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2/23/2023 – Floppy Mike – Episode 0371

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Show Introduction

On the show this week we welcome special guest and new Lounge Mate Mackenzie Stevens. The Skip Barber Formula Race Series really heats up as the season nears its conclusion, and iRacing gives a peak into new content coming in the next build.

And remember you can follow along with us on your PC or mobile device in real time as you listen to the show and see for yourself all of the great topics and products we’ll discuss by visiting iracerslounge.com and selecting show notes. Hope to see you there..

Special Guest

Mackenzie Stevens

General Questions:


Porsche Supercup Round 2

Charlie Collins wins round 2 of the Poursche Tag Heuer Super Cup series as it made its debut at Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. Returning champion Diogo Pinto took he overall series points lead with race winner Collins just 2 pointa behind

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup feature results from Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours were as follows:
1 Charlie Collins 20 0.000 20 1:39.065 63
2 Diogo C. Pinto 20 -6.600 0 1:39.037 65
3 Jordan Caruso 20 -7.079 0 1:39.057 55
4 Sebastian Job 20 -7.500 0 1:39.116 55
5 Cooper Webster 20 -7.841 0 1:39.239 56

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup points through two rounds are as follows:

Diogo Pinto, 138
Charlie Collins, 136
Jordan Caruso, 122
Zac Campbell, 100
Sebastian Job, 87


ADAC Simracing Expo

The ADAC Simracing Expo, which began in 2018 will return in 2023. After a sucessfull show last year the event will return with a change of venue, Messe Dortmund



The Racer channel has a YouTube video explaining some of the feul complexities with MSE (maximum stint energy) and VFT (virtual fuel tank)


Why is There Trading Paints?

Sam Halliday asked in thr forums, “What is trading paints doing what the default game is not doing? Wouldn’t people just be able to share the custom maps offline without the need to run a third party service?”

Vern Klukas, among many others responded as such,..

The more or less complete tale is like this:

Originally, there were no custom paints. Later they opened it up so that you could place a tga in the paint folder and released templates. But no way for you to share you paint other than by emailing to folks. The limitations were all to do with the legal risks.

That’s where the guys that do TP stepped in. They were the first to start a file share site. This solved the problem for everybody.


Formula 1600

iRacing Tweeted a sneak peak of the upcoming Formula 1600 as well as a intro video of the new Circuit De Jerez


ESL Gaming Now Owned by Saudia Arabia

Pending regulatory approval, a holding company owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has purchased esports event organizer ESL Gaming and tournament platform FACEIT. According to Sports Business Journal(opens in new tab), the price for both companies was $1.5 billion. As part of the acquisition, the two companies will merge into the ESL FACEIT Group(opens in new tab), and plan to combine their technology and expertise to “create the ultimate platform for competitive gaming.”


Skip Barber Series 

After a solid debut season in the Skip Barber Formula iRacing Series for 2022, Harley Haughton got a step closer to grand prize at the end of the season—a full-time ride in the 2023 Skip Barber Formula Race Series—with a sweep of both races at Circuit of the Americas on Thursday night, pulling him within one point of Diogo Pinto for the championship lead with two events left.

Skip Barber Formula iRacing Series points through three events are as follows:

  1. Diogo Pinto, 192
  2. Harley Haughton, 191
  3. Josh Thompson, 164
  4. Michael Janney, 160
  5. Brandon Hawkin, 144


Sim Injuries Piling Up

iRacing streamer Matt Malone adds to the list of sim racing injuries as documented on his YouTube video


Rajah Caruth

Sim Racer turned Nacsar Drive, Rajah Caruth was the subject of a USA Today Article documenting his path to Pro Racer


Your Next Upgrade

iRacing asks on their Twitter Page, “What’s the next upgrade you’re looking to get for your sim setup?”


New Content

iRacing Tweeted the next bit of new content that looks to be coming to iRacing.


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Asetek Forte

Reviews for the Asetek Forte are coming in, and they are very good indeed!


Simlab Handbreak

The all new Sim Handbrake XB1-Loadcell will elevate your drift and rally game with precision inputs! Pre-orders starting next month. 


Sim Shifter Buying Guide

OC Racing posted on his YouTube Channel a Sim Racing Shifter review of the most common, reletively inexpensice shifters including the…


TH8A Thrustmaster

Generic USB Shifter on Amazon

SHH Newt

Thrustmaster TSS Sparco Handbrake Sequential

Fanatec Clubsport


Ascher Racing Dashboards

The Ascher Racing Dashboards in 4 & 5 inch will be available on February 21, 2023 10 am (CET) in their online shop (Link in Bio) and Ascher Racing dealers.


