Episode 0423

2/22/2024 – Wrecked, Wrecked, Wrecked, Wrecked – Episode 0423

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we will recap iRacing’s Daytona 500 and discuss some of the issues that have been raised. Find out if you have these bad habits in iRacing, see if you have the cars to experience the rain when it comes and …… is iRacing missing a huge opportunity with the winner of the Daytona 500?

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Millbridge Update

iRacing posted new pictures of Millbridge Speedway that will be released in the Season 2 build.



What was the deal with all of the incidents this past week at Daytona?



It Broke My iRacing!

A wreck in a recent Moonhead race was hard enough to break iRacing!


What Could They Be?

OverTakeGG asks the question of which UK tracks could iRacing being scanning during their upcoming trip to the UK.


Big Numbers

Were you one of the 13,000? If so how many miles did you complete?


William Byron Shares How He started Racing

William Byron discusses how he started racing online instead of the traditional path of many young racers.


When The Rain Comes

An Instagram post from iRacing shares which cars will be available for rain racing in the upcoming build and release of Tempest.


Stay On The Apron

The big one caused by a driver not staying on the apron at Daytona.


Speed Boost

Bump to lightspeed!


A Familiar Name On The Podium

Job takes the Sprint Race victory while Webster grabs the feature race win.


It’s Race Season

A Facebook post from Tyler Hudson shows off his fresh livery for his dirt late model.


New Setup Shop

An Instagram post from Race Clutch announces their new multi-platform setup shop.



What Will Shock You In The Next Build?

Juen-Jen Wang asked this question on the forums based off the comment from Greg Hill in his mid-season update.


I Can’t See You

Billy Roberts posted on the iRacing forums about a bug found at Kern County Speedway. Apparently your crew are missing…..their heads!


Bad Habbits?

DJ Yee-J shares 10 mistakes you don’t need to make.


Avoid side by side racing

Not qualify

Only practicing qualifying

Refuse to test the car limits

Not using guides or references

Not using brakes

Sub optimal settings

BMW M Power Tour

BMW announces 12 weeks of racing with various BMW M race cars on iRacing.





Initial Bathurst BOP Announced


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Build Video

Tony Kanaan walks us through a Sim Lab’s chassis build.



Goodyear Is More Than Tires

Goodyear releases new shoe options. What are you racing in?


More Wheel Options

SimRep shows off their new Cosworth CCW MK2 Pro Sim Wheel.


Will Joe Rogan Be In Your Split?

Keep an eye out for podcaster Joe Rogan as he takes delivery of a new $70,000 Racing Simulator.


Trak Racer TRX Setup and Review

Sarah Nocchi reviews the Trak Racer TRX and shares her all in price for the complete system.


SHH Shifter Unboxing

SRC has posted an unboxing video of the 7th Gen shifter from SHH.


VNM Sequential Shifter Review

The Sim Racing Den plans a review the VNM V2 Sequential Shifter.


What Color Do You Prefer?

Heusinkveld has released their black version of the flagship Ultimates.


No Longer A Dilemma

Sim Racing Den reviews the new GTR button box with Stream Deck integration.


So Many Features!

Boosted Media reviews the EsportSim F1 Wheel.


Well…. Is It?

OC Racing asks the question is the Logitech Shifter still worth it in 2024?



Volkswagen Rally Wheel

Aluminum and Aerospace have a Volkswagon Rally wheel available.


Ultrawide Dash?

Sim Dash shows off their 8.8 inch wide DDU.


Dallara Simulator

Alberto Naska gets 15 laps in the Dallara Simulator. How did he do?



