Episode 0438

6/6/2024 – Vegetation Model – Episode 0438

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On today’s show we get you caught up on all of the content in iRacing’s 2024 Season 3 Build, see why Motorsports Games is back in the news, find out what things you wished you knew before you started sim racing, check out a setting for VR users that is a must try, and see who has earned the “Everywhere” award in iRacing.

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Updated Physics For NASCAR Trucks



Season 3 AI Updates

With the release of the Season 3 patch, there are numerous AI updates.


More Rain Ready Cars


New Street Stocks


Oswego Speedway Released


Ford Dark Horse Mustang GT3 Released


Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R Released


Circuito De Navarra Released


Sachsenring Released


Long Beach Landmine!


So, Can iRacing Help Me Drive My Real Race Car?


2024 Season 3 – Preliminary Schedule


Is This The ANGRIEST Person on iRacing?

Listen to this unhinged driver..NSFW!


Have You Been Everywhere?

Tucker Minter has…


Is It The Tire Or The Rim?

A forum post from Aaron Voegele shows a bug in the NASCAR Next Gen Camry’s wheels.


A Fitting Send Off


FIA Regionals – Team AMERICA

Special thanks to Guy Robertson from Moopar Gaming who is the host at the 2nd best iracing podcast out there, The Lone Road iRacers Podcast. Well guy did us American F4 racers an nice Red White and Blue patriotic flag style paintjob for us to run in the FIA F4 Regionals. Of course I immediately loaded up this paint and encourage all other US drivers to do so also.


Motorsports Games Back In The News


Oh WOW! Brakes?


Indy 500 By The Numbers


What A Finish!


A Trip To The Virtual Victory Lane


Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Sim Racing

  1. You Don’t Need To Have High End Equipment To Be Fast In The Sim
  2. You Need A Solid Frame
  3. You Dont Need To Have High Force Feedback to Be Realistic
  4. It’s OK To Use Driving Assists
  5. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask People For Help
  6. It’s OK To Make Mistakes
  7. Not Limit Yourself To One Simulator
  8. Enjoy Yourself
  9. Share Your Passion

Staff Member Profile


Season 3 Update Release Notes


Six Hours Of The Glen

iRacing’s Six Hours of The Glen is up next on the 2024 special events calendar.



INDYCAR iRacing Series


With the return of INDYCAR, the INDYCAR iRacing Series (Open Setup) predominantly follows the real world INDYCAR schedule. It will have full length races on road courses while utilizing amended race distances for the ovals during the 16-week racing season.

The series returns for it’s eighth week of competition, this week on the roads of Road America, utilizing the Dallara IR-18 for 55 laps of racing.

Week 8 Schedule: Thursday, 01:00 GMT; Friday, 20:00 GMT, Saturday, 18:00 GMT; Sunday, 02:00 GM


Majors 24 – This Weekend


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Need More Storage?

Where do you put those odds and ends that you need while in your rig?



VR Drivers, ever feel a little claustrophobic in the car?

David Found a way to make the scale of the world more accurate in VR.  If you run Steam VR.  There is also a tool kit if you run open XR that has the same setting.  Got the idea from my Digital Combat Simulator squad.

You Need To Watch This Video


Story Title

Updates From Asetek SimSports



NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Gateway

  • Hall – P same shit,  try to run clean but, car gets loose right in front of me, car rear ends me in 3, thinking i came down 3 lanes because they were on the inside but 4 car lengths behind and not even closing, other car rear ends me again in 3, i’m literally almost running the car in front of me over, car gets wrecked in front of me,  coming to the Finish, car gets wrecked and can’t avoid hit him at the S/F and get black flagged,  this ain’t a slump, this is the way it always is.

