Episode 0427

3/21/2024 – Butt Puckered – Episode 0427

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we discuss the Season 2 Development Update from Greg Hill. Review multiple hotfix patches with Sebring just days away. Find out which eNASCAR Coca-Cola Series drivers are getting their chance at real racing. Has wet weather racing opened the door to teams getting a competitive advantage and we wonder if the new UI will ever be perfect?

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Better Filter?

Dan Suzuki asks if we can sort races by “chance of rain”?


UI Filter Issues

With the updated UI, filter are not being saved when you leave UI and re-launch.


Unintended Consequence?

A post on Reddit raises concerns of a possible competitive gain for teams in wet events.


Season 2 Update Video

iRacing posted a Season 2 Development Update video. Future surprises?


NASCAR Remaster Project

Endurance Series will grow from 11 cars to 15 and more cars over 2024 and 2025

Supercar updates coming and other Australian surprises coming.

A shocker coming on the racing vehicle front but we are not going to say more, (They show a picture of a yellow school bus)

In sim UI changes coming this year.

Will be revisiting effects like smoke with what we learned during the rain development

He says at very end we havent even talked about the future iracing rendering engine

Another Hotfix


Another Hotfix 2


What A Start!

Mike E- “Now a move like that in an iRacing race would probably bring a verbal lashing over the chat and least some 3 wide woe is me guys groaning…, But when Glen does it in the real race, its Hero moment…

What do you guys think? Put him on @2.) David K Hall list to watch out for perhaps first lap hero? Or is this an alien move no worries he’s moving up to another split anyways…?”


North Wilkesboro Update

iRacing recently scanned the repaved North Wilkesboro Speedway.


Cup Series Winners iRating

How does your iRating compare the the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series winners?


Ouch…That Will Leave A Mark

Cones can now cause damage?


Salas Gets A Shot

eNASCAR Coca-Cola Series Driver Vicente Salas will make his NCTS debut at COTA.


Bussa Gets A Shot!

eNASCAR Coca-Cola Series Driver Matt Bussa will make his first ever real race at New River Speedway.


2024 Season 3 Build-Confirmed/Rumors

Kyle Noel asks what do we know about Season 3?


Thread Resurrection?

2021 Indy Car thread is back from the dead.


Special Events Posters

Where can we find 2023 Special Event Posters?


Highlights From This Week In iRacing

With the return of INDYCAR, the INDYCAR iRacing Series (Open Setup) predominantly follows the real world INDYCAR schedule. It will have full length races on road courses while utilizing amended race distances for the ovals during the 16-week racing season. The series returns for it’s second week of competition this week. It’s the first Oval of the year. Auto Club Speedway, once again utilizing the Dallara IR-18.

Schedule: Thursday, 01:00 GMT; Friday, 20:00 GMT, Saturday, 18:00 GMT; Sunday, 02:00 GMT

(Perhaps quickly highlight the other series on this page as well…)


Sebring Forecast Confirmed

Greg West shares additional details about the forecast for the 12 Hours of Sebring.


12 Hours Of Sebring BOP

Dexter Castro Posts:

TBH most of that I’m sure was because the LMP2 was faster in the rain forecast, people just switched over because they want to win overall.

Well, now with a significant chunk of rain in the 12h forecast, I’m sure plenty will be going LMP2 for the greater safety in an endurance race.



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A Picture Is Worth…

VPG Sim releases an updated picture of their new wheel.


Simucube Gets Updated iRacing Force Feedback

With the latest iRacing update, Simucube now has 360 HZ force feedback.


GSI Has You Covered

Gomez Sim Industries announces their new gloves, AeroFlex Shortys.


Podium Dash

Sim Racing Components have released images of their new Podium Dash.


Next Level Racing Launches New Seat

Are you looking for a new seat? NLR has a new reclining sim racing seat.


P1000 Review

Darth Snape gives a thorough review of Simagic’s P1000 Pedals.




Replying to @ogpyrosapien using maple syrup in a liquid cooled PC! works WAY better than it has any right to once it properly heats up! #pc #pctips #pcbuilding #mryeester

♬ original sound – mryeester

How It Started

MPI shares an Instagram post of how the F4 Tatuus Steering Wheel stated and ended.


MPI Wheel Adapter

MPI has announced the release of their 5 to 6 bolt wheel adapter.


 MPI SIMmax Seat

Max Papis Industries has released the MPI-SIM-SX09-G sim seat.


Almost Perfect

Shaun Cole shares his almost perfect DIY sim rig.


First Time Rig Build

Sarah Nocchi shares her recent first build of the Trak Racer TR160S Sim Rig.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Bristol

  • Mike -P 8- had about a minutes of damage and 16 incident points drove through the field at least once but was able to bring it home. P8. I will take a nice top 10.
  • Justin – P 32 just got dumped at the end i was fast led 68 laps
  • David – P16 shit show with 19 cautions, finished with 22x,  8 of them were over sensitive iRacing x’s for checkups where i barely tapped a guy on a restart cause of stack up.
  • Rochette – self wrecked.  Typical Bristol BS. with 40 to go was on the inside of a guy coming out of a corner and drifted up just a smidge and just wrecked a few cars. My new presidential spotter called me a dumb son of a bitch 
  • Kyle -P  black flag drive-through penalty

