Episode 0368

2/2/2023 – Simnado – Episode 0368

iRacers Lounge Podcast – Conversation Topics

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Show Introduction

On the show this week, a new World of Outlaws Sprint Car Champion was crowned, the 2023 Coke series made it’s unofficial start, and the Porshe Super Cup series begins this week. There’s more from the controversial 24 Hours of Daytona, and is there data that can prove that Sim Racing is a sport?

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It’s Back!

Announced by iRacing, the Skip Barber Formula iRacing Series is back. The sim to reality championship returns this week.


A Late Apology

Williams eSporst posted a letter to explain the actions of their Daytona 24 team and their posts afterwards


Spin Cycle

Overtake posted a video of a car going absolutely spin crazy


iRacing at the 24 Hours of Daytona


Patch 3 Release



Bringing Down the Hammer

iRacing Short Course penalizes 2 drivers, including Parker Retzlaff, to the back of the field for poor driving


Rigs on a Plane

Max Verstappen installed a sim rig on a private jet so he can keep racing while traveling


Saved! Then Dead

Sim Streamer Matt Malone shows a video of his last lap drama while racing at Talladega.


Slowing iRacing Down

Ilkka Haapala Tweeted that after watching the real Daytona 24, iRacing needs to slow down all classes to match reality


And Another One Gone

Kevin Ellis Jr has pulled out of the iRacing Porschr TAG Heur Supercup citing “other competitions and commitments”


Rennsport Delays

Rennsport Tweeted an apology for a delay in the beta version of their sim


Coke Race – The Clash

This entire race is really a race of yeet or be yeeted. The heats had no cautions and someone usually was getting sent most of the time…

Heat 1 -Garret Lowe wins

@RyanLuza was able to set sail to win the second heat with ease!

Another Rookie statement MADE! @timothyholmes67 DOMINATES in his opening race with @RFKracing in Heat 3

Pure chaos in this 40 lap consolation.@ParkerW95 and @GarrettManes have been battling for the lead among the lapped traffic. Top 7 advance – Keister was 7th Keister did what he had to bar rules



Sim vs Reality

Anthony Alfredo post another Simulation vs Reality video at Charlotte


New Content Tease

iRacing Tweeted a teaser for possibly a new track!


Sim Racing Cardio

Overtake tweeted some heart rate monitoring data from the Daytona 24 and how it compares to other aerobic activity


World of Outlaws Championship

Week 10 of the WoO Sprint car championship saw an unlikely champion crowned in an exciting finale at the Dirt Track at Charlotte

1285Tyler Schell35913.93278
2852James Edens35-0.016014.03374
3120Aiden Forster35-0.3772513.95272
4191Mason Hannagan35-0.891014.14964
5586Timothy S Smith35-1.067013.91365

iRacing World of Outlaws Carquest Sprint Car Series points are as follows:

  1. Tyler Schell, 610
  2. Alex Bergeron, 602
  3. Timothy Smith, 581
  4. James Edens, 565
  5. Kendal Tucker, 500


Porsche Tag Heuer Supercup Preview

This weekend begins the new season of iRacing’s top road course championship, and Overtake.gg and Newsroom have a season preview



BMW M Sim Cup

The BMW M Sim Cup kicks off this weekend with new cars, catagories, Prize Money, and schedule.


2023 iRacing Bathurst 12 Hour


Date: February 10-12

(Registration opens 1 hour prior to the event)

Timeslot #1 – Friday 22:00 GMT

Timeslot #2 – Saturday 7:00 GMT

Timeslot #3 – Saturday 12:00 GMT

Timeslot #4 – Saturday 16:00 GMT

Track: Mount Panorama Circuit

License – D 4.0 Road

Sim Date (Time of Day Setting): February 5th, 2023

Warm Up Sim Start Time (Time of Day Setting): 5:05 AM

Green Flag Sim Start Time (Time of Day Setting): 5:45 AM


Warmup: 30 Minutes

Qualifying: Attached & Solo – 8 Minutes for 2 Laps

Race: 12 Hours

Weather: Dynamic

Splits By: iRating

Team Event: Yes. Declare drivers and fair share rules apply. (min 2 drivers and max 16)

Drive through penalty limit: 50 incs and every 20 thereafter

Field Size : 50

Cars & Class:

BOP will be announced roughly 1 week prior to the event and we reserve the right to make a change to that BOP up until the Wednesday immediately preceding the event.


