Episode 0397

8/24/2023 – Who’s Your Sugar Daddy? – Episode 0397

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Show Introduction

On the show today, the Nascar game license may be up for grab, and how might this effect iRacing. iRacing continues to celebrate their anniversary in new ways and we’ll let you know about some nice end of summer sales for iRacing gear.

And remember you can follow along with us on your PC or mobile device in real time as you listen to the show and see for yourself all of the great topics and products we’ll discuss by visiting iracerslounge.com and selecting show notes. Hope to see you there..


Circuit de Ledenon

iRacing unveiled a photo of their a new track in French


Conner Barry Clinches Championship

Conner Barry wins his second consecutive iRacing Off-Road Championship at Crandon with a second and fourth place finish at Crandon.


Mazda’s at Martinsville

Dale JR tested the Mazda Miata car at Martinsville, using his experience in iRacing as a guide


More Bad News from Motorsport Games

MSG financial reports look bleak as the company tries to sell off their Nascar License 





iRacing Customer Research

iRacing is reaching out to members to conduct a series of online interviews about member’s experiences


Protesters Getting Protested

Nathan Stacey was dinged by iRacing because the protest videos he submitted included him using foul language during the exchanges


Crazy Names

Kevin Lemburg asks what are the craziest profile names on iRacing and submits his list


Classic Screen Shots

iRacing posted some of their oldest screenshots since their beginning 15 years ago, and asks to share your old screenshots as well


iRacing Anniversary Discounts

iRacing is offering great discounts in celebration of their 15 year anniversary


WoO Late Models

Blake Matjoulis returns to the winners circle at Williams Grove. Evan Seay finishes 2nd to add to his series lead.


Moza Contest

Moza is running a contest to win Moza products in the Dallara F3 Series


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Simucube Active Pedal Review

Sim Sport Gadget gives their impression of the Simucube Active Pedals


Ascher Sale

Ascher is offering their Summer Sale where you can get a 10% discount on selected products in their shop! Use the code “SUMMER2023” at check-out and benefit until September 17th, 2023!

Also, if You want to get featured on the Ascher channels, Tag them on your post or use #ascherracing!


Fanatec CSL DD Bundle

Fanatec is offerin their CSL DD and McLaren wheel in a bundle package


Asetek Invicta Bundle

Matt Malone reviews the Asatek Invicta Bundle


OMP Cooling Seat

OMP America sells a cooling system add-on for you racing seat shell


Pimax Crystal Update

Karl Gossling re-reviews the Pimax Crystal after an update of the firmware and software


“With the weight of it, and is only suitable for sim or flight other titles it would be too heavy… ”

“It is now 99% reliable on one pc, and 70 percent on my other pc… Software/firmware has obviously been improved…”

A lot of the video is him rehashing his first gripes in the first video…

G2 Alternatives

Marc De Loose asks what are his alternatives if his HP Reverb G2 dies given the rumors that HP is leaving the VR market


Grid by Simlab MPX Review

Boosted Media reviews the Grid by Simlab MPX wheel


Moza R12 Wheelbase & KS Wheel Bundle

The Sim Racing Den reviews the Moza R12 wheelbase with KS Steering Wheel bundle package


Fanatec Direct Drive Price Drop

Fanatec has announced a price drop on their DD1 Podium DD Wheel base and Podium Racing Wheel Formula



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – 

  • Mike -.  P qualified 13th.  Car number 20. Finish p12.
  • David – p dnf
  • Greg – p2

Sunday Open- 

  • Tom D – P 8
  • Hall – p 9 lost one spot to tom because pitted to far to the right

Sunday Fixed

  • Justin  P5, started 30th my first clean run finally getting comfortable on passing cars but still not even close to fast times 12.1 was my fastest averaged 13.0

Wednesday Open: Daytona

  • Mike- p 15- had some lucky breaks in missed a lot of Rex throughout the race I was leading the Outside lane P2 on the green white checkered, and the guy behind me going down the backstreet try to shove it in the middle and turn my ass. 
  • David – p. 9  was leading outside, got hung out by a guy who thought I was going to the inside, he showed me his cockpit view, and how it basically looked to him like i did, even though the overhead looked like i didn’t.  So  a little deflated but at least in contention.
  • Justin – p10, stay clean the first half got caught up in a mess. 3 min of damage took about 10 to go to get back to normal just took advantage of some check ups on the green white checkered managed a 10p i couldn’t complain still plussed up for the night/
  • Tony – p 9 typical plate racing. Got stuck behind a Logano and a flaming Gordan car got my ass kicked like Terry Funk in roadhouse  as they wrecked. Made the mistake of staying out when shouldve got my minute damage fixed. Fell 6th to 23th but got a lucky caution and got damage fixed and went from 19 to 9 on the white 
  • Chris – P2 – was spun on lap 16 and went a lap down. Got the lucky dog and road the high line on a GWC to finish 2nd 

Thursday Open: 

  • Mike – p 3-  top 10 most of the Rece. Made a bad move with about 10 to go to the middle and got hung out made my way back up so on the final green white checker I was fifth comment to the checker the top three wrecked and I was able to get by a couple of them  I had a bit of nose damage at that point so I’m glad to get a nice top three  

Rochette P11 was all over the place. Thought I had the whole world in my hand But had a green flag wreck avoidance had screwed up my top 5 run and had to follow some buzzards as we lagged behind the main pack. Definitely Fiend’n for a win this year

Official Series

Ellis– 15th anniversary late model stock car at USA international started dead last 13th finished night actually got spun from behind at one point. 


A Open

  • Hall – p1 at Daytona, got the lead from the outside start with a perfectly anticipated jump.
  • Ellis -p fps issue dnf.
    • Round top 10 it was a green flag. Stop came out second.  As we near the end with thunder 10 to go, I was first in line on the outside and got dumped from behind. Had a meatball but was able to stay on the lead lap and finish P 16.

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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  1.  Who’s Your Sugar Daddy?


On the show today, the Nascar game license may be up for grab, and how might this effect iRacing. iRacing continues to celebrate their anniversary in new ways and we’ll let you know about some nice end of summer sales for iRacing gear. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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