Episode 0428

3/28/2024 – Hazy Rig – Episode 0428

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we will re-cap the first iRacing special event with rain and preview more upcoming special events. Get some tips on how to handle your race mistakes. Find out how the eNASCAR Coca-Cola Series stacks up after the completion of the 1st segment. Attempt to tackle a large list of hardware updates and get a sneak peak of Snoop Dogg’s new ride.

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Indy Car Issues



A couple of streamers figured it out, so at least a couple of splits were won by guys who intentionally pulled off and towed on the final lap. If this isn’t fixable, then this entire race should be invalidated, this is an unbelievable oversight


Greg West Posts:
Hi all,

Thank you for all of the feedback on the timing and scoring issue that impacted the 1:00 GMT time slot. We have identified the technical source of the issue and have remedied it for future time slots.

To clarify next steps, unfortunately we are unable to amend the results from last night’s event. The nature of the iRating system doesn’t allow for these recalculations without enormous waterfall impact. The results will stand as they are posted.

We sincerely apologize for this event and any frustration it may have caused. We are looking forward to the next time slots and the rest of the series.

I appreciate your understanding.


SRX Resurrection?

A post on X from Racer Magazine announced that Skip Barber Racing School has acquired SRX.


Into The Weekend

Max’s 360 into the weekend.


Own It

Shaun Cole gives some great advice in this recent video about handling mistakes.


Is This You?

How many times have you said this to yourself?


Sebring 12 Hours Recap

The 12 Hours of Sebring was a success.



Sebring Post Race Recap

2024’s race saw a 38% jump in participation.


eNASCAR Coca-Cola Series Rolls Into Richmond

Steven Wilson grabs the win at Richmond Raceway.



iRacing Highlights


New Sim Racing Lounge

Send It Sim Racing has opened up a sim racing lounge in Western New York State.


Impressive Accomplishment

Tucker Minter has almost accomplished a very impressive award.


Relax…Enjoy The Calming Sounds

Enjoy four hours of the calming sound of rain…..in iRacing.


Help Wanted

iRacing is hiring for a Vehicle Production Associate.


FIA Member Club Announcement

FIA Member Clubs may offer one year subscription to iRacing with the FIA F4 car.



Twitch and eSports


This Week In iRacing

iRacing Weekly Challenge – Super Formula Lights at Okayama Full Course


iRacing Nurburgring Endurance Championship

The iRacing Nurburgring Endurance Championship kicks off on March 30th with a four hour race.


Road America 500

Get ready for a vintage special event in April.


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Insane Value?

Laurence Dusoswa reviews Moza’s R21.


It Worked Until It Didn’t

iRacing was working on Linux until the revert back to EAC Anti-Cheat.


Simforge Pedals

Simforge has released a Dark version of their Mark-1 pedals.


A New King Is Crowned?

OC Racing asks if the new Cammus DD Wheel will be the end for the mid-range level competition?


Still Worth It?

Geek Street asks if the Logitech G29 still worth it in 2024?


Personalized Sim Support

Looking for a personal touch when setting up your sim hardware? Velocity Pro Sims is here to help.


New Hardware Provider

Archangel offers a large variety of sim racing gear and products.


Is It Too Cheap?

Real Good Gear reviews the Sim Jack 6 Speed Shifter from Ali Express.



F1 Arcade To Open In Boston

Vesaro Sim posted to Instagram that the new F1 Arcade is set to open in April using their sim rigs.


Snoop Dogg’s New Ride

Podium1 Racing has posted a video showing of a new build for rapper Snoop Dogg.


LED Flag Plus

3D-Sim Gear has released their new 3D Sim Gear LED Flag Plus.


8NM Direct Drive Wheel

Ali Express delivers with a 8nm Direct Drive Wheel from Trun EVA.


Oh My!

Battle Rigs posted pictures of their BMW race themed PC Tower.


Conspit DDU WHeel

Conspit shares on Instagram their latest wheel that incorporates a DDU in a GT style wheel.


