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2/15/2024 – Smoke On The Carpet – Episode 0422

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we break down Tony Gardner’s interview with Mike Straw, take a deep dive into the mid-season iRacing build update from Greg Hill and find out if you know who won the very first eNASCAR race?

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Team Conti Sim Performance



The iRacing Interview

iRacing’s President, Tony Gardner sits down with Mike Straw to cover a long lists of questions and topics.


-Doubled staffed during Covid, increasing to 130 employees.
-Continuing to progress with the graphics improvements. Have come along ways but we have a long ways to go.
-Talk about the damage model project. Really stick to being realistic.

-Rain and weather confirmed in March build. He said it out loud. He said they could’ve released it in December He said they may have over engineered it. Nobody’s ever done rain in a racing game like this. He said for the next year‘s, Daytona, 24 your team will definitely be worrying about if it’s going to rain and stuff like that.

-Talked a bit about the popularity of the Coke series and how it’s grown over recent years the price pool. How is that successful? Basically the 40 drivers are the best in the world. We have the best NASCAR simulator.

-Discussion about AI and how they’ve really developed it well but there’s nothing else around it. They don’t have a career mode because the focus is always been on multiplayer. So that’s the next step of the evolution building a career mode. This is already in full development they have a dedicated team on it. He’d like to have it out next year. #Soon.

-Discussion about acquiring the NASCAR license for console, a complicated three way deal they had been working out for a long time that was the ultimate goal to get it. They bought Monster Games as the first step to acquiring it. He gave kudos to motorsports games, saying they wanted what was best for the community by making sure that we got the assets. They increased Monster Games from 20 people to 35 people for the effort. There’s engineers on loan to them and they’re obviously using the cars and tracks that iRacing already has. They’re going to bring all the current NASCAR tracks and iRacing up to spec and updated Then they import them into the console.
-He asked about Trading Paints type integration into the console. He said it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen.

-There are open to talks of doing an IndyCar game at some point but basically said he doesn’t want to bite off more than they can chew insinuating that they can’t take on the IndyCar game while doing the NASCAR game they didn’t want to do the same thing that motorsports game did and get overloaded

-More to come on the world of outlaws franchise, hinting that they’re not a one and done there.

-Discussion about the upcoming game called Exo-Cross a futuristic, off-road fantasy driving game

Mid-Season Update

Greg Hill’s update is a whopper. Let’s try and break it down.




Rain Tidbits

Greg Hill Posts:
Will the weather be the same for all splits or does the dynamic do the work inside each split resulting in different conditions for every race?

The weather will be the same for all splits for a given race time.


Greg Hill Posts:

How will rovals work with rain, is the track water only limited to racing surfaces, or could we load up Iowa Road and attempt to race in the rain on the oval skipping the roadcourse and cones with a rain tire car?

Rovals are in the Road racing category and will support rain.


A Champion Is Crowned

Aiden Forster celebrates his iRacing World of Outlaws Championship in Volusia.


Retirement Announcement

Tommy Ostgaard has announced his retirement from professional sim racing.


Coke Series Week 1 Daytona

Wyatt Tinsley stays undefeated in 2024, wins eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Daytona opener




Sim Racing Business Stats – Presented by Simucube

Simucube breaks down in great detail the sim racing market, trends and history

Simucube https://26595485.fs1.hubspotusercontent-eu1.net/hubfs/26595485/sim-racing-starter-kit-links.pdf?utm_medium=email&_hsmi=81573563&utm_content=81573563&utm_source=hs_automation

Indy Car Schedule Released

A post from iRacing shares the 2024 Indy Car iRacing Series schedule.


Neat Idea – How about a RainMaster Series?

Adrian Clark

Perhaps that should be the next “Master” single-track series. 12 weeks at Spa, 12 different cars, all in wet weather. Call it “Rain Master”.


First Coke Series Winner

iRacing and eNascar look back at Dale Jr, the winner of the first iRacing Coke Series Race



A forum post from Matthew Wise shows a sign at a Okayama tunnel entrance that reminds you that no pets are allowed. The post continues to show pictures that really show the detail that iRacing’s art department take when recreating tracks.


A Clean Sweep at Hockenheim

Sebastian Job claims victory twice during the second round of the TAG Heuer Esports Supercup at Hockenheim.


“You’ve Got Nose Damage!”