Moza R5 Review

Laurence Dusoswa asks if the Moza R5 is the best entry level DD with his detailed, long tterm review


Wall Sized Triples

Drew Builds Stuff made a YouTube video of a lifesize triple monitors



Moza HGP Shifter Review

The Sim Racing Pit reviews thw Moza HGP shifter


Sim Racing Components 

The new SRC FX 2023 RED Edition: a newly refined design, unique features, and maximum comfort. Pay over three months, interest free



Rig Review

Road to Immersion is building a motion rig with a formula seating position



NASCAR iRacing Series

Wednesday Open: Daytona

Friday Open

  • Mike – got the pole position. Dominated the first part of the race led the most/was in total control with about 70 to go. I was second on the outside, pushing and somehow hooked his bumper and rec the field. 18 minutes damage.  
  • David – p26, speeding penalty, never got it back
  • Rochette- P33 started 2nd was doing ok and just brushed the wall and wrecked made car super loose with all damage fixed. Few laps later lost it again and just parked it just to go and get my ass kicked by some hard ass ai in Call Of Duty DMZ 
  • Donnie – P17

Sunday Open

Brian – P10 started P8, stayed near the front and actually lead some laps. Got some damage when a dart without feathers wrecked in front of me and i got pinned on the wall.  Was in the lead and got a black flag for passing a ridiculously slow pace car and could’t get my lap back.

Rochette -P 30 started on pole fell back alittle survived some stuff with a very aggressive car that was just pushing everyone out of the way. Welp little over half way that car caused a wreck that couldn’t avoid and just killed the front end. Welp no repeat 500 win but lets get it for the last time around the 2 mile Autoclub

Hall – p wrecked out

Donnie – P6

Sunday Fixed Mike – wrecked out let some laps ran top five top 10 around halfway I was running, ate the guy in front of me with high. I went low. I ended up on the apron and got pushed into the grass and then wrecked real hard with eight minutes damage.

Hall – p wrecked out

Wednesday Open: FONTANA

  • Rochette -P3 had a strong long run car. Had a second and half lead with 8 to go and bam caution. 1 car on 40 lap tires stayed out and blocked me and had 2 cars get by me. A gwc later just couldnt get up to rip the top and i sucked on new tires. 
  • Stephen LouAllen- P5 – Got spun and came from back twice 
  • Hall – p19, tough split 33 car, cali no my best of tracks, but still ok run, needed more long runs
  • Greg -pP2 nis was racing for the win
  • Mike- p3 – had a great car, got doored at one point had damage got half of it fixed- came up from the back to finish p3! Great run. I’m a little bit in shock that’s a great run
  • Tyler – P5! Finally a solid run after a string of the Daytona blues. Started 35th and raced my way up. Used the high line the entire race keeping the tires cool. Several cautions around each pit stop helped make my way through traffic after two mistakes blowing my pit box. Able to save enough tire for the end and took 5th. Seeing green on the SR and IR. LETS GO!!!
  • Tom D – WINNER –   Started 29th, because I don’t like to qualify.  I like the back end pit boxes.  Worked my way up through the first half of the race.  Was able to get myself in a top 5 spot when the cautions started coming.  Was able to get to the lead with 10 to go. After 2 GWC attempts I was able to hold of everyone to capture my 1st win of the season and my 21st NiS Career win. 
  • Mackenzie – p30, had a rough start to the race got ran into and pushed up into the wall on the 3rd lap, ended up having over 4 mins of damage to repair and ended up going 15 laps down

Thursday Open  

Rochette – P18 took the day off from the ice storm we had last night. Started 6th was ok til caught the wall and fell back and than caught in a 4 wide situation (me on the top) into T3. Made my way to the top 10 from back and than had 2 cars in front wreck and to the back i go again

Official Series

Greg A open P1


  • Indy pro F 2000.
  • USF 2000
  • Formula IR04 at oulton park circuit. Qualified 14th at a 23.  Got to pee six by the end of lap one.  I finally got to the inside of a guy and a hairpin, and he dogged me into the grass. I fell back to 15.  Somehow someway I rallied all the way back to eighth great first race in this car.  
  • Formula IR 04 at Rd., America. Qualified 11. Got to pee six by the end of lap one. Eventually got to third but spun and fell back to sixth. A great battle with one guy.
  • Dilara dash  at Daytona. Wrecked it out.
  • Formula IR 04 at road Atlanta qualify P6. Got to pee for by the end of last one.  Stayed in it till the end and finally got to third a great podium finish.

A Open

  • Hall – Highlight p4 in a 4500 SoF,  Set fastest lap on lap 73 of 80.  Wow.  Now, 5 of the fastest guys were out of tires on the last caution.
  • Greg – p1

Spiker – P16 and P6

League / Hosted Races


Brian -P23 Had a decent run going.  Started P21 and made progress to get to the lead group.  With 18 laps to go I was on the bottom and a car on the high side got loose off of turn 4 and side slammed me off the track.  I was able to save it from hitting the wall but fell way off the pack.  Race stayed green and finished where I ended up after the contact.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Floppy Mike


On the show this week we welcome special guest and new Lounge Mate Mackenzie Stevens. The Skip Barber Formula Race Series really heats up as the season nears its conclusion, and iRacing gives a peak into new content coming in the next build. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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