Audi R8 LMS


Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020

Ford GT GT3

Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO

McLaren MP4-12C GT3

Mercedes AMG GT3

Porsche 911 GT3 R


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WRC/TCR Sim Wheel

The steering wheel is modelled on the one from the Hyundai i30 WRC, e.g. Ken Block, along with the i30 TCR cars, made in Simline’s own style, i.e. with good electronics based on PCB and enclosed in an aluminum housing.

Simline WRC / TCR wheel
– 12x high quality MEC backlight switches
– 4x high quality ELMA E33 encoders
– Illuminated front panel
– aluminium housing
– 320mm diameter wheel, in alcantara with yellow centre stripe
– Spiral/coil cable
– LeoBodnar main controller


Asetek Invicta Hydraulic Pedal Review

The Sim Racing Den offers their review of the Asektec Invicta Hydraulic Pedals.


S6 Sequential Shifter

Compatible with PC. Mounting plate included. Plug USB and play.

Bolt plunger feedback mechanism

Shifting type: Microswitches 

Lever for fast neutral gear

Solid aluminium body. Strong and heavy shifter. Weight approx 1.5kg

Height 34cm


Simucube 2 True Drive

Simucube releases their True Drive software


Screen to Wheel to Head spacing (maximize FOV)

So the rule of thumb is you want your monitor just a touch closer to your face than its width. Naturally a smaller monitor is going to be closer to your face. 27″ monitors are about the smallest you could get and still hit 180 degrees and to do that you probably need to compromise on your seating position by sitting more upright and closer to the wheel than you would normally.

Also watch out for aspect ratios. You really want as square an aspect ratio as possible. You can’t find them anywhere anymore but the older 4:3 aspect ratio monitors were perfect for triple monitor setups. Going with an ultrawide monitor setup will result in a very short vertical FOV and you will be completely unable to see the dash.


VPGSim Formula Wheel

Via VPGSim on Instagram: The new V-RSPG PRO is finally here! 🔥 New grips, VoCore, new RGB rotaries, SimHub Compatible! Thanks to you guys we’ve been able to improve the already great V-RSPG and bring it to the next level! 🙏🏻



From Cradle to Rig

Made by Decker created a sim rig from a repourposed children’s bed


T818 Review

OC Racing is the latest to review the new Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Wheel


Sim Racing Purchase Advice

Mac Evad (Dave Cam) gives advice on Sim Racing Purchase Advice by using his long purchasing history as a guide


Did They Fixe the VRS Direct Force Pro DD?

Will Ford at Boosted Media revisited the VRS Direct Drive Pro DD after some much needed updates from his previous review


Hide-Away Rig

pebseygtracing posted on Tik Tok their hidden sim racing room

https://www.tiktok.com/@piRacing World of Outlaws Carquest Sprint Car Series points are as follows:
Tyler Schell, 610
Alex Bergeron, 602
Timothy Smith, 581
James Edens, 565
Kendal Tucker, 500ebseygtracing/video/7193416578451442949?_r=1&_t=8ZRqlPdsHxy

Simucube in the USA

A Instagram video shows the Simucube products, including the new Active Pedals, availavle in the USA



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open: 

Mike- p I don’t wanna talk about it. We’ll just pretend this one didn’t happen.

Wednesday Open: phoenix

Mike –  p17. Ran as high as P9, but didn’t do tires on the last stop a huge regret and I faded to last car one lap down. 

Official Series


  • Indy pro F 2000 at spa qualify 10 out of 15. Got ran over from behind on turn one lap one but no damage and finished P6.
  • USF 2000 at spa- qualified fourth out of 13. I got wrecked out at the end of the Long Street on live one when the guy behind us didn’t even try to break for the corner and just plowed i


ARCA – Talladega- Wrecked

League / Hosted Races

Winter League- Atlanta

  • Mike -p DNF. I started dead last drove it up to the ninth and then faded back to last before I parked. It felt kind of sick to my stomach other people in my house had the flu and I was fighting trying to get it so I also couldn’t hear David on the TeamSpeak, so I parked it.  
  • David – p20, everyone except me saved fuel the whole race and made it a one stop

MAJORS SERIES  – Intimidator 500

  • David – Ran a ton of Pre Q  currently have a 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th to set my average
  • Donnie – Pre Q Race 1 – Wrong Set

                           Pre Q Race 2 – Wrecked 3X, P20 Something

Final Thoughts

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  1. Simnado


On the show this week, a new World of Outlaws Sprint Car Champion was crowned, the 2023 Coke series made it’s unofficial start, and the Porshe Super Cup series begins this week. There’s more from the controversial 24 Hours of Daytona, and is there data that can prove that Sim Racing is a sport? So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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