Episode 0366

1/19/2023 – Le Disaster Virtuale – Episode 0366

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Show Introduction

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2023 Coke Series Driver Announcements

This past week a number of teams announced their 2023 driver lineup. Prior to that, Justin Melillo posted behind the scene photos of Nascar Productions prepping for Media Day.


Seen on twitter – Making fun of Malik’s shoes, Collin Bowdin looking straight down to the ground in the group picture, and you probably don’t want to pick a fight with rookie Jordy Lopez Jr, he easily has the widest shoulders and best six pack… Kaden Honeycut not available as he was at chilibowl…


A Virtual Disaster

This years, January running of the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans, was simply, a disaster.


From Verstappen,




ROAR Stats

iRacing posted to Twitter, the ROAR participation stats.


From iRacing to Skip Barber

A follow up on iRacing Skip Barber Champion Elvis Rankin. By finishing 2nd and 3rd recently at COTA, Elvis Rankin captured the Skip Barber Championship. Rankin is looking to compete in the British Formula 4 Championship in 2023.


Rogue Employee

Yet another potential blow to Motorsport Games. According to Insider Gaming, an employee is threatening to release source code from 4 different MSG games over not being paid.


Back to Basics

Dave Cam posted a video of “Things you Need to Know” about iRacing.  The video feels like a good back to basics introductions.  



The Sim Racing movie, the SIM RACER has landed on Amazon Prime. For $3.99, you can rent and enjoy the movie in the comfort of your own Sim Rig!


Restart Zone, Not Official?

According to Lounge listener, Cody Richardson, the Restart Zone may have been suspended with any announcement. Via the iRacer’s Lounge Discord, Cody stated, “iRacing turned off restart zones for officials – last update broke something and led to a bunch of false black flags, my guess is it’s related, but there’s not been an official announcement.”


2023 Daytona 24 


Date: January 20-22nd

Timeslot #1 – Friday 22:00 GMT

Timeslot #2 – Saturday 07:00 GMT

Timeslot #3 – Saturday 12:00 GMT

Timeslot #4 – Saturday 16:00 GMT


Warmup: 30 Minutes

Qualifying: Attached & Solo – 8 Minutes for 2 Laps

Race: 24 Hours

Weather: Dynamic

Splits By: iRating

Team Event: Yes (min 2 drivers and max 16)

Stop and Go Limit: 100 incs and every 20 after

DQ Limit: None

Field Size : 50


WW Sprint Car


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How Old is Your Throttle?

Neils Heusinkveld posted an in depth video on all the SIMS throttle models. He claims iRacing is still using a model, that is over 25 years old.


Amazon H-Pattern


CHICANE, the Sole of Racing

Chicane is a Racing Shoe and Apparel company out of Hayward, CA. According to Chicane, they work with tire manufacture, Micheline, to develop their soles for grip, durability, and longevity.


Hyper Luxe

Gomez Sim Industries announces via twitter, a Hyper P1 with “Luxe” trim option.


The Rig of a World Champion

A photo of F1 World Champion Max Verstappen’s Sim Rig was posted to Overtake.GG. The rig sits in the corner, of what looks like to be a large empty room. Along with the rig, to the right is a Red Bull branded mini fridge stocked with beverages, to the right, is a neon sign that reads, F*^K Off.


A Listener Challenge

Lounge listener, John Dubuque, is challenging host’s David and Brian to get there hands on a AERO VR Headset.

Dubuque stated, “I think the race is on (no pun intended) between @Brian Maccubbin and @David K Hall (there are 15+ David Halls on iRacing but only one David K Hall!) to see who will be the first host of the iRacersLounge podcast to adopt the best-in-class Aero. I suspect both will eventually get there – the first will likely be so pleased w/the Aero that it will become that much harder to resist making that wise investment.


Story Title


A New Dash by Grid

Dave Cam posted a review video of a Grid by Sim Lab Dash Panel.



The Drive Pod

From the people at Studio Casti bring you, The Drive Pod.  


Project Yellowrider


Porche Wheel Worth It?


Huge Screen with Halo!


Cosworth Wheel Pricing


NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open: North Wilkesboro

Mike- p. The green stayed out until lap 50 for the first caution got the lucky dog. Stayed out of trouble pretty much around 13th and 15th most of the race pitted for the last time with 50 to go. They just keep wreckin and I kept moving up by the first green white checker. I was P4 by the first green white checker, I was the leader for the second green white checker second place got next to me on the white on the back I tried to cross over I barely touched him and he went around and I won the race. I didn’t want to win it that way and I told him that looking at the replay it was pretty much net code if anything he didn’t complain so I celebrated the win.  My 91st career

Donnie Q10/ P Wrecked

Sunday Fixed 

  • Mike – p  used the beta UI to launch, and it would not try it a few times ended up, rebooting and getting in right before grid. However, my main speakers were not working and there was no time to fix. I can hear the engine sound barely out of the subwoofer, so I’m OK for this race but how frustrating experience it is Top split road around the back ended up bringing out the third caution on my own spitting off down on the inside no damage. Ran about 15 the 10th most of the race with two to go. They had a big wreck and I couldn’t miss it. I got the beat Ball ended up losing a lap P 19. Upfront on the white flag third place pulled the Ross Chastain move and rode the wall and ended up passing two spots to get the win in the final corners.

Wednesday Open: dover

Mike –  p 15. Ran around 10 most of the race got involved in an incident with a lapcars fun had no damage was sitting there parked for a few seconds before somebody plowed in several seconds after the yellow was out I ended up two laps down P 15.

  • Ellis – p 4 ran top 10 most of the race the back half of the top 10 as we ran a long green flag run. At the end we were going to have to do a splash and go. I waited, insure enough somebody spun getting on the pit Road the caution came out, bunched us up and I finished

Official Series


  • Tony Rochette –  Wrecked out early.
  • Mike Ellis – I ran about for the sixth most of the race that 50 for a faster car ran over me coming out of the bath stop and dumped me head on into the wall 44 minutes damage. It’s so frustrating to get run over from behind when you can’t do anything to avoid it, I let the guy know how happy I was.
  • Donnie – GT4 Only Split, P13 out of 48 Cars.

Ellis–  F 2000 at Phoenix qualified eight out of 14. At one point fifth sixth and seventh collected each other on the back stretch then second and third collected each other and then I brought it home from there P3.

  • Indy pro 2000 @Rudskogen. Started fifth and finished P3. Add pressure at the end from fourth but was able to keep my cool he eventually spun off.
  • F 2000 at rodSkogan. Started P2 finished P2. Got the lead on lap one, but foolishly spun on my own, and fell back to fit then drove my way back up to second was catching the leader, but ran out of laps 

League / Hosted Races

Winter League- 

  • Mike -p got wrecked out early when the guy in front of me spun out, hit the wall and came across him, took me out with him
  • Adam – p
  • Steve Thomson – p 
  • Steve LouAllen-p 
  • Greg – p
  • David – P out for jazz practice

MAJORS SERIES  – Predator, 2 Hours of Sebring

  • David – p32, punted in 3rd corner by a gt3 when slowing up for wreck.  9th place DTP, but that didn’t matter
  • Greg wrecked early
  • Donnie P23 out of 48 Cars

Final Thoughts

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  1. Le Disaster Virtuale


On tonight’s show we talk more Coke series driver & team announcements, sim racing takes another big hit, and we got some serious rig reviews to go over, Take a load off and join us in the lounge.

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