Episode 0436

5/23/2024 – OsWeeeeGo! – Episode 0436

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we look at multiple new series announced by iRacing, check out the eNASCAR race from Charlotte, break down the numbers from this past weekends Nurburgring 24hr and preview the next special events happening. We meet another iRacing staff member, discuss some new hardware items and see who won a 24 hour endurance race and a Grand Prix all in the same weekend.

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In A Flower Truck?


The Pose!


Can Max Go Back To Back?


Nurburgring 24h…By The Numbers


Coke Series At Charlotte



INDYCAR Pro Series Coming


FIA F4 eSports Global Championship Coming

iRacing and the FIA are launching a new esports global championship this September.


Oswego History

Charles Buchanan sent you a message

hey Mike! Long time listener of the podcast. I noticed you guys have mentioned Oswego speedway a few times but never talk to much about it, so I figured I would give a little history about it. It’s pronounced Osweeeeego. It’s a pretty unique track and very fast. It has an inside wall all the way around the track, which makes it hard to see ahead to the next corner. Both the inside and outside wall are made steel plate, which gives the track the nickname the steel palace. Each fall they hold a 200 lap supermodified race called the Budweiser international classic, which is the second longest running race behind the Indy 500. This year will be the 68th consecutive running of the race. The link down below is a video that gives a brief history of Oswego and supermodifed and there link to Indy cars. It’s an interesting video I think you and your teammates might enjoy it. I’ve heard rumors that iracing had scanned a supermodified, but have not heard any official from iracing. You guys talk a lot about splitting the oval license and think that if they were to do that this car would be a good car to fit the oval open wheel category as they run a similar to IndyCar type of suspension system with internal shocks. They are considered the fastest ashphalt oval car having 800hp and weighing 800lbs

New Pro Dirt Series To Be Announced

Sports Car Update From Greg West


Staff Member Profile


Streaming Struggles

Full time streamer Matt Malone has issues during his subathon.


If Only…


This Week In iRacing

With the return of INDYCAR, the INDYCAR iRacing Series (Open Setup) predominantly follows the real world INDYCAR schedule. It will have full length races on road courses while utilizing amended race distances for the ovals during the 16-week racing season. The series returns for it’s sixth week of competition, this week back on the oval at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a 125-lap event, utilizing the Dallara IR-18. This is separate from the iRacing Special Event scheduled for next week, the iRacing Indy 500, which will be a full 200-lap event in both open and fixed environments.

Schedule: Thursday, 01:00 GMT; Friday, 20:00 GMT, Saturday, 18:00 GMT; Sunday, 02:00 GMT

For more information on the INDYCAR iRacing Series -> CLICK HERE


Coke 600


Majors 24 Is Just Weeks Away


Qualifying Is Only A Week Away



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The Ultimate Review

The Sim Racing Den reviews the Simucube Ultimate 32 nm wheelbase.


Oktane Designs V3 Pre-Orders


Endurance 2 By VRacer


4080 iRacing Benchmarks


FA7 By Le Premium Box



Revolve DDU

Sim racing first round DDU.



NASCAR iRacing Series

Wednesday Open – Charlotte 

  • Mike- Pdnf. Had a pretty up-and-down day. I kept getting loose and spinning out down into the grass and got spun at least once but with 30 to go I pitted under green and shoved it into the barrels and ended my race.
  • David – P14 I will find every way possible to get screwed out of a good result.  This time shoved into the pits during green flag stop causing me to speed
  • Justin – P rage quit
  • Greg – P wrecked out
  • Chris W – P 16. The team is fast. We were all Top 5 the first half of the race. I accidentally wrecked a teammate and it was downhill from there. Got some 4x bumps and hooked to give me a pass through. Finished P16 2 laps down.

Thursday Open – Charlotte 

  • Kyle- P My fingers Hurt P7 Started P4 and  just kept it clean. A couple early cautions then it was a 250+ lap green flag run and it was fun. The setup was solid and the car was a rocket. Fell to 18th due to strategy. Led a total of 12 laps and had a winning car. Became a fuel mileage race and had to slow way off the pace to save enough fuel to make it to the end. Got 69 (NICE) laps on fuel and ran out coming out of 4 on the last lap to finish on the lead lap in P7. I will take that all day long on a full length race.

Official Series


  • Ellis – at Bathurst 10th the fourth by lap one and then I got wrecked out in lab three when the track got blocked up on a blind corner

A Open

  • Brad W – P7 (Charlotte) Started p8 and ran in top ten all of the race. Was a ton of fun to be in the same split with teammates Justin and Tyler. We all ran way too hard the last run and guys that had saved tires ran us back down. Restarted p5 on GWC but got bottled up behind p3 on bottom and lost two positions. Will make my run at the Coke 600 on Friday night. 


  • Brad – P5 (Indy Road-GTD) Started P5 and that is where I finished. Struggled to run consistently in the last sector. Wanted to give a shout out to class winner and podcast listener Cody McILwain.

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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  1. OsWeeeeGo!


On today’s show we look at multiple new series announced by iRacing, check out the eNASCAR race from Charlotte, break down the numbers from this past weekends Nurburgring 24hr and preview the next special events happening. We meet another iRacing staff member, discuss some new hardware items and see who won a 24 hour endurance race and a Grand Prix all in the same weekend.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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