Episode 0434

5/9/2024 – Sign My Shaft – Episode 0434

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On today’s show we look at the continuing Fanatec story and the probable outcome, get more stories of Sim2Reality racers. Discuss recent changes coming to the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series, take a tour of a $250,000 sim center, find out what streamer Matt Malone has planned and is it time for iRacing to split the Oval license like they did the Road?

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NASCAR Gen 4 Follow Up



Sim Hub Race Lounge

The Sim Racing Den visits the Sim Hub Race Lounge in Canada.


More Sim2Reality News


Your Next Super Hero…..

Huge update and news from Matt Malone.


Too Many Tracks In iRacing?

DJ Yee-J asks the question..Is iRacing adding too many tracks?


iRacing Driving School-Chapter 1


Sim2Reality News



Added Scrutiny To eNASCAR Qualifying


Talladega Dreaming



Bumper Gate To Be Addressed


Is It Time?

Kneebon 5 suggests that it might be time to split the oval license up.


Show Me The Stats

Bryan Greener has requested that the now retired road license still be available to view in the UI.


But We Weren’t Done


Apex Racing Simcenter Tour


Sim Racing On Display


World Of Racing

If you are in California or Kansas, you need to check out World of Racing.


iRacing Staff Profile


RIP Scott Kulavic – Admin at KMA Racing



Happening This Week


Nuerburgring Takes Center Stage



Are You Quick Enough To Compete?


It’s Almost Indy Time


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The Soap Opera Continues



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Kansas

  • Mike -P6- got wrecked in the first caution I had nine minutes damage rolled around dead last on the lead lap forever as we got closer to the end I had 2 1/2 minutes damage left and with all the green white checkers I just kept working my way forward and somehow ended up P6
  • Justin – P25 was in the mix near the end, but got stacked up on the final restart and wrecked
  • David – P
  • Chris Waldron-P 9. Did not race as aggressive as Wednesday. Finished with a 70 lap run and was one of few cars that topped up under caution. Had 1 lap of gas left. P9
  • Kyle -P P10 started P10 just had a meh race. Couldn’t keep it off the wall throughout the race and bounced from the top to 15th. Last 23 lap run I raced my way up to 3rd and just couldn’t keep it up there. Solid P10 finish and another 0x race. That makes 3 in a row.
  • Brad – P4 after starting p15. Race had its ups and downs but after early damage from getting involved in someone else’s mess I was able to play the fuel strategy, (topping off with one to go)over the final run to grab a top 5.

Sunday Open- Kansas

  • Mike- P17– drove from the back to the front at least twice but on the last run, I just couldn’t do anything. I guess I ran my tires off or something, but faded basically
  • Chris- P 9. Trying to find balance between saving tires and running fast. Stayed out with the team on a caution with 6 to go P3. Was spun saved it, brought it home p9. NEW iraiting high 3169. 
  • David – P same shit different day, wrecked early
  • Brian C – P4
  • Chris – P 9
  • GregP4 – Started P33 Not Enough time to get the win
  • TylerP2 final restart team Tifosi was lined up 1,2,3. Faster car was coming. Tyler couldn’t quite hold him off. They touch each other down to the grass coming to the line. Tyler finished P2.  -shoved down to the grass. Should’ve pushed him into the wall to take the W. Odd how similar it was to Sunday’s race with Larson winning. 
  • Kyle P P10 Started P19 and just marched to the front. Got collected early in a small wreck. Got damage fixed and fell to 25th and on the restart just drove through the field up to P3 but at the cost of my tires. I fell back to 15th and just decided to save after the next restart. And brought it home P10.

Sunday Fixed-Kansas

  • Mike- P wrecked out. I hit the wall too hard and got into somebody and they came back hard into the wall too much damage to continue rage quit.
  • Adam – P4

Wednesday Open – Darlington

  • Mike- P16– had a pretty good ride except for one bonehead who kept wrecking everybody, and I kept getting knocked to the wall and sent to the back and lost my track position but yeah, what a loser. I called and told him you have a bad reputation because he’s a, but that’s the truth.
  • David – P17– same shit different day, wrecked late
  • Justin – P whatever, never fell back from the top 5 all race. Ran the leader down to his bumper on 3 different occasions and the yellow decided to come out every time. I was really confident I was the fastest car on the track after 30 laps. Got junked 2 different times in the final 3 laps. I couldn’t have done much more. I should have won. Try again next time i guess. Still need to work on things
  • Tom Pwrecked 
  • Tyler – P10. Wrecked early and damaged the right front wheel. No caution so went a lap down. Nursed the car till a caution came out and got the lucky dog. Hung in and battled a tight car but managed to pull out a top 10. 
  • Brad – P5 after starting p21. Made some big changes to the car after running A Open. Really tried to focus on hitting my marks and racing the track instead of others. Had two long runs that set up some short runs to the checkered. Was able to avoid the mess and grab a top 5.
  • Kyle P P27
  • Chris W – P 19. 10th with 15 to go and got slammed into lap after lap getting 12x in 3 laps. A wreck gave me a drive through penalty with 4 to go. P19…. Can we fix those bump x’s iRacing?

Thursday Open-Darlington 

  • Mike- P 18 ran like crap. I kind of went the wrong way on the set up and was just garbage off. Turned to spun down to the inside about two or three times and this was struggling at one point even lost a laugh and got a lucky dog, but brought home about where I deserved p 18.
  • Justin – P19 got wrecked in the beginning, got all the damage fixed, then got caught up in a wreck at the end. Luckily I was a high number car where I still gained ir.
  • Tony – P6 not bad for just Putting the rig back together in its new home. Probably slapped the wall about 150 times had a good long run at the end

Official Series


  • Ledenon- qualified P6

A Open

  • Brad W – P17 (Darlington) Was very comfortable (I thought) heading into the race. Realized very quickly that all the practice I did by myself did not apply to race conditions. Really struggled keeping the tires under the car. Made some changes that were not good and the car was horrible. Had a late race restart and took tires but the top 8 did not. Big wreck coming off turn 2 ended the night.

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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  1. Sign My Shaft


On today’s show we look at the continuing Fanatec story and the probable outcome, get more stories of Sim2Reality racers. Discuss recent changes coming to the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series, take a tour of a $250,000 sim center, find out what streamer Matt Malone has planned and is it time for iRacing to split the Oval license like they did the Road?

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