Episode 0432

4/25/2024 – Nine Elbows Up! – Episode 0432

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On today’s show we get an update on the state of Fanatec, review the hotfix patch for the week. Look ahead to upcoming iRacing special events, see how the eNASCAR series handled the high banks of Dover Speedway. Discuss the price model of iRacing and what should warrant a track rescan and see what it takes to find speed when qualifying for the Coca-Cola eNASCAR Series.

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iRacing 101


Multiclass…..Oval Style


Changes To The Glen


Release Notes


Stats Galore

Check out the NYOOM website for your iRacing stats created by fellow iRacer Ryan Bey.




Staff Member Profile


Real Enough?

A video posted by IMSA comparing a real life lap around Long Beach vs a lap in iRacing.


New Aeroscreen For Indy Car


More UI Issues


Coke Series Qualifying…Hack?

A post from Coke Series driver Michael Guest shows a replay of what he has to do in order to lay down a quick lap in qualifying.


eNASCAR Rolls Into Dover



Penalty For Salas Post Dover


Can You Decipher Emojis?


Winner, Winner…

Ty Majeski scores first win of 2024 in his iRacing sponsored late model.


Price Model

Matthew Wise posted a poll about the current pricing model of iRacing.


Another Re-Scan Request


Too Much Grip

A forum post by Jared Carr suggest that the Xfinity cars have too much grip.


Creventic Endurance Series Returns


This Week In iRacing


Nurburgring 24H Is Coming


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Updated Statement From Fanatec



Fanatec’s stock shares have tanked….


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Is the new Pimax Crystal Light an affordable high-end option for PC VR?


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Dan Suzuki reviews the SimLab XP1 pedal set.


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A FaceBook post from Dwight Allen shows off cooking an egg on a Simagic base.


Having PC Issues?


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Ricmotech Minimite Review

The Sim Pit reviews the Ricmotech Minimite DD Wheel.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Talladega

  • Mike -P3– had a pretty clean race, got to the front, stayed there in the top five basically saving fuel once I got to third it was a triple bump draft and we were able to keep a gap on the second group. There was only six of us in the front group and coming to checker I went low and I didn’t really have any help so I finished P3
  • Justin – P16, qualified 2 had damage lap 10  took the whole race to fix
  • Chris Waldron-P 13. Green the last 42 laps with 41.5 laps of fuel. Ran out at restart zone and coasted to P13. I feel like Harry Gant.  
  • Rochette – P15 typical dega got blacked flagged for too many Xs just before the 1 of 3 GWC. Couldnt serve the pass thru 
  • Kyle -P4 Started P3 and bounced around the top 10 for the first 70 laps and even led 14 laps. Fuel Strategy just went to hell in a hand basket about and had to solo pit under green for fuel. Came back out P20 and was less then 2 seconds from going a lap down when a caution came out Thank you for saving me Tony. Then the cautions flew and I got tangled up in one again between the wall and another car giving me a meatball. Fixed the required and about 2 minutes of the optional and just hoped that more cautions would fall and they did. I ended up fighting my way up avoiding the big one and on the final GWC I restarted P7 and then with a hurt car I was able to draft my way and avoid a wreck at the tri Oval for a P4.
  • Greg – P wrecked out in the fence and the wheels wouldn’t turn
  • John -P3. Great run at Tally. Pitted under green with 20 to go. Was in P10. Came out of pits P8. Had a restart with 8 to go and I thought if I stayed in outside lane I could make some moves. That lane just stalled, so I went to the inside lane on the last lap coming out of turn 4. As soon as I did that the outside lane started to move. Figures. The guy in P1 spun before the line and I moved up to P3. If I had stayed in outside lane I would have gotten P2. But I’m thrilled with a podium finish any day.

Sunday Open- Talladega

  • Mike- P28– got wrecked out with damage and never could catch a break after that horrible race
  • Chris- P 6. 75 lap green flag run to end the race. Spread out with green flag stops. With one to go was 5 seconds from leader. Somehow they wrecked and finished 6th just .2 from the win.
  • David – P
  • Justin -P15, 0x until 20 laps to go and they went crazy couldn’t survive
  • Tony – P12 made a sweet ass 360 spin recovery by 2 cars wrecking and hitting me on the white
  • John – P20. Oddest plate race I’ve ever been in. Pole sitter slowed on the green to drop to the back. Why would you put in a good qual if you want to be in the back? For 35 laps we had a 10 car breakaway. The guy who was on pole was in the second pack and complained about it even though he intentionally dropped back there. This gives you an idea of the brainiacs we had in this one.  13 second lead on the second pack. One lap from the green flag stops when the 1st or 2nd place car went below the yellow line and crashed coming into the tri-oval. I missed it, but from there on out the race was awful. I think a lot of drivers were running the fixed setup. That caused a lot of separation and the slow cars were adept at blocking instead of letting fast cars go by. I got caught up in other peoples’ messes twice. Just bad racing by most of the field.