The draft was too strong with this one….


Crank It Up!

The sweet sound of flat sixes screaming around Daytona International Speedway.


Patch Notes

A small patch was released to correct car collision calculations.


Time Has Not Run Out Yet

Just a reminder that there is still time to get your fastest lap in at Charlotte.


Another Opportunity for Sim to Reality

Racing Prodigy is giving racers an opportunity to trade their sim rigs in for a chance to compete as a pro driver.


It’s a Grand Tour

iRacing has announced the 2024 Grand Prix Tour with both Fixed and Open Series.



Mount Panorama Awaits


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Hydraulic Throttle?

Shawn Cole with the Sim Pit reviews Simagic’s Hydraulic Throttle System.


Formula Pedal Pads

3drap has released a universal Formula Pedal Pad replacements for various pedal sets.


Looking For A Wheel?

Rexing Steering Wheels posted on Instagram that their Mayaris 2 wheel is now available.


Button Box Preview

Simworx Simulators posted to Instagram about their new button box that will be available soon.


GT Wheel Released

Delta Sim Techwill start shipping their new Delta Evo:NS wheel within the next few weeks.



More Fanatec Drama

A post from Will Ford explains some of the difficulty that the hardware review community is dealing with as a result of the continued Fanatec drama.

Haptic Pedals

Dave Cam reviews the Mistral Haptic Pedals from P1Sim.



A Listener Provides A Hardware Update From Last Week’s Show

melv — on discord
Hi all. @1.) Mike Ellis I heard you mention about the Ghost Sim pedals – these are Simjack Pro that have been re-branded and updated with mods – Bearing mods and better elastomers i believe. The base Simjack pedals are awesome, and with a few small tweaks are even better. I have done some videos on the stock SJ pedals and also a few mods that are available on my YT channel. Also we have a FB and discord with lots of owners who can give feedback and advice.

It’s Getting Windy In Here

Grizzly Sim Engineering shows off their High-End Wind System via Instagram.



Burn Them Down!

How would your victory burnouts look with this add-on?



NASCAR iRacing Series

  • John – P23. This was awful. Started P5. Ran great and caution free the first 37 laps. After that, we had 12 cautions. I avoided the first 2 of those but then got hammered from there on. Bad luck started for me when a lap car decided to change lanes when I was right beside him and pushed me into the wall. Got rear ended three times checking up for wrecks. Then, the guy ahead of me kept blocking me and ended my night. 25 damage points and I got DQ’d. I did not cause any of this. Had fun running with team mate Tony Rochette; we got to hook up a few times and talked in team chat. That was a big help. Learned a lesson: might as well hang back the first 150 laps because there is no other way to avoid the madness. There will be plenty of chances to catch up. Not the strategy most people use, but I see no other way in my splits. That is what I will do tomorrow.
  • Brad – p11-Started p5 and ran in the front for most of the race. Ended up on a short pit strategy that had the race played all the way out would have hurt the finish. Ran green the first ⅔ of the race and then the wrecking started. Was p3 on final restart but got shuffled out and with no help ended up p11.
  • Rochette P13 NiS is back bitches. Starting on the front row with the 2023 chubby birb on a darkhorse Mustang got to the lead on the back and led the first 12 laps than fell back because leading is for losers. Did get caught in avoiding few peoples spins but the crew did a awesome job patching it up with no damage. Til with 12 or 10 to go was on the outside and had a lapper hit me harder than a toddler at Kmart and sent me into the wall and just about Killed the car but i still maintained lead lap so there’s that.. here is to ‘24 NiS season.
  • Justin P4, real solid race first time on a super speedway that I stayed in the front pack the whole race, stayed consistent running top 10 made it to 5 to go and caution. So everybody pits for fuel. I had a good pit stop and came out P1 for the G/W/C. This is where I choked. I was sleeping on the restart and outside lane got a run then I got shuffled back but managed to climb to P4. I would give anything to retry the restart again. You live and you learn.
  • Mike- p running about 10 around lap 20 a huge check up. I plowed into a guy and he spun hard into the wall. I actually got no damage from that incident. after that I keep getting run into from behind in check ups and ended up with 16 X by lap 77 that I had 37 seconds damage. 83. Greg tried to dunk in behind me, and I got turned another caution and that gave me a drive-through penalty under green flag. One minute 30 seconds optional. able to catch a caution before I got laughed and stayed on the lead lap. I get another 4X for 24 incidents in a simple check up. 57 to go restarted off of caution on starting T2. Got ran over from behind again with 38 to go and D queued out.
  • Greg – p 
  • David – P 9  competitive.  Caught up in wrecks twice.  Last one was a 30 second meat ball.  But happened at the front so many good cars were hurt.  Limped home in 9th with 5 minutes of option damage left.                       
  • Bobby P1 – Started p2, led laps early on, knew we had a solid rocket under us. Led a total of 65 laps. Lots of long green flag runs, multiple stops under green really made for small packs, with some good help we stayed on the lead lap. The 2 main groups were offset on stops by about 15 laps. Yellow with about 30 or so to go, brought everyone back together. Series of quick yellows, worked our way back up to the front after getting some small damage repaired. Wreck on white flag lap split the pack into small pieces. 1st place and me got way out front, lucky for me 3rd was able to miss wreck and steam coming towards us, timed the block and moved high for him to push me out front for the win. Have to say thanks to Declan Derba for drafting with me almost the entire race. Ian White and Zachary King for the help during the middle and end. Ian was the one that pushed us for the win, Zach was multiple laps down due to a connection problem, he reconnected and pushed Ian and me, even stopped on pit road when he didn’t need to, making sure how small draft pack stayed together.  

