Episode 0421

2/8/2024 – Daytona Time! – Episode 0421

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we will look at the expected splits for Road to Pro, the kick off of the 2024 NASCAR iRacing Series, we get caught up on new hardware, the story of sim racing’s greatest underdog and we ask the question that everyone wants to know……Is Dale Jr. the greatest negotiator?

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Team Conti Sim Performance



Show Me The Money

Steve Myers posted about a recent interaction between himself and Dale Jr in regards to bringing a new track to iRacing.


iRacing IROC Incoming

A screenshot from Discord…..Ray Evernham confirms IROC to iRacing?

TAG Heur Esports Supercup Opening Round at Daytona

Luke McKeown and Sebastion Job split the wins in the opening round t Daytona.



Insider Gaming sat down with Tony Gardner to discuss multiple topics. Full article to drop on February 9th.


The Greatest Underdog in Sim Racing History

DJ Yee-J asks…Is Laker Peterson the greatest underdog in sim racing history?


Updated NASCAR Templates

All 3 cup templates were updated the other day with information from the Clash. Toyota and Chevy had spec channel updates. Ford Mustang also has spec channel updates, along with revisions to the upper headlight area identity package. Fair warning, the whole upper headlight area on the Ford will be mandatory stamped the next patch we release.


More Updates on Tempest

A post from iRacing reveals more information regarding Tempest and the options that racers will have when setting up test sessions.


2024 Will Be The Biggest Season Yet

iRacing and NASCAR are pleased to kick off the 15th season of the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series, the premier stock car sim racing series in the world, starting on Feb. 13 at the virtual Daytona International Speedway. With a record payout of more than half a million dollars on the line, a host of new competitors, and a brand new schedule, the 2024 season should be the most exciting and dramatic in series history.


Road To Pro Split

David Brown has posted on the iRacing forums an updated 2024 Road To Pro Spreadsheet broken down by iRating and Split.



How Do You Practice Restarts During Off Season?

Brandon Jones shares that he has used iRacing during the off season to work on restarts and race craft.


Check Your Replay Folder

Drew Adamson is looking for a replay from Dale Jr. winning the first ever eNASCARGG race.


Found It!

Tune in on Tuesday the 13th for the video.


Another Leaking Hole In The Ship?

Continued financial woes for Motorsports Games.


In This Lap!

Cold tires or not…get in here!


Time Attack Update

It’s been a week. Were do you sit in the standings? Brian Curry-31st, Greg Hecktus-38th, Brad Wrenn-47th, Justin Pearson-62nd and Mike Ellis-119th.


Time To Tackle The Mountain

The Bathurst 12 is a few weeks away. Do you have your team together yet?


Yeah Baby!

It’s time for the Great American Race that will kick off the 2024 NASCAR iRacing Series.


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Moza SGP Shifter Review

The Sim Pit and Shaun Cole reviews the Moza SPG Shifter



EvlRabbit also reviews the Moza SGP Sequential Shifter.


DSD Micro 32

In a forum post Derek Spears has announced the (re)introduction of the DSD Micro 32


Ghost Sim Racing Phantom Pedals

Ghost Sim Racing has released a very affordable set of pedals.


Triple 55’s!

Louder Racing shares a video of Watkins Glen in iRacing with triple 55’s.


Steering Wheel PTT Buttons

Mardon PC has a single PTT button with a velcro strap to secure it to your wheel rim.

Here is another option that was found on Etsy.


Conspit GT-Lite

An Instagram post from Conspit shows off the GT-Lite cockpit.


GS Extreme Tactical Earbuds

The world’s first tactical wireless earbuds. Can we sim race with these or something similar?


Gomez FPE v2

Gomez Sim Industries released news on Instagram of the FPE v2 wheel being released on February 13th. The post highlights that the wheel is lighter, brighter and a tab bit smaller (300mm).


Logitech G Pro Formula Wheel

Sim Racing Corner posted a video about an upcoming wheel add-on for the Logitech G Pro from 3DRAP.


Sim Racers Have Asked For A Better BAZOOKA

BDH has delivered with their new H1SQ dual mode shifter. We have a post on their Instagram account and a video of the new shifter in action.


New Wheel

Zen Sim Wheels posted to Instagram a video of a new wheel that will be released soon. The Vezza Ultra.


Story Title

Boosted Media and Dan Suzuki review the Simagic GT Neo wheel and share their thoughts on the new wheel. Does it deliver?


Looking For a Button Box?

EP Lab Sim Racing teases a new carbon fiber button box that will be releasing soon.


Are 20 Buttons Enough For You?

Box One Racing posted to their Instagram account showing off their newest addition to their offerings.


Valid Explanations?

Thomas Jackermeier sits down with Kireth to answer questions regarding the Black Friday issues and continued delays and back orders.


Jinx Releases New Shifter

Jinx has released a v2 of it’s sequential shifter in silver.


Safety Net For Your Rig

Make Sim Info has a customizable safety net for your rig.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Justin- Well I was going to come on the Pod and share the exciting news but the dongle on my headset died darn it but I did manage to clinch not 1 but 2 championships in Division 2. Gotta Thank my team, Tifisio for guiding me in the right direction cause I still don’t know what i’m doing half the time. Lol. Made a little spreadsheet when I was keeping track of points because it was close between me and the guy in second place in both series and It was the same guy in both series also. Had a blast in this series and I learned a lot! Thanks Everybody!

Official Series


  • DraftMaster COT car at Talladega I couldn’t resist the lure. qualified fourth. Get the wall just once and that put me back was able to rally back to finish P6.
  • Chris McGuire hosted three different Indy cars at Michigan winner winner, chicken dinner. I smoke them all.
  • 87 at Talladega came from dead last of the seventh, but then got wrecked out
  • COT at Talladega. Wrecked out 
  • Old IndyCar at Michigan winner winner, chicken dinner I roast it!


  •     Draftmaster P6, 13, and 25. What can I say. The usual adrenaline rush with crash avoidance (almost).

League / Hosted Races

   Winter Series League – 

  • John – P17 forgot to pit went 3 laps down. Was out of sequence with everyone else. Got lapped. Pitted again late and went even more laps down. But, zero X. 
  • Brad – p18. Had the opportunity to get a great result with pit strategy but blew that when making the last pit stop and only took left side tires. Had to pit again for rights and that dropped me two laps down. To add insult to injury (first from my teammates) I was dropped from the server with about 10 laps to go. Had fun but I’m glad it is over.
  • Mike- p started dead last worked. My way up got involved in the first wreck couldn’t miss it. About one minute damage on the second caution actually got ran into from behind well after the yellow came out, it ended up hitting at that point, and then driving from dead last up to second. Headed under green with 50 to go and cycle 1/ ninth work my way up to six with about eight laps to go I get dropped from the server don’t get disconnected in discord at all but IRacing drops my sorry ass connection Dnf.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Daytona Time!


On today’s show we will look at the expected splits for Road to Pro, the kick off of the 2024 NASCAR iRacing Series, we get caught up on new hardware, the story of sim racing’s greatest underdog and we ask the question that everyone wants to know……Is Dale Jr. the greatest negotiator? So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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