Sunday Open- Bristol

  • Mike- Pwrecked out. A total of 4 teammates in the same split.  At one point, Chris Waldron got wrecked and was spun out and came down the track I went to the apron the miss him and actually T-bones him really hard.  Later, some lard didn’t understand car high and just ran up into me into the fence. DNF.
  • David – P 11.  Had a top 15 car.  Got sent to the back late twice. First time unavoidable wreck damage.  2nd time, I juked up on the track case everyone exiting the pits was stopped, got EoL.  But right after managed to avoid a big one and got 10 spots right back.  On last GWC had to go conservative cause X’s and dropped from 9th to 11th.  Good points day though as it was top split.  Back in the lead of div 2
  • Justin -P30 was doing decent and got involved in a caution and during the caution laps it told me to let a car by and that car wasn’t on track anymore so it was impossible for him to pass me so I got a passing under yellow penalty so that completely ruined my really good race.
  • Tony – was doored by a car bouncing off the outside wall and put me in the inside wall on lap 3… 6 minutes required ya i wasn’t waiting. Least the guy apologized 
  • Brian C – P1. Didn’t qualify well but slowly worked my way to the front. Got dumped on a restart running p2. Spent the next 100 laps fixing damage during cautions. Got a caution with 25 laps left and pitted for right side tires.. others took 4 but the 2 tires were good enough to get to the lead and hold them off for the win. Redemption after throwing the win away last week at Phoenix 
  • Chris – P 21. Had a smoking fast car was running 4th at half way make and got doored by 3rd trying to pass. Got loose and wrecked. P21.
  • John – P11. I had only done about 15 minutes of practice at Bristol earlier in the week so I did not feel comfortable qualifying. I figured I should stay out of the way of guys who were better prepared, so I did not qualify. Started P35 out of 36 cars. My hope was that I would gain spots by passing and attrition. I did get some damage twice from typical Bristol Stackup wrecks, but nothing you wouldn’t expect here. Because of the damage and an unsafe pit exit I went 4 laps down. But I passed a few cars and gained spots by other people wrecking one another. I was the lucky dog on both GWC’s and got within two laps of the leader. P10 was a lap down so I was hoping he wrecked on one of the GWC’s but he didn’t. I am very happy with this one. Picking up 24 spots made me feel great.

Sunday Fixed-Bristol

  • Mike- p7! Kept getting involved in cautions that were not my doing with no damage racking up the incident points eventually got the drive-through penalty took a wave around and then fought really hard for a lucky dog and then drove it back up in there to finishP7
  • Justin – P21 took 4 min of damage within a couple laps and 1 lap down. Took until 50ish laps to go to get all my damage fixed and get back on the lead lap running in the top 10. Then some one takes me 3 wide and wrecks us all. All that work for nothing.
  • TomP P12 after playing bumper tag with @Adam John Josselyn lol
  • Adam – wrecked out

Wednesday Open – COTA 

  • Mike- P.  Wrecked out about halfway through the first fuel run approaching the final set of turns on the track there’s a guy off the track stopped so I keep on going by and right as I do he decides to pull out and go straight across the track towards the entrance of pit road and, I hard to miss him, but it’s too late. I T-bone him.  That’s a protest.
  • David – P 18, slow, irrelevant
  • Justin – P 8, nothing really special just kept it on the track. I need to get better. 
  • Brad – P12 Finished where I started. Rather uneventful race. I continued to pick up time as the race went on. 
  • Greg – P6
  • Chris W – P3. Only 11x and 5 of that came on the last lap. Bottom split so whopping points pay out of 29.

Thursday Open-COTA 

  • Mike- P 15 with 24 incidents lots of run-ins with idiots, but was able to bring it home really hard to keep the mental focus at the end
  • David – P dnf.  Blew my motor downshifting

Official Series

A Open

  • Brad W – P11 COTA-Ran this as a test for NiS. I started P17 and avoided some early incidents but as the race continued I picked up more speed. I was super happy that I completed the race with 0 incidents.

B Open

  • John – P3. This race is why I love IRacing. Started P5. On the start the pole sitter blew up his car and caused a stack up. P3 ran into P1, I ran into P3, and P7 ran into the back of me and shot me into the grass. No yellow. Thank God somebody spun in turn one and brought out the yellow. I was able to pit and get all damage repaired, but came out of the pits P23. Got tires under yellow on lap 10. Pitted under yellow on about lap 36 and came out P16. Tool tires again under yellow on lap 45 I knew if I saved tires I could gain ground on a long run because everyone else was obviously wasting theirs. Caution came out again with 2 laps to go. That put me in P9. Another quick yellow put me in P8. On the second GWC five cars in front of me overdrove and bumped each other. I shot into P3 coming out turn two and stayed there for a podium. Man, I thought that crash on the start ruined my race, but I never gave up.


  • Brad – P5 Suzuka (RAIN) What a challenge this was! Turning laps versus racing is night and day. Had to learn to avoid the spray and manage a wet line that was changing. Even though it was 45 minutes of butt pucker, it was fun and I think that iRacing really nailed this.
    • P17 Sebring-Started P12 and was running in top 10 till a car rejoined the track in the LeMans Chicanes and hit me in the right rear. With 6 minutes required and the race was done but I did make a few final laps for SR.

League / Hosted Races


  • Ellis- p Shane Van Gburg and hosted a road Atlanta event which I joined and didn’t do very well in. This was fun when I jumped in. It was a drying track, and he was trying to hot lap before the rain started again.  of course he was fastest. I couldn’t even keep it on the track at all, but he was flying around there. It’s always a pleasure to run with Shain. I think he’s gonna be my man in NASCAR I’ll be pulling for.
    • FIAF4 @Snetterton. First time trying Dan Suzuki’s 360 Hz profile after the semi cube update. Started at 16th got to ninth on the first lap steadily worked my way forward and finished P3 on the podium!! Force feedback feels really good.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Butt Puckered


On today’s show we discuss the Season 2 Development Update from Greg Hill. Review multiple hotfix patches with Sebring just days away. Find out which eNASCAR Coca-Cola Series drivers are getting their chance at real racing. Has wet weather racing opened the door to teams getting a competitive advantage and we wonder if the new UI will ever be perfect?

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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