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5/2/2024 – Lift To Live Another Day – Episode 0433

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On today’s show we will discover some must have apps and items for sim racing, see a teaser of future content from Dale Jr, discuss some big news from Fanatec, learn about a forgotten sim racing champion and find out what Max Verstappen does as a distraction from Formula 1 racing.

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I’m Back!

Is the recently ousted CEO actually the Fanatec savior?


Even A World Champion Needs A Challenge


A Forgotten Champion

DJ Yee-J takes a look back at the career of Kevin King.


If You’re In Texas

A new dedicated sim racing location has opened in Texas.


What Do I Need To Tweak?

DJ Yee-J shows you how to make adjustments to the fixed setups.


Dirt Racing

iRacing’s Tyler Hudson gives an update to his outing at Greenville Speedway.


iRacing’s NOT Top 10 Moments


iRacing Around The World


Inside Or Outside…You Choose


Are You As Consumed With Sim Racing?


Patch 4 Release Notes


Coming Soon….

Dale Jr teases a scan screenshot of two 2003 era NASCAR Cup cars.


Fan Fundraiser

Sunday May 5th, you can check out Tony Kanaan’s sim garage and help raise money for a good cause.


This Week In iRacing


Two Weeks Away


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1:1 Sim Racing NASCAR Chassis


Is This Your Ultimate Wheel?

OC Racing reviews the Ascher-Racing McLaren Wheel.



Two Months Later….

Random Callsign gives us an update on his move to a huge TV for sim racing.


How Many Of These Do You Have?

He says top 5 but I only counted 4?





rev light bar

TR8 Pro Racing Simulator From Trak Racer


Worth It?

Sim Racing Den asks this question about the Simucube ActivePedal.


The Rig Is Complete

Sara Nocchi’s rig is complete and she gives you first impressions.


$45k Simulator?

Sim Coaches installs a $45k simulator.


How Many Of These Apps Do You Use?


Crew Chief, iOverlay, Race Labs, On Screen Spotter, Blind Spot Detector, Sim Hub, Fuel Calculator, Sound Shift, Yellow Flag Detection and FOV Calculator

Links in Video :



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Dover

  • Mike -P had a good run going and on a restart bonehead in front of me spun his tires and hit the wall. I slowed down so I didn’t pass it on the left and the guy behind me push me past the start finish line causing me a drive-through black flag penalty took me forever to get the lucky dog, but I eventually did, and then about 30 to go got absolutely destroyed by some guy footing me to the wall
  • David – P something bad happened, don’t remember
  • Chris Waldron-P 16. Struggled all race fighting the car loose. Figured out how to drive it and was flying. Missed a big wreck that took out David Hall. Spun crossing start finish to end up 16th
  • Kyle -P P-4 Started P6. Ran a solid race from start to finish. Went 52 laps on the first run and held a top 5 and then caution lap 115 and got to the lead and held it for 10 laps. Ended up slamming the outside wall and had wheel damage and the car was FFUUUUUUCCCKKKED. Was able to catch a few cautions and fix the damage and then we were back on the hunt for a top 5 and walked away with  P4
  • Bobby- P3, led the most laps at 72, had the fastest lap of race, and I smacked the wall coming to white, but if I didn’t I would likely be wrecked
  • John -Pwrecked out early 20. Got wiped out by a guy who came up on the back straight and gave me 8 minutes of damage on lap 3. That put me dead last, P36. Team mates told me in chat to stay in the race Great advice because it gained 16 spots. I was as fast as the leaders the rest of the way, but no way to catch up that far. Down. I could have easily been a top 5 car if not for the miscreant that crashed me. The guy who did it is a known wrecker and took out a lot of cars throughout the course of the race. Gotta look out for those guys.

