Episode 0431

4/18/2024 – Alabama’n Slammin – Episode 0431

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we will re-cap the latest Season 2 patch, get an update on another sim2reality opportunity, go behind the scenes on the audio side of iRacing rain, a public service announcement for oval racers and if money is no object for you, we have some hardware for you.

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Audio Development Blog

Greg Hill takes us behind the scenes for the sound side of racing in the rain.


Still Not Fixed!


Road America Re-scan?

Jared Junkans has a poll in the forums asking if iRacing should re-scan Road America?


Public Service Announcement


And The Winners Are…


Photo Shoot Setup

If you have ever wondered how those great screenshots are captured by iRacing.


How Does Max Do It?


Season 2 Patch 3 Notes


Leaving On A Jet Plane


How About You Watch The Road

A forum post from Aaron Voegele points out the high numbers of track crews on the road courses.


Sim2Reality Follow Up


Top 10 Highlights


Road America 500 By The Numbers


Rockingham 508

Race against Dale Jr, Layne Riggs, Parker Kligerman and Carson Hocevar while supporting the Dale Jr. Foundation.


Nurburgring Endurance Championship – 2024 Round 2


What Is Happening This Week…


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Simsonn Steering Wheel Unboxing

Sim Racing Corner unboxes a new wheel from Simsonn.



MPX By Grid



Avoid The FOV Police

Let’s Go Race reviews the GETAIL steering wheel extension that can help you achieve that perfect FOV.


Enough Motion?

Alan Quan reviews the Sigma Intergrale DK6 Motion System.


Enough Buttons?

VI-CWBB Simracing Button Box from Velocitas Imperium.


Might Need A Loan

If you’re looking for a full carbon fiber simulator,


Keyboard Mount

An Instagram post from Sim Sport Gadget shows off a mini keyboard mount.



Realism… At A Cost

The Sim Pit reviews the Pro-Sim Quaife Srquential Shifter.



Sequential… On A Budget

Sim Racing Corner reviews the Moza SGP Sequential Shifter.


Simucube Unboxing



DJ Yee-J shares his thoughts on the Velocity One from Turtle Beach


New VR Headsets

Brice Boivin shared some information from Primax about two new headsets coming.



Yes, You Can Print These

3D printed grips for Fanatec formula wheels.



Delta Sim-Tech Wheel



Uniflex Elite-V2 Released




NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Texas

  • Mike -P13- and the back half of the top 10 most of the night fairly uneventful tried to drive to the front on the last 20 laps but ran my tires off in 10 and then faded
  • Justin – P12, qualified P11. Just got in a wreck early and trying to manage damage and my IR loss
  • David – P if there is a wrecking car its gonna land right in front of me
  • Chris Waldron-P27 – having pc issues. Started in the back and it was hard to pass. Wrecked with 3 to go running P16.  
  • Rochette – P15 started 5th. Lap 1 i scrapped the wall and a guy in my inside decided He wanted to hug me and wrecked. Another 30 laps later 2 cars decided they wanted to hug in front of me and with nowhere to go and got caught up in the embrace. after getting all my damage fixed before the green we ran 104 green til the end. That was nice after month and half of trash racing 
  • Kyle -P4 started P7 Marched to the top 5 after about 20 laps and then just stayed up in the top 5 all race long. Had a race winning car except I pushed it to hard on the last run of the race and just used up my tires way to soon. I’m back to running more races and working on my race craft as I can tell I am a little rusty after taking some time off and running a limited amount of races over the last few months.
  • John -P21  Got caught up in the lap 1 wreck Tony Rochette was in. Lot of damage so I just limped around for the remaining 132 laps.
  • Brad – P15 after starting p18. Car was very different from the A Open I ran and looking back at the weather it was a large swing. The wind was very challenging as well. Ran mostly mid-pack the majority of the race. Did have a long green run to start and went the wrong way on adjustments as it was all short runs after that.

Saturday Fixed- Texas

  • Justin – P8, had to fight for this top 10, i didn’t qualify that was the problem you need clean air at this track tough to move through traffic and save your tires

Sunday Open- Texas

  • Mike- P.9- really struggled this race with speed. I hit the wall too many times it was a bit slow but somehow someway got a top 10 I’ll freaking take it.
  • David – P got disconnected as he was taking the lead
  • Justin -P34, qualified like shit so i was in the back with the squirrels, they ended my day early. My fault need to qualify better
  • Tony – P16 Another long run race where just hit that stupid ass front stretch wall for some right front wheel damage which killed the car on the long run. Texas sucks
  • Brian C – P2
  • John – P19. Stayed on the lead lap. But I just can’t keep speed at Texas. No matter how careful I am with the tires they just fall to pieces after 15 laps. Leaders seemed to keep up speed no matter how long we stayed green. I like this track but am baffled by it. 
  • Kyle P-15 started P20 and just couldn’t get the car to rotate like it was Wednesday and Friday. Also tried to play the tire saving game and I tried too hard and just gave up valuable track position and time.

Sunday Fixed-Texas

  • Mike- P15- I probably got a little bit better than I deserved. I sucked out there and made a lot of mistakes.
  • Justin -P4 qualified 3rd. Stayed top 5 just about the entire race, came down to a couple late race restarts couldn’t close it, I’m finding out restart are a flaw in my craft. Something to work on.

