not Worthy

Dave Cam posted a video on his YouTube Channel taking the jump at Bathurst on the last lap, while leading.


Empty Box is BACK!

Popular iRacing youtuber extraordinare, EMPTY BOX (Matt Orr), is back putting up videos of him doing iRacing again after a long hiatus away… He has been away from youtube for a bit over a year but appears to be back for good.


Soon, Sooner and Soonest

Dan Suzuki noticed a setting for wet tyres in the setting.  Could this mean rain is soon to follow?



Season 1 Patch 2 

iRacing released the notes for Season 1 Patch 2


World of Outlaws Week 7

Tim Smith took home his first win of the season and slightly increased his championship points lead


1186Timothy S Smith353211.03878
2412Alex A Bergeron35-0.625111.12575
3624Tanner Pettit35-1.070011.17271
4385Tyler Schell35-1.830011.18369
51033Evan Seay35-2.025011.09464
iRacing World of Outlaws Carquest Sprint Car Series points through seven rounds are as follows:
Timothy Smith, 442
Alex Bergeron, 437
Tyler Schell, 409
James Edens, 376
Kendal Tucker, 369

New Linup for Jim Beaver Sports

Justin Melillo reporst that Jim Beaver Sports will have an all new lineup in 2023 with drivers Malik Ray and Garrett Lowe


Real A.I.

Driverless race cars look a lot like AI drivers in iRacing


The Roar


Daytona 24

Greg West Posts:
We have added the special event BOP to IMSA and IMSA Endurance for the coming week. Please be advised.




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We are in the regular rotation… (Mike)






Dynisma DMG-1

Dynisma is leading the charge with their DMG-1, the world’s most advanced F1 simulator


Moza FSR on any Base

Shaun Cole from The Sim Pit shows you how to use a Moza FSR Wheel on any wheel base


The MagSafe Charger

The MagSafe charger mount is an easy and fast way to mount your iPhone directly to your rig. The mount is equipped with two swivel modes: horizontal and vertical.



Grid MPX Review

Adam Heart on his You Tube Channel says that the new Grid MPX formula wheel is the perfect racing wheel for him.



Best Sim Racing VR

Advanced Sim Racing Tweeted that they have found the Holy Grail of VR, the much lauded Varjo Aero



Rig Review

SimAlphaProject shows off their custom rig


Triple Screen Glory

Dave Cam on his Youtube Channel shows how he sets up his triple screen monitors


Brelyon VR-Like Experience

Tha the Consumer Electronoics Show the Brelyon VR-Like display redefines what VR can be.


Inizio Cockpit

Formula Sim Rig offers their new 80/20 Inizio Cockpit


SlimLine Sim Hardware

SlimLine offers tons of Sim Racing Products.


HF8 Gaming Pad Review

The Simpit reviews the HF8 Haptic Feedback Gaming Pad



Cosworth Formula Wheel

Legendary motorsport engineers Cosworth launch sim racing wheel



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open: North Wilkesboro

  • Mike- p. Got involved in the first caution, and somehow ended up with 8x. Second caution I absolutely got ran over from behind the dump ed. The third portion I spun out on my own, racing to hard for the lucky dog. Stayed out of trouble for a while until the seventh caution. When I was completely run over from behind fighting for the lucky dog I was dumped. Route 95 I finally get to Lucky dog.  Halfway. Bob 133 a big wreck in front of me and I’ve Hialeah. I can’t miss it and I hate the incident limit. I have to do a pass through penalty. Ended up P 13 with 22x

Official Series

  • Ellis- in the pro F2008 Road Atlanta qualify 15 out of 16. Got to 10th by the end of lap one.  Had a great race and got to P6.  
  • F 2000 at Rd., Atlanta qualified fourth of 17. P2!!
  • In the pro 2000 at Rd., Atlanta qualify fourth of nine. P4!
  • Indy pro at Phoenix start at 18th at a 24 finished P9. Gotten one incident where a guy was getting freight trained. I was the third in line when I went by. He tried to pinch me and we banged wheels and he wrecked. He was not happy with me but I stayed out of trouble and brought it home moving forward most of the time I only got passed on track twice. I was usually the one making the passes.  
  • F 2000 at Phoenix was running in the top seven and I was inside a guy who cut down on me in Spun us both out 
  • In the pro at Phoenix was running around 14th out of 18 lot 14. They wreck in front of me. I barely nicked it meatball with 15 minutes damage.
  • F 2000 started tenth and finish third.


League / Hosted Races

  • Hosted – 
    • Ellis-old INDYCAR at old Michigan. Finished P 16 Tony Rochette got P7.
  • Hosted — super cars at Texas. Start at 21st finished seventh.
  • 87th at Talladega started a 37. Rect out 
  • 87 at Talladega – several times cannot seem to finish these now always wrecked out
  • Riley DP’s at Daytona – wrecked out
  • DW 12 at Michigan. 
  • Winter league- homestead 
    • Mike -p  22- caution came out after green flag stops. I was one away from the lucky dog, so I was trapped a lap down. Retard to keep the lucky dog for a while but eventually lost it I suck.
    • David – P 9, the coin flip split decision on a middle caution fell in my favor, + long run speed and ability to control a loose set paid off.  Though almost didn’t run, been sick all week with a non covid non flu virus.  Didn’t feel like getting back up, but did.  Felt fever break again right the middle of the race.
  • OBRL Cup
    • Brian -Indy P20 Touched the wall on both Q laps, started in the rear.  Had a crappy race.  Was involved in a couple of incidents, but really liked the cup car at Indy Oval.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Let’s Roar


On the show today, we find out what iRacing may have in store for their next new vehicle, There’s more clues as to the wet stuff, what legendary wheel manufacturer may be in the sim racing market, and Dave Cam goes legend in his own way at Bathurst. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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