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5/30/2024 – What happened to race craft? – Episode 0437

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On today’s show we learn how a rising Craftsmen Truck Series driver got his start, find out who captured the win from the ENASCAR Coke Series race at Darlington, re-cap the recent Audio Blog from iRacing, discuss changes coming to two NASCAR race tracks and get a sneak view of a NASCAR Hall of Fame drivers sim rig.

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New Street Stocks


iRacing posted to X the new street stock cars that are coming.

More Horsepower


eNASCAR Coke Series Drivers


Salas Finds Victory Lane For The Second Time



Changes Coming


How It Started

DJ Yee-J tells the story of Rajah Caruth.


“For me, iracing is the only reason i was able to start to chase my dreams and elevate me to a level to where i could make where i could really grab hold and make headway on it.”

ROVAL Update

The Charlotte Roval is getting an update before the fall race.




You Have A Voice


What Is That Over His Shoulder?


Timestamp 4:39 – WR1 Sim Chassis – Has a rig at his vacation home just in case, Amy doesn’t like it, but I need to be able to jump on. Ive had it while but havent put it together yet until we got it down here to the vacation house. U gotta have some accent lighting in this room.

That Classic Voice…In Person


iRacing Audio Engineers Greg Hill and Blaine Wood explain the present and future of sound in iRacing, including features like reverb and improved voice chat.

FIA 4 Regionals To Use Fixed Setup




Iowa Repave

Eric Estepp shares a repave surprise from Iowa.


How Much $$$$?


Skip Barber Competition Returns



INDYCAR iRacing Series


With the return of INDYCAR, the INDYCAR iRacing Series (Open Setup) predominantly follows the real world INDYCAR schedule. It will have full length races on road courses while utilizing amended race distances for the ovals during the 16-week racing season.

The series returns for it’s seventh week of competition, this week back on the streets on the Detroit Grand Prix at Belle Isle circuit, utilizing the Dallara IR-18 for 70 laps of racing.

Week 7 Schedule: Thursday, 01:00 GMT; Friday, 20:00 GMT, Saturday, 18:00 GMT; Sunday, 02:00 GMT


It Is Race Week!


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1:1 Immersion


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MRTV reviews the Primax Crystal Light VR Headset


Invicta Bundle

The CarDoc asks if the Assetek Invicta Bundle is worth it?


Setting Up Triples?

The iRacing FAQ is a good place to start.


McLaren By Ascher


Conspit H.AO Hub Review

The SimPit reviews the Conspit H.OA Hub.


Throttle/Clutch Pro Kit



Rig Review



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Charlotte

  • Kyle -P P10 Started P7 and just ran a sloppy first half of the race. I was just too aggressive. Ate up tires and Yo-Yo my way in the field. Was definitely punching over my weight class. Had so many long green runs and green flag pit stops and my strategy if it played out would have put me in the top 3 at the finish. Once it got dark, the track got fast and I was setting my fastest laps with 40-50 to go and just found the line that didn’t scrub speed and didn’t seem to hurt the tires too much. Last green flag stop I sped into the pits and ruined my race. With a 40 second hold. 2 cautions later I took the wave around with less then 15 to go and quickly there was a wreck that allowed me to pit and cycle up to the front. Then we took the green with 4 to go and it was hold on tight and I wasn’t lifting until I saw Jesus or the checkered flag. And fought it hard for the last 4 laps for P10.
  • John -P26. Got in other drivers’ mess on lap 83. 30 minutes of required repairs. Not a great race for me, but made it to the end. 
  • Brad – P30 Started p10 and ran in the top 10 first half of the race. Had a long green run with pit stops and David and I were running top 5. Yellow came out and the racing went to crap. Guys driving like it was 20 laps to go when in reality it was 250. I ended up getting turned off of T2 and the car was destroyed. Just don’t understand what has happened to race craft.
  • Hall – P wrecked by trash ofcourse, guy just right hooked me after jumping a restart, running to hard, and then falling back to us.  Every time this happens i’m getting closer to being done.  This is not a heat of the moment, this is happening almost every race.
  • Chris W – P15. Lead the race was up front all night. Long run I would blow past everyone. Got internally wrecked on lap 302 and saved a 15. Protest is coming and you better do something iRacing.