Is It The Best Value?

Boosted Media… Simagic vs Everything….Is it the best value?


Wind Time

Simplayer Sim Racing Wind Simulator now available from Ali-Express.


Pedal Haptics

3DRap announced their new 12v pedal haptic system on Instagram.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – COTA

  • David – P12   meh
  • Tyler -P13 I’m well aware of my small skill set on road but iRacing has got to fix the track limits at cota. The margins are so narrow with this car. It does not reflect anything on real race day. Glad I didn’t get the black flag as I finished with a 16x. Looking forward to Richmond.

Sunday Open- COTA

  • David – P10, meh, at least had guys near me to actually have something interesting going on
  • Chris – P 4. Hit my marks and only 7x.

Wednesday Open – Richmond 

  • Mike- P4 Started in the back quickly worked my way to the top 10 started working my way slowly up and got to the lead with 70 to go. Ended up finishing the race on P4. I had newer tires than the guys in front of me but no late cautions so I could try to make a run for the win. We’ll get them next time.
  • David – P wrecked, running good, top 10 car infont bounces hard on wall i can’t avoid, destroyed
  • Justin – P wrecked out
  • Tyler – P wrecked but not totaled. Finished 26th after taking major damage just over half way. Avoided a wreck out of 2 and got blasted in the rear. Then 30 laps later turned in 1. The racing product in NIS is comparable to carb cup. Just unfortunate. 
  • Brad – P9 A lot of work to get back to where I started. Ran top 10 first third of the race until getting turned twice. Fought wheel damage but was able to stay on the lead lap and get most of it fixed. Late race cautions allowed for a decent finish.

Thursday Open-Richmond 

  • Mike- P10 car 31 top split. Worked my way forward to run top 10 basically got as high as fourth. There were nine cautions in the first part but 120 green flag lap run to end it out. I didn’t really fade pretty proud of the top 10 and top split P 10.
  • Justin – P wrecked out

Official Series

IndyCar IRacing series at California

  • Ellis – P7 was running around fourth on lap 25 when the wind caught me and spun me down to the grass and I lost all my spots ran dead last there for two green flags and finally caught a caution took a waiver around and caught another caution to get caught up on fuel worked my way forward to lap approaching the final stop. I stayed out and ran out of fuel and pitted with 15 but then the other leaders had short pitted and had a five car breakaway upfront. I finished P7, a super fun race.
  • Tom- P5.  We went caution free for 135 laps.  I restarted P19 on restart and worked my way up.  Some of the most fun I’ve had.  3 and 4 wide in the IndyCar
  • Donnie- wrecked out

A Open-Richmond 

  • Brad W – P28. Caught up in a wreck on lap one. Made multiple mistakes while trying to get repairs. Finished race just for SR.
  • Tyler P15. Solid race with a few teammates in the split. Always a good time racing with them. 2x. I’ll take that and run.

League / Hosted Races

  • Ellis- P jet car at Michigan Chris McGuire hosted. Pole hit the barrels on the green flag pitstop wrecked out.
    • Ff 1600 at lime rock in the rain went from 20th to finish P6 super fun with no damage on
    • FIAF4 @Sebring. Qualified P8 out of 24 shout out to listener Tom Gulker , who is in the race with me.  Tom got wrecked out and finished 13th.  I was fighting hard for fifth and we went four wide and the hairpin I got dumped spun off course fell back to 13th then worked my way back up to finish P8 w Damaged car.
    • Fia f4 again qualified 9. my fastest lap yet. Got ran over from behind in the last corner of lap. Two big time fell clear to the back and came back to finish P 17.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Hazy Rig


On today’s show we will re-cap the first iRacing special event with rain and preview more upcoming special events. Get some tips on how to handle your race mistakes. Find out how the eNASCAR Coca-Cola Series stacks up after the completion of the 1st segment. Attempt to tackle a large list of hardware updates and get a sneak peak of Snoop Dogg’s new ride.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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