Episode 0430

4/11/2024 – Wasted Away In Martinsville Again – Episode 0430

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On today’s show we get a sneak peak into iRacing’s NASCAR 25 console game’s brainstorming session, find out if the Martinsville races were any better than Richmond. Share with you how to take a deep dive into your iRacing stats, review some exciting hardware and if you like rain…iRacing has a new series just for you.

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Steve Myers shares who has been part of the NASCAR 25 brainstorming sessions.


Single File Restart

Sean Peleg shared on X about the drivers from the Sunday NiS Top Split all agreeing on a single file restart.


Great Data Website

If you are looking for a great way to see your overall stats and where you stack up against all iRacers.


Pick One

RFK Simulator only has two choices….


Was It Really That Bad?

We discussed Richmond last week and it got no better this week at Martinsville.


New Partnership


iRacing 101


2024 Porshce TAG Heuer eSports Supercup Final



Not A Hobby?

Seth Lea started a discussion on the forums about sim racing being a hobby.


Across The Pond

eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series went to Brands Hatch for their first road course of the year.



This Week In iRacing


Anyone Surprised?



Vintage Racing Time



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Too Much?

32 Nm…. Do you need that much power?


Coming Soon

A video posted to Instagram shows off the Home Revolution 3.5 cockpit from Gamestul.


Take It From A Pro

Daniel Morad shares his Simucube Active Pedal profile that matches his real world Mercedes GT3.


DIY Steering Wheel

Dan Suzuki reviews his DIY Pokornyi Engineering wheel.


TK Reviews

Tony Kannan reviews the Simucube Active Pedals.


Conspit Hub

Conspit shows off their new H.AO Hub.


Spotter Pack Update


New Wheel Review

Shawn Cole reviews the new EVO 32R Leather wheel from Thrustmaster.


A New Simagician

Former F1 driver Rubens Barrichello is now part of the Simagic family.


Bundle Time

A great company combo will soon be available again.


How Many Degrees Of Motion?

FrexSim took to Instagram to show off their F1 mocked up cockpit with 6DOF of body and 2DOF head motion.


Formula 1 And Playseat

Introducing the Playseat Formula Intelligence F1 edition cockpit.



Best For Sim Racing

Dan Suzuki shares what he thinks is the best CPU for sim racing.


GT-X2 Wheel Review

Boosted Media reviews the new Cube Controls GT-X2 wheel.




Build Time

Walk through the Trak Racer TR160S build with Sarah Nocchi.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Martinsville

  • Mike -P15- pretty uneventful race ran top five most of the race on the final restart. I was third coming to the white. I spun down low on my own and screwed up finished P 15.coming to the white. I spun down low on my own and screwed up finished P 15.
  • Justin – P
  • David – P 18 sloppy race, and I made one of the mistakes.  Shifted into 2nd.  I think I was just so worried about not getting run over I moved ahead in my brain to the corner entry and down shifted into 2nd.  That is what essentially put me in the muck.  Then I just got dumped.  Guy said he didn’t mean to, and explained that I “diamonded” the corner.  But as Greg said, it’s up to the guy passing to pass safely, and after looking at replay he over drove the corner as he started sliding up before he hit me.  But that’s just what is acceptable these days.  That being said, the apology still helps, as everyone makes a few mistakes here and there, I made one big mistake in this race.
  • Chris Waldron-P7. What a crap show. 22x, 25 cautions, that was…. Not fun
  • Rochette – P 27

Sunday Open- Martinsville

  • David – P9  top split, was about a 15th place car but capitalized on others mistakes 
  • Justin -P22 nothing really much to say, just couldn’t stay out of trouble people kept hitting me eventually a meatball
  • Chris – P 18. Was 6th with two to go and was turned  

Sunday Fixed-Martinsville

  • Mike- P3- pretty uneventful. Got as high as second, but never could get to the lead lots and lots of caution.
  • Justin -P2, qualified 7th stayed in the top 5 most of the race. Had the right strategy, I couldn’t capitalize. Wasn’t proud of my driving there. At the end I used my bumper a little too much. I didn’t wreck, nobody just got them a little more sideways then I planned. I would have been pissed if it was me.

Wednesday Open – Texas

  • Mike- P12- had a real bad first run. I ran the tires off of it when I pitted. I was at 13% around halfway. I was flying through the field. David Hall went to Pete in front of me. He lingered on the track a little more than I had hoped and I actually tried to go underneath him as he was going onto Pitt Road and totally ran over him four minutes damage.  Ended up a lap down and even though I was third in line for lucky dog I got the lucky dog on a caution and was able to capitalize that and get it back to P 12. 
  • David – Pdnf. Ran behind on a green flag pit Stop by Mike Ellis.  
  • Justin – P3, ran a good race stayed up front most of the race. Just really came down to clean air who ever had it was the fastest. Kinda slow on the short run kinda quick on the long run. I just need to learn how to drive it on the G/W/C
  • Tyler – P4. Top 5 baby!!! Finally recovered some SR and IR as the race stayed green for a while till the end. Felt great to finally have space and race. Competitive with a chance to win. Huge thanks to the team for help with strategy and the Podfather Mike as spotter at the end. Best part was I was car #3 Doin’ it for Dale!!!

Thursday Open-Texas 

  • Mike- P15 started towards the back but missed a couple big ones with some luck and skill and drove it up to as high as P6 before I hit the wall pretty hard on my own and damage the car about 30 seconds but lost my speed fell back to 13 then a longer run ended up doing a green flag stop and the caution come out shortly after the wave around restarting P 22 with 19 to go. Several late cautions I ended up P 15.  
  • Justin – P22, i had top 10 speed

Official Series


Got Virginia qualified 15th. I spent out on my own a few times got into a few different wrecks and had a disqualification for too many incident points on lap seven yikes

  • Next start qualified 18th I get to ninth by the end of lap one on lap five somebody tries to overtake me and overcook it spins out me and the guy in front of me and we all die

A Open

  • Brad W – P3 (Texas) Started p15 and took my time working way to the front. We had an early yellow at lap 10 but then went till mid-point before the next yellow during green flag stops. Car was very free on the long run which was great because everyone else was complaining about being tight. Ran p4 after pitting till 20 to go when another yellow came out. Car stayed very neutral on short run and drove back to p3.

B Open

  • John –  P 7  18 Cautions for 91 laps. It was awful. Typical Martinsville. You either qualify up front and race or get wrecked. 

C Open

  • John K – P12. 14 cautions for 66 laps. Typical Martinsville. 

League / Hosted Races


Ellis-ghosted a dirt micro sprint at Lima land. Hold the gas all the way down and just steer the car. It sounds like a lawnmower.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Wasted Away In Martinsville Again


On today’s show we get a sneak peak into iRacing’s NASCAR 25 console game’s brainstorming session, find out if the Martinsville races were any better than Richmond. Share with you how to take a deep dive into your iRacing stats, review some exciting hardware and if you like rain…iRacing has a new series just for you.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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