Episode 0396

8/17/2023 – The King’s Rig – Episode 0396

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  • Welcome to the iRacer’s Lounge, I am your host “XXX”. iRacer’s Lounge is a podcast for the iRacer, where we talk all things iRacing in a casual setting.
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Show Introduction

On the show this week, we will review the first Coke Series Race of the 2023 playoffs and see who has punched their ticket to the final four. We discuss all of the ways iRacing is celebrating and reminiscing thier 15th anniversary, and we’ll check out a rig built for a King

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SVG Practicing His Ovals

Shane Van Gisbergen was spotted running the Trucks at South Boston


Stop The Pain

Daniel Morad posted a video on his YouTube channel showing you 5 areas to improve your comfort while sim racing


Indy Cars at North Wilksboro

Team I5G posted a video of his Indy Car race at North Wilksboro with his JFK voiced spotter


Iconic iRacing Moments

Kevin Lemburg asks in the forums what are you most iconic iRacing moments


The First 15

Clyde Coman asks in the forums what were the first 15 cars available in iracing?


Three Years from the Boom

Robin Truswell chronicals the last three years in iRacing since the pandemic boom


Season 4 Content 

Kyle Noel lists out what we know of that will be coming in the season 4 build


Anniversary Credits

iRacing is offering an iRacing credit for each year you’ve been an active member to celebrate thier anniversary



How About Both

iRacing posted a teaser photo of the Kern County Raceway Park dirt and asphalt tracks to possibly be added in the next build



World of Outlaws Late Models

Kendal Tucker holds off a charging Evan Seay to take week 6 of the World of Outlaws Late Model Series at i-55 Speedway and jumping into 2nd in the points.   Seay continues his podium finish streak dating back to the start of last season and extending his comfortable points lead.


Floating Fans

Ken Dent noticed some floating fans at COTA.  Staffer Michael Hinkle replied that a few extra fans appear with the Graphics option Crowds set to High. Because this is not a default setting for any of the pre-made graphics configs it looks like most users haven’t seen it yet.


iRacing Growth Stats

iRacing posted in the forums some growth stats from the last 15 years


BMW M Sim Cup 

The BMW M SIM Cup pits iRacers from around the world against one another on legendary racetracks, competing behind the wheel of the BMW M Hybrid V8 GTP or BMW M4 GT3. This Sunday’s BMW M SIM Cup event sends racers to the venerable Fuji Speedway. Team up with another driver in this series of 120-minute, multi-class team races, and see if you have what it takes to stand on top of the podium!


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Apex Sim Racing Dash

Apex Sim Racing has a dashboard for the Fanatec CSL DD wehhelbase



Pimax Crystal Review 

Karl Gosling reviews the Pimax Crystal VR headset.  Great optics, but…


The King’s Rig

The Petty Museum will sport Richard Petty’s ‘sim rig’


It Is Finished

Jon –  Race Craft Simulations has put the final touches on his personal rig


PC and Monitor Setup

iracing posted a new how-to video on how to optimize your PC amd monitor set up


All About Triples

Daniel Suzuki teaches all you need to know about triples in iRacing


Oktane Designs Shifters

Oktane designs SEQ V2 sequential shifter



VNM Simulations Sim Racing Pedals

Will Ford at Boosted Media reviews the VNM Simulations Sim Racing Pedals



Coffee Racer

Coffee Racer makes sim racing rigs that convert into fine coffe table furniture


Kenough, or Too Much?

Vyralteq has made a Barbie and Ken themed computer if you have been swept up by Barbiemania



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – 

  • Mike -.  P9 – got what i deserved – started 18th got to 9th on lap 1 – up to 3rd before putting – came out 7th but had a few offs and fell to 9th
  • Rochette i will continue my protest of that 2.5 mile round rectangle track til we get *ndycar back in iracing and nascar brings back the oval

Sunday Fixed

  • Kyle P. P26 Started 22nd. After talking with Lawrence from Sim Coaches and having him help iron out my pedal issues I felt confident and was excited for this race, but little did I know what was about to unfold. Ran a perfect half of a first lap and then turn 7 got caught up in an unavoidable wreck and got the dreaded Italian Meatball. Went to pit right after and the steering was so bad that the car whipped around and I spun on pit entry and got an unsafe pit. Came on down, served my penalty and got the required repair of 27 seconds and decided to wait out the optional as I was hoping to fix the steering fully and just start knocking out laps. Ran a consistent race to the end. Finished P26, not sure if I am looking forward to the Glen next week.
  • Tom D P15 started p24 Seemed to of had a clean race for the most part.
  • Justin  P8 finally got the hang of this track x2 still off a couple seconds on lap time. Started 21st

Wednesday Open: Watkins Glen

  • Mike- p 11. Went from 20th to 15th on the first slab was ninth when pitstop cycle started came out seventh quickly got loose and spun out and spun out another time and fell back to 11.
  • David – p. 9  avoided some early mess, stayed clean and finished about as fast as I was
  • Justin – p10, just need to learn that its real slick on new tires only made mistakes on the first couple laps on new tires plus up’d on ir
  • Tony – p 45 minutes of required 6 laps in…. Started 9th was ok til someone messed up T1 and sent me in the wall. This car sucks on the road and i like the Glen too
  • Chris – P 7. For the most part stayed on the track and stayed clean. 
  • Tyler – P- 15. Started from the pits and quickly made it up to the top 20. Made my pitstop and got caught speeding. 15 sec penalty  put out me 22nd. Raced back up to finish 15th. Let’s talk about a 0x! Beyond proud of myself to have a clean road finish. 

Thursday Open: indy

  • Mike – p qualified fifth car number 10. Had a couple of loose moments in the first three laps and fell back to 12 Made my Way back up to fourth before stops and ended up fourth after stops. Great run.

Final Thoughts

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  1. The King’s Rig


On the show this week, we will review the first Coke Series Race of the 2023 playoffs and see who has punched their ticket to the final four. We discuss all of the ways iRacing is celebrating and reminiscing thier 15th anniversary, and we’ll check out a rig built for a King So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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