Saturday Fixed- Dover

  • Mike- P 13 was running pretty good until I got wrecked a few times. I had over three minutes of damage. I got it fixed got up to about this and then some guy doored me to the wall and I finished P 13
  • Justin – P wrecked out and then got a passing under yellow and then rage quit
  • Tom – P got wrecked out early got the repairs done and finished

Sunday Open- Dover

  • Mike- P4- I had a speeding on pit Road but was able to recover ran the back half of the top 10 most of the day we started the final restart on third, but the leader got a good restart and I didn’t have anything for him I’ll take a nice top 10
  • Chris- P22. got caught in an accident and forgot to pit that ended up losing a lap eventually got a wave around. After that…. You name it I hit it..
  • David – P wrecked a couple times, the last one was a doubly lapped car coming back on the track trying to pit and wiping me and the leader out.  Had uncontrollable incidents every time.  I’m out of the division hunt unless 5 drivers have a large series of unfortunate events
  • Justin -P headed for tires on a green run and ended up speeding on Pit Road and rage quit
  • Brian C – P put it up front on a longer green run for tires, but it didn’t play out well P 11
  • GregP4 Story in final thoughts
  • Kyle P2  Started P7 and just kept in the top 10 for a ⅓ of the race and marched my way to the front leading 21 laps. Final restart with 18 to go I was the leader and held the lead for 4 laps and just could feel I was burning up the tires with 2nd place right on my bumper. SO I backed off and decided to run behind him hoping he would burn up his tires as we drove away from 3rd place. Couldn’t find the grip I needed to make a move on the leader so settled for a P2.

Sunday Fixed-Dover

  • GregP4 – Story In Final thoughts

Wednesday Open – Kansas

  • Mike- P drove up from 16th to the top 10 pretty quickly. Towards the end, we had a long green flag to the end and I was too short on fuel and basically peddled it that entire run to be able to make it. I literally ran out of fuel at the line. I fell back to finish P 14.
  • David – P7, got 24 seconds of damage in a mid race wreck.   One of those guys everyone on the team calls out, scratch that, everyone on the server.  He was being over aggressive, I let him go, he turned himself 5 laps later and I can’t get around.  But the final caution was right on the edge of the fuel window, I saved well under caution and benefited from the long long run to go P 7
  • Justin – P last, i think we made it 16 laps. Teammate Tom and I came up on a wreck and Tom hit the car into me, not Tom’s fault at all. Just unlucky 
  • Brad – P26 – Too mad to want to explain….but I will. Put in the wall early, fight back from 34 to p3 only to get a passing under yellow with 5 to go because a wrecked car is supposed to get their spot back. iRacing needs to fix this!
  • Kyle P P9 Started 18th and just did my best to avoid the 3 and 4 wide in the beginning of each restart. Kept it clean and was on a different strategy then most and was trying to make it with pitting as little as possible. Held the lead for 8 laps and just couldn’t hold off the fresher tire cars. Stayed in the top 10 and once the run went long the car came to life on the highline and I started gaining ground on the cars in front of me, but I just ran out of laps and wheeled it home a P9 and 0X. 
  • Chris W – P 18. Car is mad fast. Got caught up in a wreck while P6. One restart was spun avoiding a wreck. Went a lap down pitting for repairs. Got the lucky dog and drove from 26th to 18th in 4 laps. I smell a first NiS win this week.

Thursday Open-Kansas 

  • Mike- P was moving forward ripping the top and top split up until lap 36 where a guy almost spun ahead of us and we were all going around him except for one particular individual who ran out of talent and basically wrecked several of us I ended up with a blown engine. Dnf. 
  • Justin – P20, had decent speed, I have things I need to get better on. You gotta be in the first couple rows on the last restart or you’re going to get wrecked.

Official Series

IndyCar IRacing Series

  • EllisPP4!!! IiS at Barber!!! Let’s go!!!! started like 15th I got to eighth on lap one and just kept working my way forward. What a great race, no mistakes really.
  • Tom- P14– got hit from behind
  • Greg- P6


  • At road Atlanta qualified P4 out of 21. Had a good battle for second and third place, but I finally prevailed and pulled away, but then made a mistake and spun out and then later spun out again and fell back to finish P6.

A Open

  • Brad W – P17 (Kansas) was running in the top 10 till getting caught up in a wreck. 8 minutes of repairs stayed in it for SR.

B Open

  • Greg – P8 (Kansas) Was first race in the car and loved every moment in it.

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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  1. Lift to live another day.


On today’s show we will discover some must have apps and items for sim racing, see a teaser of future content from Dale Jr, discuss some big news from Fanatec, learn about a forgotten sim racing champion and find out what Max Verstappen does as a distraction from Formula 1 racing.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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