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3/7/2024 – Wet and Wild! – Episode 0425

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we take a deep dive into the waters of the Season 2 build and week 13 offerings. Find out how your computer might handle the new rain effects. What are the five dumb things that you need to try in the rain and is your spotter very presidential?

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Special Guest


Is 2024 the Year of iRacers?

A post from iRacing pointed out the connection between iRacing and winning in 2024.


New Season 2 Content

iRAcing released a video showing off the new Super Formula Lights car available in the Season 2 build.


More Dirt Content in Season 2 Build

iRacing posted a video showing off the new Millbridge Speedway.


Grab That Umbrella!

We have multiple rain videos to discuss…..


I Tried RAIN In iRacing!


iRacing Ambassadors On Track


Tempest Driving Overview

iRacing released a video with a driving overview of the Tempest Weather System.


Rain Onboard

GT3’s at Sebring….In the rain!


How Real Is It?

IMSA posted a lap comparison video from Sebring in the Corvette C8.R.


CPU/GPU Rain Benchmark

Dan Suzuki benchmarked iRacing in the rain.


Porsche Esports Update

A post from Porsche Motorsports detailed the results from the Mid-Season Tournament.


Porsche Tag Heur Esports Supercup Update


TK Sim Racing HQ Update

Tony Kanaan shares an update from his sim racing headquarters.


Ovals In the Rain

Losanomics posted a video to X showing off a stockcar “drifting” in the rain.


I Can See Clearly Now….

If the rain drops are gone…make sure you have these options enabled.


Michael Hinkle2 Posts:

Thanks for sharing this info. I can confirm that the shader quality being set to low/medium will prevent the drops from appearing on the windshield. This will be corrected in a future patch. We intend all users to see the rain drops and no advantage should be gained by turning graphics settings down.


Misano World Circuit Video

iRacing posted video showing off te new Misano World Circuit.


Shake Up Time?

A forum post from Matthew Wise asks if it is time to shake up the iRating system?


Dumb Things To Try

DJ Yee J shares five dumb things you jus try in the rain.


Mt Washington Downhill – toyota 86

Slinger Figure 8

Tskuba outer oval –

Back to slinger – on oval

SRX Daytona on oval (not in rain?)

Rude Response?

James from Gamer Muscle posted a screenshot of an email he received after comments made about iRacing’s tire model.


Orange Man Cometh….

Who better to have in your ear while you’re going 200 mph.



Trevor Perry posted a video of the Trump Spotter package in action.


What Will You Be Driving In Week 13?

The Week 13 schedule has been posted.


Rain At Sebring?

Oli McGown Posts:
Greg basically confirmed rain at Sebring on TK’s stream the other day:



Seen in Discord

Denver Tergesen —
Lookup Beckham Jacir. Just hit 11k road IR. New #1 in the USA and #4 in world. 15 years old and made his f4 debut two weeks ago with a p3 in Miami. @1.) Mike Ellis


Season 2 Release Notes



More Season 2 Content

Algrave International Circuit arrived with the Season 2 build.


The Real Deal

If you are a fan of F1 Aston Martin…this is just for you.


Podium 500 Concerns


iRacing Off-Road Championship Update

Staff member Chris Leone posted on the forums that the 2024 Off-Road Championship would be on pause for the 2024 season.


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Who Is In Your Ear?

DRE is a spotter package for iRacing and their new version is live.



MPI GT Wheel

An Instagram post from MPI shows off some new GT offerings.


New Cockpit

ImSim has posted about their new GARRA Simulator that is now available.


Stream Deck Mount

Sim Sport Gadget has posted about a new mounting option for the very popular Stream Deck.


Cammus’ 12NM Wheel Base..That Good?

We have a reviews from Sim Racing Corner and Boosted Media of the 12nm Cammus Direct Drive Wheel.


Looking For A New Wheel And Pedals?

Asetek has dropped all US pricing on their wheel and pedal bundles.


Over Kill?

Whelen Warning lights…. is it too much?




NASCAR iRacing Series

Thursday fixed -Las Vegas

John- P14. This was a good clean race. I missed qual and started 25th. Got stuck behind slower cars but just could not pass them. Could not find the line to get around anyone.