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – 

  • Mike -.  P6 early on. There was a big wreck where the leader on the front row. Bottom kept hitting the apron and he basically lost it took out the field. I barely missed that one. Later had a situation where my screen froze for about four seconds. Lost a bunch of track position. Ended up losing a lap eventually gained that lap back on track before a caution. while under caution, one guy was really slow to come around to pit Road, so we were all stopped at the entrance of Pitt Road, and some guy came up and ran into the back of me and gave me the drive-through penalty. Was able to catch a caution after that penalty was served and kept on the lead lap and then I started getting involved in incidents and got to 24X on the second green wide checker they wreck and I’m able to drive through and finish P6. 
  •  Justin –  p32 the race had 3 cautions by lap 10. I was in the last caution meatball
  • David – p 11 dumped late in the race
  • Chris Waldron-p 13. Got spun with 60 to go. Cautions flags did not come out to get repaired. 
  • Tyler – P black flag. Running 4 on the last lap and got a massive run on the front 3. A block sent me high and got loose bumping the wall giving me my 18x. Crossed the line in 4th place but finished P16. Really bummed out about a 3.5 hour race and getting the black flag on the last turn. Shoulve just rode it out in 4th. All other inciden points were getting turned or cut down. One 4x was on me for bump draft that was not a 4x. Incident points at Daytona were sus. 
  • Tony -P11 with a new paint job The Dark Birb Rises car started in the 7th spot. About 7 laps later while just cruising with my draft buffer, dude behind me decided I wanted to bump the hell out of me causing me to exit stage left on the back straight and lose the draft. For the rest of the race I was trying to play catch up. In a race typically full of chaos and mayhem there was none for the ¾ of the race. Only 1 caution in 150 laps. Within that time frame I ran out of gas short of my pit on my first GF stop. 2nd GF i was just before the line before the first caution came out. I was stuck behind dumbass drivers who couldn’t hold a line nor knew how to push or be pushed. At 1 time I was 2 laps down but last quarter we had our shenanigans made those back up to finish on the lead lap. Thank you Brian McChicken for making a awesome paint for the Chubby Birb. but think he forgot to grease the car down for aero
  • John -p25. This race was the poster child for why we need stages in these long races. Only 9 cars finished on the lead lap. First pit stop was under green. I was in 9th at the time. Somebody wrecked me in the pits and I had to go back on the track and try again. This put me a lap down and I never recovered. First caution on lap 45 I somehow got a passing under yellow. No idea how it happened. Now I’m two laps down. No cautions for another 130 laps. Hence, we need stages. Field was so spread out there were no chances to catch anybody. The most boring race I’ve ever been in. 
  • Joe- p? Wrecked 
  • Tom- p

Saturday Fixed- 

  • John – P5. Started P12. My strategy was to stay in back pack to avoided the wrecks. It worked. Had 9 cautions. I was in 15th on the last lap when the front runners decided to have the big one. I passed the junkyard of wreck racers and made it up to 5th. Don’t like laying back, but I knew that was the only to get a decent finish considering what had been happening all week at Daytona. 

Sunday Open- 

  • Mike- P 14- add an up-and-down race I lead laps for a while it was green forever. At one point I slid through the pit road and lost the pack, but eventually caught a caution that saved me but after that just keep getting caught up in issues and wrecks, and wasn’t a great finish
  • Chris- PP20. Went a lap down under green and missed like lucky dog 4 times
  • David – P 19 ran in the front all race, but caught in enough indents that the final wreck at the checkered penalized me.
  • Justin – P32 again, green flag run lap 125 we go in for fuel the guy behind me runs me over on entry going into the pits i manage to keep it straight, hit my box and on exit the same guy is behind me, straight up runs me over on the exit of pit road and i hook right and junk my car!
  • Adam- wrecked 
  • Tony – Pwrecked ya know when you tell someone stop slamming your ass and they wreck you? ya that was me 
  • Brain c- wrecked by a lap car
  • Greg -P wrecked late in the race

Sunday Fixed- 

  • Mike- P2- was running third on the White had a run on the top two I went high on them and at the line I lost it by about a foot. Pretty uneventful race otherwise. 
  • Justin –p4, Stayed conservative i was desperate for a good finish. I led 11 laps it was a solid finish. I will take a finish like this anytime.