Sunday Fixed-Talladega

  • Mike- P wrecked out. Got intentionally wrecked from behind, lost my cool jumped out of the car and looked at the replay and lost a lap. Then later I was just in the middle and some guy was pushing me into the guy in front of me and I turned him and I got mad and rage quit.

Wednesday Open – Dover

  • Mike- P18– had a good race going and got involved in a wreck that was really not my doing on lap 80 with nine minute damage down on horsepower and everything was running pretty much dead last but with the attrition was able to finish P 18
  • David – P !!!!
  • Adam- winner winner chicken dinner
  • Brad – P4 – Started p8 and drove in the top 10 all race. Worked my way into the top 5 during the long runs as the car had really good speed. Was able to run down the leader multiple times. Last long green flag run I ran way too hard and burned the tires off and fell back to p4. First GWC had me starting in p3 and with a great start was able to get under the leader coming to the line to take the white flag. Caution came out and that put me back to restart in p2. No traction on starting on the outside lane and was doored coming off turn 2 by the guy who led most the race but was throwing haymaker blocks and had turned a guy making a clean pass earlier in the race. Fell back to p5 on the last restart and was able to get by p4 and bring it home. Had the yellow waited just a few more seconds coming out, I would have had the win. So close……
  • Kyle P PISSED OFF ran a flawless race Q7 ran top 3 for the first run of 37 laps and then kept it in the top 10 after the restart. Ran until a meatball for tires just as a caution comes out while leading on an 82 lap run. That forced every car from 11th on down to be stuck a lap down. Went into tire saving mode and fell back to 6th and just before I was wrecked I was making ground on the cars in front of me and pulling away from the cars behind me. I was set for a top 3 finish, even possibly a win. Ran another 40ish laps in P6 and then coming out of 4 P5 bounced off the outside wall over driving the exit and instead of hitting the brakes, he just stays in and came down into me and slammed me head on into the inside wall ruining my race. PSA when you wreck, slam on your brakes to avoid avoidable wrecks with other drivers.

Thursday Open-Dover 

  • Mike- P8 was running between fifth to 15th. We got a longer run and I ran the tires off and was fading. Finally caught a caution during the caution. I got a meatball for the right front tire going flat. Later on Pitt Road I had to dodge you guys that was sideways and ended up speeding, but was able to quickly recover from that penalty. Then on a restart with 30 to go from night somebody wrecks I get hit and have a meatball. with five minutes of damage my race is pretty much over. With some late restarts, I was able to rally the P8.
  • Tony – P10 had top 5 car all race. A bunch of cautions than over 100 laps green. For 1st time ever I blew a tire with 5 laps to go while in 6th :/

Official Series

IndyCar IRacing Series

  • EllisP I ghosted the Thursday night race for practice. I found Steve and Dale Junior on the Queen Mary boat out in the ocean.
    • Ran the race on Saturday night and wrecked myself out. I barely brushed the wall and it took the wing off and two corners later I plowed hard hard into the wall. Dnf.

A Open

  • Brad W – P9 (Dover) Started p9 and really had a fast car. Was able to drive up to just outside top 5 and ran there for most of the race. Ended up with a late race restart with about 20 to go and got a bit tight fighting for p5 and lost 7 spots. Had a GWC and drove back up to p9.


  • Brad – P5 (Long Beach)-Super challenging track as everything happens so fast. Had great pace and ended up with nose damage from a back marker about stopping in the fountain complex. Was able to stay about 1 second ahead of 6th place almost the entire race. GTP unfortunately lacked all respect for GTD class as it was constantly dive bombing into corners or attempting passes in really bad areas.

League / Hosted Races


  • Ellis-Dallara Dash at Phoenix p3! I cut the dog leg just to hair and had a slow down penalty
  • Justin- 87’s at the rock for jr charity P21

Final Thoughts

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  1. Nine Elbows Up!


On today’s show we get an update on the state of Fanatec, review the hotfix patch for the week. Look ahead to upcoming iRacing special events, see how the eNASCAR series handled the high banks of Dover Speedway. Discuss the price model of iRacing and what should warrant a track rescan and see what it takes to find speed when qualifying for the Coca-Cola eNASCAR Series.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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