Sunday Open – Charlotte

  • David – P dumped in a 3 wide on the outside when far inside doored middle car
  • Brad – P34 after starting p6. Racing was worse than Friday. Could only get 30 laps in before a yellow. Tried to let guys go because they were over driving their cars. Had a group in front of me get checked up. I went low to pass on front stretch and had a guy just turn left off the wall and destroy my car. I decided to get the damage fixed and get what I could out of the race. After repairs were made my first lap out a guy wrecks off turn 4 and does not hold the brake. Rolls down the track and I can’t avoid him, engine is toast and the race week was horrible.

Wednesday Open – Gateway 

  • Mike- P22 was 13th on the final restart but got turned in a 3 wide deal and finished P 22. Before that, I hit the wall and had three minutes of damage and struggled near the back of the field throughout most of the race.
  • David – P this series is a shit show
  • Brad – P6 after starting p5. Ran in top 10 all of the race. Car had good pace but really needed some long runs to really pick up the spots. Did have one long run and had driven from p8 to p5. Race ended with a bunch of restarts and I just had to get more aggressive than I normally drive. Great bounce back from the disaster that Charlotte was.
  • Kyle P P10 Started P12 and lets just say i’m one and done this week. Couldn’t keep the car straight and just didn’t have fun. Spent my race in the back finding myself causing 3 of the 13 cautions. All of mine were for spinning in the corner. We had 1 GWC and restarted P14 and was able to avoid the turn 1 mayhem and gained 4 spots to squeak out a P10. Come on Indy 500 Gonna spend the next few days practicing for it. Side note sure gonna miss SHR 2025.
  • Chris W – P26. What can I say. You name it, it went wrong. The PC, Wheel, race, restarts, finish. P26. I can only do one race a week now and make it count. This did not do that.

Thursday Open – Gateway 

  • Mike- P25 basically ran the back part of the field in top split. I’m one of the slower cars out here. We want to go some fool dive bombed it in there three car links too much. Couldn’t hold his lane and slammed me to the wall five minutes damage drive-through penalty you name it.
  • David – P wrecked out
  • Justin – P wrecked out

Official Series

IndyCar IRacing Series

  • EllisP on lap 18 or so got door to the wall by some guy who gave plenty of room to 26 seconds damage, but put me to the back then put it under green flags, but the caution came out shortly after was able to get a waiver around. Went on to lap 89 where after a restart. Arrow tight and plowed into the wall off floor and then down into the inside. DNF. Went on to lap 89 where after a restart. Arrow tight and plowed into the wall off floor and then down into the inside. DNF.


  • VRS Sprint P23(Suzuka) Started p11 and while trying to let a car go on start I misjudged turn 2 and clipped him. That ruined his race (sorry again Sergio). Avoided multiple wrecks and found myself running p6 most of the race. Made a pitstop with about 14 minutes to go and came back out behind slower cars. Had a BMW lose it on the last left hand sweeper. He tanked slapped and hit the outside wall only to shoot back across the track right in front of me with no chance of avoiding. Car was destroyed. He did apologize and I guess it was my payback for turning Sergio on lap one. 
  • VRS Sprint P9(Suzuka) Started p21 and put an entire race together. Was able to avoid some early single spinners and some multiple car incidents. These races are a challenge and for me I like the strategy. You have to make a stop for fuel and some guys pit as soon as the fuel window is open. I have had better luck jumping guys by staying out and running the car almost out of fuel. Had a great race to finish having to hold off a much faster driver.


  • Ellis – Bathurst. Qualified for out of 20. wrecked out from behind and lap one turn two. Towed and did the quick repair pull back out on track and I was 15 with five cars behind me still on the lead lap. I recovered from there to finish seventh. 

Rain Master

  • Ellis – Okayama Started eight out of 16 and the new Ferrari. Got to fifth by lap one but bent  the car pretty hard and lap three DNF.

A Open

  • Brad W – P19 after starting p21 (Gateway). Race was just a mess from the get go. Started back with the guys that have to drive over their heads every lap. Ended up getting collected in two accidents that were not of my own doing. Was able to get some damage fixed but on a later yellow was too aggressive getting into pit road to repair damage and ended up with a passing under yellow. Came back in to serve penalty and finished one lap down in p19.

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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  1. What happened to race craft?


On today’s show we learn how a rising Craftsmen Truck Series driver got his start, find out who captured the win from the ENASCAR Coke Series race at Darlington, re-cap the recent Audio Blog from iRacing, discuss changes coming to two NASCAR race tracks and get a sneak view of a NASCAR Hall of Fame drivers sim rig.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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