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2/29/2024 – iRaining ASMR – Episode 0424

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we will look at the upcoming Season 2 builds free content, newly added base content, see what special series from Season 1 will return for Season 2, round two of the ENASCAR Coke Series and can something under $25 really make rig and racing experience better?

And remember you can follow along with us on your PC or mobile device in real time as you listen to the show and see for yourself all of the great topics and products we’ll discuss by visiting iracerslounge.com and selecting show notes. Hope to see you there..


Base Content To Increase

iRacing announced that they will be adding Circuit de Lédenon, Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, Snetterton Circuit, and Winton Motor Raceway to the base content with the release of Season 2.


New In-Car UI Wishlist

A forum post from Jesse Truong gives suggestions of things to add to the in-car UI.


SRX  Is Near

iRacing has released a couple videos of the upcoming SRX Series being released with Season 2.



Hope You Have An Umbrella

A post on X from iRacing shows off the rain in the upcoming release of Tempest.

Nice still shots!


More Free Content

iRacing has released a video showing off the new Dirt Micro Sprint Car both wing and non-wing versions that will be part of base content with Season 2.


Is Sim To Real Racing  A Possibility?

Motorsports.com asks is sim racing a real path to real racing?


Lap 1 Of A 12 Hour Race…Really?

Matt Malone shares his first lap of the 12 Hours of Bathurst…oh and it was a 5000 SOF split!


iRacing Highlights For The Week


Post Race DQ?

Malik Ray posted on X about his post race disqualification for driving on the apron before the start of the race.


Leahy Gets Luck In Vegas

Keegan Leahy was in the right spot at the right time to grab a victory in Las Vegas.



Ring Meister Returns For Season 2


Draft Master Expands For Season 2


Weekly Challenge Returns For Season 2


New Partnership Brings A New Series

WSC and iRacing have partnered to bring TCR series branding to iRacing.




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Atlanta results.

Current standing after Atlanta.


New H-Pattern Shifter

An Instagram post from Aiologs shows off their new h-pattern shifter.


Story Title

Wheel Button Box

Conspit shows off their new button box wheel adapter.


Take A Rest

Asetek has a universal foot rest available.


McLaren Wheel

Ascher-Racing has released a McLaren GT wheel using identical components from the real world wheel.


A Build For A Pro

Advance Sim Racing shares their build for IMSA GTD Pro driver Parker Thompson.


Nvidia New Control Panel

Nvidia has announced the plan to retire the very old control panel and replace with a new app.



Is Perfect Alignment A Possibility?

SHawn Cole with the Sim Pit reviews the Trak Racer adjustable monitor mounts.


Is Cammus Legit?

DJ Yee-J replaces his Logitec Wheel for the new Cammus Direct Drive Wheel.


Simworx New Pedals Have Been Released

Simworx Simulators has announced that their 3.2 version of their pedals are now available.


Under $25!

Daniel Morad shares seven items under $25 that will make your sim racing experience better.


Rig Management

Sim Race Components has a solution to a common problem with sim rigs…Where do I put my power strips and cables?


Closer Inspection

Sim Racing Corner has released a video of the Simsonn pedals, from every angle.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Thursday fixed -Atlanta

Mike- P got a pretty good race going, but there was a blinker that was really bad and everyone told him to go to the back but he said I can’t turn off my stream. There’s nothing I can do. He eventually wrecked the field and I got caught up 3 1/2 minutes damage with 35 to go.

Friday Open – Atlanta

Mike -dnf again. Was minding my own business running fifth right after halfway second third tangle Richard I go to miss it I barely clip them seven minutes damage.  

Justin – P6, tried a little different strat. I didn’t qualify. I started in the back. It took it really easy until the last 10 laps to go worked my way to 6th.

David – P WRECKED,  Run top 5 whole fucking race, we are saving fuel running the out side lane and the guy in front of me gets stuck on the wall and slows up so much it wrecks me.  Then all goes to shit and I get 20x in 10 minutes including what was nothing but a push.

Chris Waldron– P19. Took the white flag up high on 5th spot. Leaders wrecked and I almost missed it, but got clipped in my bumper. 

Sunday Open- Atlanta

Mike- p2- we ended up with green flag stops and at one point my screen froze and I fell from six to 202nd and a millisecond the weirdest thing ever and anyway with all the late cautions I just stayed up front and on the final restart was able to get from 6 to 2nd almost won it. 

Chris- p15. Got caught up in a wreck on the last lap while running 7th. 131st in points. 