Friday Open – Las Vegas

  • MikeP 14 no incident was basically garbage all night ran between 20th and dead last somehow on the last restart brought it from 19th up to 14th. I’ll take it.
  • DavidP8, got turned early but got needed caution, worked way up and some miracle misses of wrecks to survive for 8th
  • Chris WaldronP7. Car had great long run speed. Moved to the high line when the tires aged. 15th with two to go and finished 7th. Broke personal iR record and broke 2900 barrier. 

Brad – p 8 Finally put a full race together. Started p17 and drove up to p12 early. Got too aggressive and slipped through 1 and 2 and fell back to p26. Long run speed was great and drove back to p13 before the green flag stops. Race ran its course naturally and was able to grab a p8 with some great battle for position as the laps wound down.

Sunday Open- Las Vegas

  • Mike- P 17 ran pretty good as high assix. I had some confidence going but the last half of the race I kept getting snappy loose and having a slam on the break and lose all my track position I suck.
  • Chris- P 12. Car had great long run speed. Kept the nose in clean air. Did my best to avoid the 21 car who got in the way of everyone. iR now at all-time high 2962
  • David – P wrecked out intentionally.  People think if they aren’t at the corner but over drive it they are allowed to just drive through.  And because of the sham of the protest 
  • Tony – Pwrecked had a fast car, led laps but had 1 of those everything is fine til it wasn’t. Just lost it out of 2 and into the inside wall while in 4th with 29 to go

Brian C – Had high hopes for this one coming off a open win that morning… qualified Pole.. led the first 50+ laps but made some bad adjustments during pit stops and I just lost it running top 5 a the time. Fixed some damage but could only manage a P17 with the damage

Wednesday Open – Phoenix 

  • Mike- P got ran over from behind the fourth caution on lot 2012 second optional… ran really good after that as high as P2 was running fourth with four to go and got destroyed with a drive-through penalty. P23
  • David – P 12 lost positions on a late restart, sloppy ass caution fest
  • Brad – P10 A race that I never thought would end. Started p3 but got turned about lap 30 and collected damage. Went a lap down but because of the 17 cautions, I was able to get my lap back and fix all 4:30 minutes of damage. Drove back to p8 on GWC but pushed up off T2 and collected another car turning him. Managed to finish p10. 68/136 under yellow, UNREAL! 
  • TonyP16 I absolutely hate the dipping Dogleg. Kept get pounded from guys over driving the corners. caught in a late wreck that had a guy clip Kyle and hell ensued.

Thursday Open-Phoenix 

Mike- had a pretty clean race going started in the back gradually worked my way forward was running fourth with a caution with 27 to go bunch  him back up. Then it was caution fest from there kind of got screwed at the end and got a P 10.

Official Series


  • FIAF4 at the ring first lap, final corner I’m coming around and there’s somebody shooting sideways on the track I T-bone him. P 22.
  • 13th week wet and wild at Laman spun coming to the green was dead last in 23rd got ran over at one point with four minutes of towing brought it home P5 in my first ever rain race in the Cadillac GTP
  • Ran it again and was running P4 with two minutes to go, and I overcooked the corner and killed it

Road to Pro

Chris Waldron – P17. Was Top 5 all race and took Fuel only on tires 8 laps old. That was a mistake. Went from first to worst. Late caution helped me drive back up. 406th in points

B Open   

John – P8.  Started 11th.Way too many cautions. 25% of the race was under yellow. Cars were all over the place. The last half I just drove defensively to stay out of the way of the craziness. Probably could have finished top 5, but was happy to finish with zero X

C Open

John K –  P21. This was the “smog race”. There was a crazy haze all over. I had a winner in this truck. Problem was I lost the back end four times coming out of turn 2. I was in the top 5 each time and lost 15 plus spots. Cold tires were the problem. Just dumb driving on my part.  It took  5 to 7 laps to get the heat I needed but I was too impatient to wait. It cost me big time. 

P8. This was a fun one. Only one caution. Of course, I was in it when a guy decided to turn up into me on the back straight. I didn’t give up though. No damage to the truck so I lost no speed. Was in 20th on the restart and worked my way up toward the end as most guys used up their tires. Probably could have gain another 3 spots but lappers wanted to race me side by side and ruin my chances. Oh well, thats racing

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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  1. Wet and Wild!


On today’s show we take a deep dive into the waters of the Season 2 build and week 13 offerings. Find out how your computer might handle the new rain effects. What are the five dumb things that you need to try in the rain and is your spotter very presidential?

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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