Sunday Open – Gateway

  • Mike- P 22– there was a caution at the beginning where we all took a wave around and after that caution free finished P 22 about what I deserve in top split
  • David – P23
  • Justin -P 10
  • Brian C – P spun on the first lap finished 18th
  • TomP break problem

Wednesday Open – Sonoma 

  • Mike- P12– start a 20th got to 16th by lap two then got turned fell back to 20th worked by way up to 10 before pitstops go back to 14th and made it back up to 12 for the finish
  • David – P If i don’t get taken out, i take myself out
  • Justin – P12
  • Brad – P6 after starting p8. Took me way too long to get into a rhythm. I fell back early with a couple of offs but finally settled in. Ran top 10 till pit stops and cycled back out to p9. Picked up a spot with David’s misfortune and was gifted p6 when the two in front of me wrecked in the hair pin coming to the white flag. 
  • Kyle P P4 Started P4 as well. Car was fast and the tires were slick and I just need to find more speed. Couldn’t keep a consistent pace. But I’ll take a top 5 all day long.
  • Greg – P Wrecked myself not wrecking someone else top split
  • Chris W – P5 Put LOTS of practice in this week. Went from a best time of 1:25 to 1:17. Last year I DQ’d in ever Sonoma race. This year P5 in a split above. This team has helped me get better as a driver and I would like to thank them for being such a great group of guys. .

Thursday Open – Sonoma 

  • Mike- P7- started 14th by lap one I got to seventh as high as sixth, fell to eight after the pits and finished seven pretty uneventful race. I’ll take it.
  • David – P6

Official Series

Indy 500

  • Ellis– dnf. Spun on Pitt Road early coming out of the pit box and got a little bit of damage kept going and was running as high as fifth when I pitted under green and cooked it into hot and spun the car around. It took me almost a lap to get right and get going the right way  about two laps later I stuck it in the wall hard because I’m upset. Yay.
  • Tony  P Walled. Ran pretty conservative ¾ of the race was doing good on fuel to where leaders were Gonna have to pit 1 extra time than me. Was in P6 when letting a lapped car on fresher tires by and just walled it ending my day with 36 laps to go
  • John P9. We had 7 cautions in the first 30 laps. I dodged every one of them. The race went green until 157 when the guy in P2 spun out of turn 2, darted down and bounced to outside wall and bounced right in front of me. I was in P4 at the time. I had no way to avoid it. It damaged my car beyond repair. Huge disappointment. I was all set for an easy P3  and it got ruined by the mistake of another.
  • Greg – DNF but had a top car all race

IndyCar iRacing Series – Detroit

  • EllisP qualify at 11th out of 24. Did pretty good on the first four laps and then  I killed it.
  • Second attempt on Saturday got down to the first Sharpe turn and some guide overcooked it and drilled me into the wall basically and wiped out three others
  • Tom- P pedal failure DNF
  • Greg- P wrecked out lap 2 with no practice

Dirt Road 4×4 Trucks – Fixed

  • Chris Waldron – Championship P1. Always dabbled in the 4×4 jumpy Trucks. Gave it a serious shot and learned a lot from my friend and pod listener Robby Swan. Got a few wins and good runs to win the division 5 championship.

C Open

  • John K – P4. Love the changes iRacing made to the trucks. No more constant pedal to the metal. I started P23 due to a bad qual. I saved tires just right and pit strategy worked. Got up to P11 for the GWC. Coming out turn 4 on the last lap the guys up front crashed. I dodged a few cars but eventually got clipped in the rear and it sent my truck into the front stretch wall and onto the roof. Slid passed the start finish line upside down in P4. 

League / Hosted Races

  • Ellis-Chris McGuire GEN4 at Michigan started in the back finish P2.
    • Second attempt- started in the back finish P9
  • Supercars at Michigan we had a crazy pack race. It was five wide at the end for the wind. I came in P2. Some of the best racing I’ve ever done.

Final Thoughts

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Vegetation Model


On today’s show we get you caught up on all of the content in iRacing’s 2024 Season 3 Build, see why Motorsports Games is back in the news, find out what things you wished you knew before you started sim racing, check out a setting for VR users that is a must try, and see who has earned the “Everywhere” award in iRacing.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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