Wednesday Open: 

  • Mike- P got caught up in the first caution. I was right behind the two people who sped out 2 1/2 minutes optional dam. The next job should I get ran over from behind another Forex. then I get destroyed when somebody else basically breaks me and I get ran over from behind and the car gets heavily damaged. No caution. Total shit show from that point forward I end up with the drive-through penalty and eventually D queued out with about three to go.
  • Chris- P
  • David – p12, this aint racing, this is shit, and passing under the line on the front at this type of track is TRASH
  • Kyle- P 
  • Justin – P30 ran the race in the top 10 half the race. Just caught up in somebody else’s wreck, nothing I can do. I have dropped 400 IR in 2 weeks because of these speedway tracks. I guess I gotta get better and stay up front.
  • Brad – P19. Started p5. Ran up front until lap 100 when the yellows started. Got caught up in the big one. Lost a lap and never got the car fixed. Very frustrating result.
  • Mackenzie – P

Thursday Open: 

  • Mike- P riding along in tenth, approaching green Flagstop. The front groups about the pull in some loser doesn’t realize it and shoots from the bottom to the top and destroys everybody in the outside lane, including me 29 required for 11 optional.

Official Series


  • FIAF4 at Okayama. The Sim would not load and crashed at 90%.  I finally hit launch again and it ended up crashing the entire computer, after the reboot, my computer went through windows updates, and had to reboot again. and even more windows updates. Gridded P7 as I missed qualifying and got to 12th by lap one seventh by lap three and went on to finish the race in P5 baby.


  • Ran various B and C races never really got a great finish. Glad to see Daytona in the rear view.

Road to Pro

  • Chris Waldron – P15. Early big one on lap 17. Green flag the rest of the way. Lost lead pack on pit stops. Ended clean. 435th in points. 

B Open

   John –P5. Qualified P5. Stayed up front the whole race. Had two cautions so I was able to fuel up under yellow. Lot of close racing. Good draft. Everyone in front kept is clean, until we got to the start finish line and some knucklehead to create a hole that didn’t exist and wrecked a few cars, including me. Luckily, we were close enough to the end that I did not lose a spot.  

C Open

John P19 at Daytona. Was running 9th and moving forward. It was short lived though. On lap 11 I was on the inside line. The eventual winner was right next to me on the outside in turn 3. He decided he would rather have my lane, so he turned sharp left into me and into the wall. He claims his spotter said he was clear. If that is true then he was using the Stevie Wonder spotter pack. Never, fails, the guys who wreck me always win or at least finish in the top 5. Guess I need to do what they do. 

John P8. Got to race with team mate Bobby Jonas. We were strong. Running 3rd and 4th. The leaders decided to pit. Bobby and me decided to stay out one more lap. Unfortunately, a guy coming on our outside decided to pit from the outside land and took us both out. We recovered well and made our way back up to the lead pack. Brian M – Didn’t qualify, started towards the back.  Got near the front and was wall-slammed on the outside by a car that got turned on the bottom.  Worked on damage under cautions but was off pace.  Got damage fixed by last caution which was a GWC.  Restarted in 17th and got thu all the trouble and wound up in an embarrassing 3rd place.

League / Hosted Races

OBRL ARCA Brian – Las Vegas 35 cars.  P 16 Qualified 17 Stayed in mid pack, but moved up just outside the top 10.  Cars wrecked in front of me late in the race,  Was ok to finish, but dropped to 16

Final Thoughts

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  1. Wrecked, Wrecked, Wrecked, Wrecked


On today’s show we will recap iRacing’s Daytona 500 and discuss some of the issues that have been raised. Find out if you have these bad habits in iRacing, see if you have the cars to experience the rain when it comes and …… is iRacing missing a huge opportunity with the winner of the Daytona 500?

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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