Episode 0429

4/4/2024 – Foursome – Episode 0429

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we will take a look at the this weeks patch, see which sim racers continue to impress in the real world. See if you were fooled by some April 1st posts, is there more trouble for Fanatec and Motorsports games? Discuss how would iRacing handle the Denny Hamlin restart from Richmond and see what a member found hanging around at COTA.

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Is This The End?

Thomas Jackermeier, founder of Fanatec has been removed from the CEO role.



The Price Of Business?


License Split

Does Oval need a license split as well?


Another Sim Racer!

Parker Retzlaff grabbed the Xfinity Pole at Richmond Raceway.


Yest Again, Another Sim Racer!


Porsche Tag Heuer eSports, Imola Winner

Kuitert Webster wins the Supercup event at Imola.


April Fools Day

Did you fall for any of these?


Patch Notes



More Patch Details

iRacing posted an update with more details about the recent S2 patch.


Oh My!

A forum post from Gary Hackney points out an odd spectator at COTA.


Is It The Track, Setup Or The Drivers?

Matt O’Brien took to X to express his frustration with Class A Fixed races this past week at Richmond Raceway.


Yes, He Jumped The Restart

James Holtzer, said what all of us were thinking.



Summit Point Oval…Unlocked

DJ Yee-J reveals the steps to race at this mysterious track layout.

Look Who Came To Town

Steve Myers took to X announcing that Aussie Greg Hill was in Boston.


Weather How To

iRAcing posted a video explaining how to setup weather in a session.


Member Survey

In case you did not get the email, Kevin Bobbitt posted a link to the member survey in the forums.


This Week In iRacing


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Another Celebrity…Another Build

Bill Goldberg is getting a new sim rig from Advanced Sim Racing.


Combination Box

Sim Design has a combination button box and iSpotter now available.


Formula Wheel

Sim Design has new formula wheel available, the Formula-FX.


Another Look


VR Headset Review

TRAVTV reviews the Bigscreen Beyond VR Headset.


Need Some Extra Length?

SimCore shows off their new UH1-Pro L hub extensions for Simucube bases.


1:1 F1 Simulator


A Look Inside

Veraro Sim posted to Instagram some internal shots of their Pro Controls V-Spec H Pattern Shifter.


Bang For Your Buck

Dave Cam reviews the Simgrade VX Pro Pedal set.



The Sim Circut reviews the Simagic GT Neo wheel and makes the claim that he has been cheated (a little tongue in check).


King of Cheap?

OC Racing reviews the all new Camus LC100 Load Cell Pedals.


Gimmick Or Gamechanger?

DJ Yee-J tries out the Pimax Crystal VR Headset and asks the question…


A Better Look at…


Simple Dash

Simmetrics has released their SD1 dash.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Richmond

  • David – P17 shit show, with guys who will turn down on you when you are beside them by the start finish line, and say its on you.  These guys are full of crap.  And the asshole told me to talk about it on the podcast, so here it is.  Your fault.  I was fully beside you before the turn even started. And was all the way on the yellow when you doored me.  Here’s the vid. https://youtu.be/xcODkduLlBM .   Listeners have already checked it and agree
  • Chris Waldron-P 29. Got loose early and wrecked. It was ugly. 
  • Rochette – P 27
  • Kyle -P  P5 Started P9. Couldn’t find the grip in the car and kept sliding around. Got collected in a couple wrecks and fixed the damage through out the “22” Cautions. Went 1 Lap down and got the lucky dog. After Slowly working my way up to the top 10, I started picking cars off on each of the GWC by watching the leader take off and I timed it to my advantage to pick off one last spot on the last GWC and came home P5 with 16X and a combined repair time of nearly 5 minutes.  I’m sitting Martinsville out as this many cautions is just uncalled for.
  • Greg – P4 – Older tires and multiple restarts were tough
  • Brad – P16 Started p3 and the first half of the race was great. Ran top 4 for all of it until we got to about 50 laps to go. I should have stayed out but a large number of the lead cars pitted for tires. Well we all know what happens at Richmond with 50 laps to go…wreck after wreck after wreck. I think I was caught up in almost all of them. Really frustrating end to what started as a great race.
  • Brian M- P34