David – p5 – things finally fell my way

Justin -p35, my group come upon a lap car he could hold a line and wreck most of us.

Tony – p5 been sick last few days and needed to get a start in. Started mid pack and got caught in getting tagged in a few peoples spins. Finished in double gwc without a front end 

Chris – p 15. Ran in the front all race. Leaders had a check up late. Lost the front pack of 6. Got wrecked last lap to finish 15th. 

Greg -wrecked out first lap

Sunday Fixed-Atlanta

Mike- p19- total shit show I kept getting involved and everybody’s cautions. I got dequeued out as I crossed the checkered flag P19

Justin –.p14, worked my way to the front lined up p1 on a gwc again made it to turn 3 on the white and a guy tries to pass me under the red line wrecks me.

John – P23. Too many guys who have no patience. I got caught up in other people’s messes. Nothing wrong with fixed races, but it seems to always be a poop show.

Wednesday Open – Las Vegas 

Mike- P 16 had a pretty good race going until about a little after halfway and got totally collected in a giant wreck. Six minutes damage was able to hold onto the lead lap and finish last car on the lead lap P 16.

David – p 21, didn’t have good speed, but found something on the last run that I was doing wrong.  Nice to go caution free though and I got some much needed SR after the last 2 weeks.

Justin – p15 the hardest p15 i ever raced for i didnt make many mistakes could have gain some on better strat.

John – p6.. Ran conservative the first half of the race to save tires. We had three early cautions and then a 50 lap green flag run. Leaders pitted a little early in that stint. Pitted with 47 laps on the tires and was still running decent laps. Staying out helped a lot; by the time everything sorted out I was up to P12 from P19. We had three cautions in the last ten laps; I went from 10th, then 12th, then 11th on the GWC. Got by 4 cars while driving the inside line. 

TylerP11. Caution during green flag stops with 20 to go ruined the gamble on pit road. Fast speed on the long runs taking care of the right front. Ran to 14th then a caution setting up the GWC to finish 11th. Happy with the finish and the 0x, ill t

Brad –.p27 Started p19 but never could get moving forward as it was yellow after yellow. Tried to gain track position after a quick yellow by staying out about 45 laps into the race. That worked and had driven up to just outside the top 10. Then was caught up in an accident. Meatball and wheel damage put me laps down and back to 34. Fixed damage and soldiered on and was able to gain 7 spots from the continued cautions. The lack of race craft was astounding as we could hardly get 10 laps in without a caution. Race finished with 10 yellows in a 134 lap race. Will try again on Friday night.

Thursday Open-Las Vegas

Tony – P10 Was a p1-3 car til i kept hitting the wall on exit and fell 3/4 way through the race but made it back to top 10 with no nose and a janty wheel

Official Series


FIAF 4 @bat hurst. Qualified seventh out of 20. By the end of lap 1 I was in an incident fell to P 12 then worked my way up in several battles to finish P3! Great podium bathurst 10 laps


Draftmaster P22. On lap 3 a goofball took it 3 wide in turn  3 and took us both out. It was a typical draftmaster move by the miscreant. He had no reason to think it would work and he had to know better; but that  never matters in these races. Oh well, still addicted to the rush. 

Dirt street stocks at Limaland. P5. I do like the dirt. Should do it more often. I started near the back and picked up spots just watching people wreck. I’m gonna do more of these.

A Open-Las Vegas

Chris W – P5. Was leading bottom row with 1 to go  but top was just a bit faster.  Ellis- wrecked out, took a guy three wide on the outside. He couldn’t hold the Lane in the middle. He came up and destroyed us.

John K – P 9, Unusually clean race for Atlanta. Only 4 cautions. I think I had a fast car but passing is so tough here. Caught on the outside for quite awhile and that lane just could not move up. Not a bad finish, but felt it could have been better.

Brad W – P5 Car had so much speed on the long run. Drove up to p3 on a 45 lap run. Green flag stops and drove back to p5. Had I had another 15 laps, I think I could have driven to the lead.

Tyler- P13. Solid speed all race hanging mid pack with a green flag stop with about 40 to go. A bit slow on pit road entry cost spots but wound up cycling through to a P13 with a 0x. Best part was watching teammate Brad kick butt on the long runs .Fun race.

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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On today’s show we will look at the upcoming Season 2 builds free content, newly added base content, see what special series from Season 1 will return for Season 2, round two of the ENASCAR Coke Series and can something under $25 really make rig and racing experience better?

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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