Episode 0426

3/14/2024 – Too Many Wheels – Episode 0426

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Show Introduction

On today’s show, we will get you up to speed on special events and new series coming to iRacing. Walk through the Season 2 Patch 1 fixes and updates.. See how Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen relaxes before a race, congratulate a first time eNascar Coca Cola Series winner and hear from professional drivers share their thoughts on iRacing in the rain.

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Hey Max…What do you do before a Grand Prix?


Did iRacing Get It Right?

Ride with GTD Rolex 24 Hour winner Daniel Morad at Spa the rain.


More Praise From Drivers

New rain model attracts heavy praise from real-world and sim racers alike
Rave reviews help iRacing surpass 250,000 active users for first time

“In my opinion, this is incredibly realistic. I’ve driven Sebring in the rain and it’s legit exactly the same.” – Daniel Morad, 2024 Rolex 24 at Daytona winner


Hard To See….

Greg Hill addresses a common complaint with the introduction on rain.


No Parking Zone

Dan Suzuki wondered how iRacing would handle track drying if a car was parked in the racing line.


We Got A Spinner!

A post from Dmos105588 shows what happens to a GTP car after getting hit at the exit of Eua Rouge at Spa.


Week 13 Ferrari Fixed, Tempest Bug

An issue with the forecast was found and was to be fixed before the start of Season 2.



Zach posted to X about an issue with the new SRX car.


Season 2-2024 Contests Announced


Atlanta Delivers Again!

Much like it’s real counterpart, Atlanta gave us another three wide photo finish.



Temporarily Inactive

Proto/GT series placed in standby until patch to address a bug.


Season 2 Patch 1 Notes


Which Cars Come Next?

Corey Preston asks…Next batch of rain compatible cars?


UI Issues

There has been issues this week about the UI becoming unresponsive after completing a race.


Having Issues Finding Your Race Results?

If you are having issues finding your race results in the new UI, see picture below.


Season 3 Schedule Voting To Begin

See the links below for forum posts about season 3 track schedules.




Nurburgring Endurance Championship Announced


Creventic Endurance Series Rounds Announced


Time Slot And Other Changes Coming To FIA4 Series

Europe has been combined and the series moved to an every two hour time slot. Good or bad?


2024 Sebring 12 Hours

We are less than two weeks out from Sebring. Have you finalized your team?


BMW M-Power Series Kicks Off This Week


Super Formula Lights Series Details


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Fantasy results from Phoenix…


New Spotter Pack Released

Trevor Perry has announced that the Donald Trump Spotter Pack is live.


Is A Big TV The Way To Go?

Random Callsign asks is a big TV for sim racing a mistake?


First Sim Rig

Kayla Rundle walks us through a GT Omega Rig setup with the Moza Racing R5 bundle and a review.


Turtle Beach Velocity One Review

OC Racing shares the honest truth about this entry level wheel and pedal combo.


Best Sim Racing DDU?

Dave Cam answers this question with his review of the Soelpec XR-5 DDU.

Moza E-Stop


New Wheel

Grey Wolf Technologies has announce a new wheel.

Greywolf GWT-01 | Professional SIM Wheel

T Engineering Formula Wheel

T Engineering took to Instagram to announce the ECF-2 Formula Wheel.


I’ll Have Mine In Black Please

Sim Labs now has their XP1 Pedals available in black.


Price Announcement

Qubic System has released the pricing for their QS-BT1 entry level seat belt tensioner system.


New Apex Storm Wheel

Apex racing is releasing their Apex Storm racing wheel.


Something Just Landed

VPG Sim posts about the most advance simwheel…has just landed.


FIA Approved Sim Racing Seat

Podium 1 now has an FIA approved RECARO sim racing seat.


Race Labs Update

Race Labs has released a new overlay to coincide with rain coming to iRacing.


