Episode 0435

5/17/2024 – Need A Band-Aid- Episode 0435

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we will take a look at Greg Hill’s loaded Season 3 Development Blog, preview some special events coming. Catch up on some great questions from the forums, answer the question… are sim racing injuries a thing? And we will attempt to tackle tons of hardware topics.

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Season 3 Development Blog

  • iRacing Updates:
    • Recent release of iRacing Weather System after multi-year focus.
    • Continuous development with frequent patches, new seasons, cars, tracks, and features.
    • Acknowledgment of team’s dedication to maintaining balance and progress.
  • Observations and Focus:
    • Positive response to iRacing Weather System, maintaining 91% participation in wet sessions.
    • Increased participation in iRacing Sebring 12-hour event.
    • Plans to improve wet tire performance for GTP cars in Season 3.
    • Efforts to address stability issues and crashes related to video drivers and particle engine.
  • Upcoming Season 3 Highlights:
    • Introduction of two new Street Stock bodies.
    • Addition of two American-based GT3 racecars.
    • Inclusion of three new tracks: Circuito de Navarra, Sachsenring, and Oswego Speedway.
    • Improvements to vehicle dynamics, including rain tires and clutch variability.
  • User Interface (UI) and Web Initiatives:
    • Revamping UI for better usability and performance.
    • Introducing Driver Stats feature and improving lap charts and graphs.
    • Transitioning away from legacy members.iracing.com website.
  • Graphics and Rendering:
    • Plans to build a new graphics engine tailored to iRacing’s requirements.
    • Progress in modernizing core technologies while continuing to support current renderer.
  • Design and Web Initiatives:
    • Enhancing AI functionality and accessibility.
    • Overhauling UI for better navigation and user experience.
    • Improving update process for smoother installation and patching.
  • Career Mode and Audio:
    • Extensive work on Career Mode with new systems and advancements.
    • Ongoing re-architecture of core audio technology for modern features.
  • Ongoing Development and Upcoming Content:
    • Projects underway to enhance physics engine, tire model, and UI.
    • Teasers for upcoming content releases and improvements in various areas.
  • Discount Programs and Final Thoughts:
    • Tiered savings on content purchases and race participation credit program.
    • Referral program for earning iRacing credits.
    • Introduction of new one-time discount for first purchases.
    • Appreciation for community support and anticipation for future developments.


American Made GT3


Bottom Split Woes


Legacy Membersite Update


Hold My Beer…


That’s Going To Leave A Mark

Dave Cam might need to go to the medical tent after this race.


iRacing Top 10 Highlights


Weekly Challenge Gone For Season 3


Doesn’t Hurt To Ask

What are the chances of adding a checkbox allowing for a 3 wide start at Indy?


2024 Season 2 Patch 5 Release Notes


So…Which Race Has Priority?


How Do I Find All My Wins?

Michael Sparks asks on the forums for a way to list all of his wins?


Mike has 211 wins overall, last win September 2023…

It’s Race Week


Qualifying Will Begin Soon


Ferrari Esports Series Is Here


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CAMMUS C12 Review

Sim Racing Corner reviews the Cammus C12 DD Wheelbase.


Added Immersion

Scorps03 shares his DIY Sim Racing Curtains.


Who’s Rig?

Here is a great add-on for your rig from Etsy.


LG 48-Inch Ultra Gear OLED Monitor



Is having haptics on your pedals cheating?


Wheel/Rim Display


Very Presidential?


Collaboration Produces…


VPG Sim’s PX80 Hub


Must Watch If You Are In The Hunt For A DD Base


Sim Abuse?


A DIY Wireless QR For EVERY Base And Wheel


A Little Smoke



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Darlington

  • Mike -P 13 early on I had a bad run on a long run. I got doored a few times, ran the tires off with the lap down after green flags finally caught a caution and then got a wave around. Got another caution and worked my way up I’ll take a top 15 but I was running 30th.  
  • Justin – P
  • David – P11, Got turned early cause guy behind didn’t account for cars stacking up in front of us.  He did own up.  Then benefited from long green flag run with pitstop, moved from 31st to 16th when caution came out with 30 to go.  Survived the wreck fest that followed
  • Chris Waldron-P4. Started dead last with computer issues. Stayed out on old tires to get track position. Late in the race several leaders sped on pit road. Missed a few wrecked to bring it home P4. 
  • Brad – P13 Made some changes to the car after Wednesday night but went way too far and the car was very tight on longer runs. Very frustrating race as guys spent most of the night blocking runs. Was caught up in a late race spin but got back to p13. Glad that I had the p5 from Wednesday to fall back on.

Sunday Open- Darlington

  • Mike- P 22. Ran the tires off in a long green flag run pitted from about dead last on a green flag cycle and the caution came out right after I lost two laps struggled for a long time eventually got a wave around and a lucky dog after a great lucky dog fight And from there just for cautions on short run so I could move forward, but really didn’t get them
  • David – P13 top split, benefited from long run speed and other people not surviving
  • Justin -P wrecked out

Official Series

IndyCar IRacing Series

  • EllisP17 got his highest fifth but ran the back half of the top 10. Up until around halfway, where one of the leaders was lapping me and tried to go around the outside and clicked me and I got mad and rage quit.


  • Ellis – P14 At ledenon – qualified P5 out of 20. Got up to second and was chasing down the leader when the guy in third ran over the back of me and took me out p14

B Open

  • John -P23  Awful. Just awful. I was in a high split I had no business in. Two guys rear ended me and spun me out. I had no chance.

Draft Master

  • Kyle P1 After 6 attempts and several top 5’s I finally got my win. Started P9 and couldn’t make ground and was just stuck for 12 laps. Finally a wreck happens in front of me and I squeeze by. And just head for the lead. Held the lead and with one to go I knew I was not in a good spot. Off of turn 4 lap car up against the wall and P2 swings out. So I decided to squeeze him up high knowing he would have to lift for the lap car or run it into my door and he came down and lost control and I squeezed out a P1.


  • Hall – P 2 at SPA
  • Brad – P7 in GTD Class (WetaherTech Raceway). I like this track but have never been able to put an entire race together at the track. I finished about where I thought I would. Car had decent pace but never enough to contend for a top 5. The race did not split so the iRating disparity was very large.
    • P6 in GTD Class (Indy Road) Started p7 and made a few mistakes on lap one. Got settled in and was turning great laps until the faster classes started coming through. Get very frustrated especially at this track with the lack of concern for slower class cars. Was pushed off track twice because drivers can’t hold their line. Felt like I had more speed and should have gotten a top 5 but there is always another one.

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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  1. Need a band aid.


On today’s show we will take a look at Greg Hill’s loaded Season 3 Development Blog, preview some special events coming. Catch up on some great questions from the forums, answer the question… are sim racing injuries a thing? And we will attempt to tackle tons of hardware topics.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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