Wednesday Open – Talladega

  • Mike- P wrecked out on lap three by some bonehead who took it for wide. The replay shows I’m right in the middle lane. I didn’t fluctuate it all. He just was shoving it in there between the middle and the bottom and he eventually ran over me and turned me.
  • David – P 3  Pushed the winner to the lead, but got to hot on last lap and it broke up our tandem.   He blocked the outside run real hard and I survived the calamity to come home 3rd with no cars around me.   Really needed this as Its only shot I get this week….I have a performance gig out of town.
  • John – P10. Fairly uneventful race. Only one caution. Did have a first on this one. In a four car line with 5 to go. I was third in line. The guy second in line had been pushing the guy first in line for several laps. Apparently, the second guy overheated. He blew up right in front of me, i rear ended him, and got a 4X. Kept going though. 
  • Brad – P4. Had a very long green flag start and over time the packs broke up. Was getting ready to pit under green when we had the second yellow. That started the wrecking that lasted until the end. Was able to work way to the front but was shuffled out a few times. I don’t think I am aggressive enough at these tracks. Was collected in a late race yellow that caused some damage but not enough to slow the car. Two GWC and restarting on the bottom I just tucked up behind the car ahead and avoided the spinners. A p4 here is good for me. Finally back above 3k in iRating.
  • Tony there i was minding my own business 20 laps in when all a sudden out of nowhere 2 cars on the outside doing the Alabama’n Slammin to where my bubble was penetrated. Felt used and abused after that one. 
  • Kyle P15 started P3 and just kept it clean for about 25 laps. Got sandwiched  between the wall and another car and got wheel damaged and the car wasn’t the same. Fought to stay in the top 10 the last 20 laps but got freight trained out of turn 4 on the last lap and fell to a P15.

Thursday Open-Talladega 

  • Mike- P11 got to the front early and we had a 39 green flag run until the first caution restarted P2 after that. Continued running top 10 after that green flag stops again pitted from seventh came out second and then immediately a caution with 13 to go. Second ago. I get to leave with another caution to go. Made some bad moves on the restart and it did the 11.
  • Justin – P30 ran up front ¾ of the race in a really stout field. Around 10 laps to go i ran out of talent and gave a guy a bad bump ruined my race. Upfront to 30th. I need to work on pit road entry under green flag stops. I always lose my pack.

Official Series

Imsa – Ellis

  • Road Atlanta 89% chance of rain in the Cadillac.

A Open

  • Bobby – One finale gwc, whole field wrecks, I drive from 20ish to 4th, I have to stop and let cars completely trashed catch up and get their spots back, dropped from 4th to 12th
  • Brad W – P8.(Talladega) Mostly a race of trying to keep the car clean and not get caught up in the big one. Just not my favorite style of racing.
  • Mike. Wrecked out. Made a good move up to middle all three wide.  I also learned that you at the back of the pack you’re gonna lose the draft.  Tuesday night I tried it again P 18. I was just making bad moves. I kept getting hung out to dry. I got in a couple different wrecks with a little bit of damage. Just not feeling it this week at all.
  • Kyle Started P1 and led about 20 laps and then got wrecked and had to repair the damage and fall a lap down. Lucky dog came about 40 laps later and I was able to march up to P18. Had a top 5 car before the wreck ruined it for me. Think it’s time to go back to open wheel cars. And prepare for the Indy 500. We’re drinking the proverbial milk this year.

B Open

  • John – (Tally) P10. Started in P6. We ran the first 39 laps under green. Inside line decided to pit on that lap and the outside line where I was decided to pit on lap 40. Coming off turn 4 on lap 39 everything looked good until the guy  in P2 decided to pit FROM THE OUTSIDE LANE!! He smacked P1 on the right side and a big one ensued. I had 2:45 optional that took the next two cautions to fix. I started P20 on our GWC. Going into tri-oval on last lap the cars in front got into the big one. I dodged the mangled cars, pick up 10 spots and got a P10. Those first 39 laps were about as good as you can have at Tally. Most people were patient and didn’t take chances. There were a few 3 wide fools, but very orderly under until Mr. Oblivious tried to pit from the outside lane. 
  • Brad – P17 in top split (Texas). Car was better than where I finished. Had two long runs with green flag stops. Car was super loose on the long run. Had to use the high line on both ends to avoid wrecking. Was running in the top 10 with about 15 to go and had a car come across my nose through the tri-oval after racing hard for a few laps. This spun me through the infield and wound up finishing p17. He apologized after and it was just hard racing.

League / Hosted Races


  • Ellis-Chris McGuire hosted supercars at Michigan winner winner chicken dinner! I’ll take the win! Be moved to the middle lane on the white and ran up the middle to get the lead and was able to win it
  • Ellis-Then starting at the back 87 at Talladega worked my way to the front in position for the win but I’m just short about 10 feet at the line. I finished P3, a nice podium.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Alabama’n Slammin


On today’s show we will re-cap the latest Season 2 patch, get an update on another sim2reality opportunity, go behind the scenes on the audio side of iRacing rain, a public service announcement for oval racers and if money is no object for you, we have some hardware for you.

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