Sunday Open- Richmond

  • David – P wrecked out, while 3 ride, middle car turns into turn before I do, hitting me forcing my car to turn right.   I have had high iRating dudes tell me the inside guy has the right off way in this situation.  Knowing the guy probably turned close to when he expected he should, after looking at the replay I felt like it was as racing incident grey area as it gets.
  • Justin -P1, Winner chicken dinner, stay up front most of the race. Had a 60 lap run at the end holding the lead to the point where i could manage a 3ish second gap then caution to bring out the G/W/C. We line up again. Take off and I hold the lead for the checkered flag. First NiS cup win for the year. 
  • GregPWrecked out

Sunday Fixed-Richmond

  • Mike- P11- 20 cautions I ended up having a drive-through penalty and is what it is

Wednesday Open – Martinsville

  • Mike- P4! Tifosi top four. A team record.  A historical moment.  Basically ran top 10 top five most of the day pitted one surround halfway got dumped with about 30 was able to get my way back up with my teammates to finish P4.!!!  https://www.tiktok.com/@mikedeanellis/video/7353867118154239274?_r=1&_t=8lEnDA8CAI7
  • David – P 3,  didn’t feel very fast here.  All came down to if you started on the outside or the inside.  Managed to stay relatively mistake free and clear of the other peoples problems.  Justin was the fastest of us. 
  • Justin – P1, got lucky on this one pitted lap 75 and stayed out the entire time track position is the key. I think if we would have went more than a 10 lap run i think Mr. Tom would have had this one. Everything just fell in place. This was a team effort. 1,2,3,4 BABY! Wooooohhh!, Another Tifosi team win.
  • Tom P 2 
  • Brad – P2 Started p10 and was turned before lap 2 after being taken 3 wide into turn 3. Went to the rear and fought back to the front avoiding all of the ridiculous driving. Took the lead by half way but was not able to keep it with the damage I had. Pitted with about 60 laps to go and raced back up p5 before two G/W/C. Avoided more spinning cars to grab p3 crossing the line but p2 must have been dinged for contact and was put a lap down. I will take it!

Thursday Open-Martinsville 


Official Series


  • Ellis- At Sebring. Qualified seven. got to P4 by the end of lap two then second and third tangled, and then I was relegated to second and brought it home from there no catching the leader he was sometimes more than a second faster than me per lap. Nice P2!!!
  • Trying again on Sunday, qualified ninth 
  • Now at Hockenheim Ring finished P 17 after a turn, one lap, one huge pile up where I had to tow
  • Qualified P 16. Got to a 11th by the end of lap one at one point I let a guy get by me and after he did, he pulled right in front of me in a breaking zone and I drove over him. I was able to continue on and finish P5.

A Open

  • Brad W – P10 (Martinsville) Started p8 and stayed in the mix until the first pitstop. Speed entering the pits and that put me to the rear. Got very aggressive trying to get back to the front but ended up spinning. The final portion of the race was yellow filled but had a good time racing teammates.

B Open

  • Brad – P5 (Richmond) Started p5 and was in top 4 for most of the race. Really enjoy this car and the racing has been better than Class A and NiS. We had a late race restart and had a fantastic battle trying to keep p4 but lost the spot on the last lap. I’ll take it.

C Open

  • John K –  P9, P7, and P20, Too sick to give details.

League / Hosted Races


  • Ellis- P14 pro Mazda at Alton Park
    • P6 87s at Talladega

Final Thoughts

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  1. Foursome


On today’s show we will take a look at the this weeks patch, see which sim racers continue to impress in the real world. See if you were fooled by some April 1st posts, is there more trouble for Fanatec and Motorsports games? Discuss how would iRacing handle the Denny Hamlin restart from Richmond and see what a member found hanging around at COTA.

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