Episode 0398

8/31/2023 – Bubble Glass – Episode 0398

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Show Introduction

On the show today, we’ll check out some new Season 4 offerings, and speculate about others. We see who punched their ticket to the final 4 in the eNascar Coke Series, and look at what may be the most expensive sim wheels we’ve ever seen and ask if it could possibly be worth the money.

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Porsche 962 

The Porsche 962 will be coming to the build next season


Could There be Rain in the Forecast?

Clyde Coman thinks this might be the season for the long awaited rain model in iRacing in his forum post


Trading Paints Data Leak

Apparently yesterday somenone leaked 270k users with MD5 hashed passwords from Trading Paints as reprted by Musantro on Twitter. Trading Paints confirmed the breach in a post of their own



iRacing Helps Turner Motorsports


Is ARCA the Best Car

DJ Yee J explains why he likes the Gen 4 and ARCA car best 


New iRacing Series

DJ Yee J posted a new video explaining the new Draft Master Series


eNascar Finale Back to the HOF

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. Cup and $100,000 prize will be awarded to 2023 series champion, and you can watch in person at the Nascar Hall of Fame ( limited seating open to public)


Coke Series – Dover



Kern County Raceway

Ker County Raceway and its 4 configurations will be available in season 4


New ’87 Entry

iRacing shows the newest entry int the Nascar Legacy ’87 Series


iRacing 15 Series Wrap-up

iRacing wrapped up their 15 Year Anniversary Series with 15 winners receiving $1000 in iRacing Credit




WoO Late Models

Kendal Tucker picks up his second win at the WoO Late Model Race at Eldora.  Evan Seay continues his podium streak by finishing second and padding his points lead and Blake Matjoulis finishes third


Draft Master

After the sucess of the Ring Master Series, iRacing will debut the Draft Master series in season 4



iRacing and FIA

Another great step for sim racing as the FIA’s collaboration with iRacing expands with the iRacing FIA F4 Esports Regional Tour!




iRacing Anniversary Series Winners

iRacing announced the winners of the Anniversary $1000 credit winners


Bathurst 1000


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Simucube Active Pedal Faces

Simucube Active Pedal Pedal Faces – Available Now!


Porsche 911 GT3 Wheel

Porsche Offers Eye-Wateringly Expensive Limited Edition GT3 Cup Wheel: Sim racing manufacturers building equipment to be used in real cars is not unheard of in 2023.


Simagic Shifter/Handbreak

Laurence Dusoswa reviews the Simagic DS-8X sequential shifter and TB1 hand brake


MVH Studios GTS Series 2

MVH Studios reveils their new affordable GTS Series 2 wheel.  

We want to make sim racing affordable without locking you into an ecosystem. So we designed our Series Two wheels to bridge the gap from entry level sim racing to pro level sim racing by making it possible to use the same wheel on an entry level wheelbase such as the Logitech G29/G920/G923 series and then seamlessly, connect it to a Direct Drive wheelbase from other sim racing brands.



Triple Tragedy

Travis Mays had a problem when he came home to his new triple monitor setup


Almium offers steering wheels, dashboards, button boxes and more


Moza at Gamescon

Moza shows off some of their new wheel offerings at Gamescon


Streamdeck VS PSP

The Sim Racing Den compares the Stream Deck Button Box and the Precision Sim Engineering  Pro Switch Panel 


Advanced Sim Racing

Advanced Sim Racing is a  Montreal-based SimRoom featuring 9 complete racing & flight simulators with cutting-edge equipment such as D-BOX Generation 5 Haptic Systems, Varjo Aero VR Headset, Simucube 2 Ultimate and much more. The SimRoom is split into 4 distinctive rooms and experience : The Apex Room, The Podium Room, The Pit Lane Room and lastly, The Top Gun Room. Experience everything Advanced SimRacing has to offer in 4,000 sq ft of SimRacing perfection


Vintage Rig

Sim Racing Point shows off a vintage, triple CRT monitor rig


Fanantec BMW M4 GTE Wheel Review

Boosted Media reviews Fanatec’s BMW M4 GTE wheel


SP1 Pro Cockpit

The P1-Pro Sim Racing Cockpit will be available for pre-order very soon, exclusively on the Sim Lab website, Get ready to take your sim racing experience to a whole new level. Stay tuned for more details.

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NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – 

  • Mike -.  P kind of messed up during green flag stops by pitting too late and losing the draft. Luckily, I caught a caution and was able to recover got to the lead with six to go. Was leading the second Greenway checker  made some bad news.  Started third for the final restart and made some bad news and fell to  eight.
  • David – p dnf, running in front, bad bump on inside lane took me out to loose track position, then got caught up in 2 other wrecks.  Engin blew coming to the green.
  • Rochette P wrecked… just couldnt avoid getting wrecked 

Sunday Open- 

  • Tom D – P 8
  • Justin- p2 start 21st didnt really keep it clean not really my fault had 12x with no damage. Alot of ghost x’s. Its helps to have a teammate in your split. There was a couple of other teammates there were locked together and pretty much controlled the race.
  • Tony – p wrecked again. Felt like the yoodler climbing up that hill waiting for the right price and just toppling over 
  • Kyle P. P17 Started P1 and kept it up near the front all race led 15 laps and had the lead on all 3 GWC and was in major fuel saving mode and went 54 laps on a tank of fuel only to run out halfway down the Back stretch on the final lap. Coasted home to a P17

Sunday Fixed

  • Justin  P p2 start 21st didn’t really keep it clean not really my fault had 12x with no damage. A Lot of ghost x’s. It helps to have a teammate in your split. There were a couple of other teammates there who were locked together and pretty much controlled the race.

Wednesday Open: Darlington

  • Mike- p 16. We basically had 30 laugh runs all night. I ran an average of fifth Place most of the night as high as third.  But at the end of the race, a 57 lap run I faded after about 30 really hard from fifth all the way back to 16th I suck.
  • David – p. P15 with damaged steering from lap 90 when out of control car flew into my left rear, lot of carnage allowed me to creep back up to 15th
  • Justin – p, dont know flat out got fucking dumped. In my opinion I was probably top 5 speed at least. Apparently I need to learn how to protest. Luckily i was the 28 car so i didn’t hurt the rating to bad
  • Tony – P7 wasn’t feeling good about this 1 but after missing a few good wrecks ended up having a long run car. Even led some GF laps but should’ve pitted alittle sooner. Race went over 70 GF laps at the end. Best ive ran at Darlington in about 3 years
  • Greg -P15 Was racing for P4 going into turn 3 on last lap and exited turn 4 P15

Thursday Open: 

  • Mike – p dnf- Rose restarting third on laugh, 60 and the guy behind me floated from the bottom all the way to the top going into one and wiped out the guy next to me who wiped us all out eight minutes required.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Bubble Glass


On the show today, we’ll check out some new Season 4 offerings, and speculate about others. We see who punched their ticket to the final 4 in the eNascar Coke Series, and look at what may be the most expensive sim wheels we’ve ever seen and ask if it could possibly be worth the money. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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