Official Series

Brian M- 

  • C Open Didn’t qualify, started towards the back.  Got near the front and was wall-slammed on the outside by a car that got turned on the bottom.  Worked on damage under cautions but was off pace.  Got damage fixed by last caution which was a GWC.  Restarted in 17th and got thu all the trouble and wound up in an embarrassing 3rd place.


  • Draftmaster P4. Top 4 were the only ones who didn’t wreck. We weaved through the carnage and had a good clean finish.
  • Draftmaster P17. We had a rogue driver in the race who wrecked just about everybody, including me. Naturally, as is always the case, the offending driver finished in the top 10.
  • A Open P26. Not a good race for me. Got taken out 3 times and just could not keep up with the pack.
  • B Open John P14. Was running up front  most of the race. Then, the usual carnage for my splits. The setup was great and had winner potential. B cars are easy to drive but for most people keeping the car in one is a mystery. Oh well, I’ll run another.
  • C Open-
    • P17. Somehow got stuck in the top split. Qualified P20. These guys were fast. I got behind some not so good drivers at the start. I was faster than they were but could not seem to pass. It took me quite awhile to figure out the best racing line on older tires. Finally figured out the third line was the way to go. Got around a couple of cars on a green white checker. Picked up a whopping 2IR. Seems like I always get schooled when I race with 5k drivers, and this was no exception
    • P20. Was in the top 10 on the last lap and two guys crashed and took me out. Boneheaded moves on their part. Ruined a great run.
    • P19 at Daytona. Was running 9th and moving forward. It was short lived though. On lap 11 I was on the inside line. The eventual winner was right next to me on the outside in turn 3. He decided he would rather have my lane, so he turned sharp left into me and into the wall. He claims his spotter said he was clear. If that is true then he was using the Stevie Wonder spotter pack. Never, fails, the guys who wreck always win or at least finish in the top 5. Guess I need to do what they do.


  • A Open p14-Started p2 and ran in the front all race. Very aggressive driving from the start. Guys going 3 and 4 wide on lap 7. Ended up being spun off T2 lost draft and pitted by myself. Got the lucky dog and fought back to front. Wreck in the front that did not bring out a yellow but had to back way off to avoid. Became separated but hooked up with the third group drove back to second to get wrecked in the trioval. Should have had a much better finish than I did.

League / Hosted Races


  • Chris McGuire hosted car tomorrow at Talladega got wrecked out lap one
  • Supercars at Michigan finished P9


  • Brian – Las Vegas 35 cars.  P 16 Qualified 17 Stayed in mid pack, but moved up just outside the top 10.  Cars wrecked in front of me late in the race,  Was ok to finish, but dropped to 16

Final Thoughts

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  1. Smoke on the carpet.


On today’s show we break down Tony Gardner’s interview with Mike Straw, take a deep dive into the mid-season iRacing build update from Greg Hill and find out if you know who won the very first eNASCAR race?

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