Cube Controls GT-X2

Cube Controls has released a new GT style wheel, the GT-X2.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Phoenix

  • Mike -P7- had a great run was running as high as second basically top five most of the day near the end I was running fourth and I got ran over in the middle of the corner from behind me back to 11th was able to rally back to seventh. 
  • David – P wreck, my usually get caught in someone elses mess.  Ran clean all race, on the way to a top 10, then two guys hit each other multiple times and I end up meatballed
  • Chris Waldron-P.15  drive-through penalty near the end.  24x from getting bumped. Good track but it’s a crap show on the dessert. . 
  • Kyle -P blinking issue
  • John -P18  Lap 10 some cars wrecked in front of me. I slowed down gently but the guy behind me was not looking ahead and plowed into the back of me. It pushed in hard into the wrecked cars. Had about 5 minutes of optional that took forever to get done; about 8 pit stops. Ruined my race early. 14 cautions. That’s one every 10 laps. Totally unacceptable. I think this was typical all week for everybody. 
  • Brad – P wrecked. Started on pole but was not in the correct gear. Settled in at p10 but was caught up in a wreck on lap 23.

Sunday Open- Phoenix

  • Mike- P wrecked out. had a pretty uneventful race was running fifth with about 45 to go after a restart. The guy in front of me wouldn’t go. I was kind of frustrated coming up about a turn too. I turned the wheel to the left just a hair too much and it hooked back to the right hard and I caused the big one damage I was done.
  • Chris- P9 got wrecked several times early on lost some laps. Was able to get back on the lead lap. Cautions and pit strategy went my way. Officially joined the 3000 club with iRaiting 
  • David – P got intentionally wrecked.  He got suspended
  • Brian C – P running top five P2 for the longest time only took right on a stop and had to take the other ones and lost track position. Something weird at the end like he beat the pace car to the checker.?

Sunday Fixed-Phoenix

  • Mike- p5- had a good run round top 10 basically both of the race got up to 16 X with actually no damage at all and brought it home P5

Wednesday Open – Bristol 

  • Mike- P15 T-bone the guy real hard in the first caution. Five minutes damage struggled to stay on the lead lap after that run near the back got caught up at a two other cautions for additional damage. Got a third wreck to get me to 16 X with 70 to go basically just try to keep it on the end of the lead lap and that’s where I finished P 15.  
  • David – P wrecked out at end by dirty driving
  • Justin – P wrecked out rage quit
  • Brad – P 2 What a challenging race. Started p6 and grabbed the lead early on. Lead a total of 59 laps. Made a mistake during the first pitstop, overshot. Restarted p8 and drove up to 5th before getting turned. Slid the whole front stretch and lost a lap waiting for everyone to pass. Decided to pit and get tires instead of getting the wave around(in hindsight this was a mistake). Went through a bunch of yellows to finally get my lap back. Once back on the lead lap drove back to front and survived multiple yellows. Final G/W/C and was in p2. Made two shots to pass on the inside but just could not get the drive off the corner. I should have tried the top but felt like my tires were better than the leader. Happy with a p2 and will go for another shot on Friday.
  • Kyle p15 – got a passing under yellow and went down four laps

Thursday Open-Bristol 

  • Mike- P wrecked out kept getting involved and everyone else’s incidents. I have zero luck.

Official Series


  • IndyCar IRacing series at Sebring P7 got ran over from behind from a guy not once, but twice the same guy as I was pitting for damage, he ran over another guy, but anyway kept on ended up getting a drive-through penalty for too many incidents, but still brought it home P7. Thanks to a ton of attrition.
  • FIAF4 @Snetterton racing circuit. Qualified 13th out of 22. got completely wrecked in an incident on lap one put me back to dead last work my way back up to finish P 14.


  • C – Trucks. P8. Finally, a clean race. Only one caution; that is unheard of these days. I gambled and stayed out on tires 55 laps. Actually gained 2 spots but too far behind to get to the lead pack. I’ll take a top 10 anyday and 44 IR points.

B Open

  • Brad – P8 Had a great race in the Xfinity car. Was surprised how much better the racing was compared to NiS. Started p11 and ran in top 10 most of the race. It was hard to pass but the racing was very clean and respectful. Most fun I have had in a few weeks.

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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  1. Too Many Wheels


On today’s show, we will get you up to speed on special events and new series coming to iRacing. Walk through the Season 2 Patch 1 fixes and updates.. See how Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen relaxes before a race, congratulate a first time eNascar Coca Cola Series winner and hear from professional drivers share their thoughts on iRacing in the rain.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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