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6/13/2024 – Squirrels Do What Squirrels Do – Episode 0439

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On today’s show we will find out how the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series drivers handles the Iowa Speedway, give you an update on the Season 3 patches that were released this week, preview the 6 Hours of The Glen endurance race, give you some more help on dialing in your graphics settings for iRacing and find out which company has entered into the sim racing marketplace.

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It’s Raining…


eNASCAR Series Takes On Iowa Speedway



eNASCAR Drivers Capitalizing On Real World Opportunities


Late Start To Season 3


Where Did Traxion GG Go?


Showdown At Algarve International

What happens when you line up three Mercedes?


Season 3 Patch and Hotfix Notes



Why So Blue?



A post on the forums points out that the sunsetting of the legacy site has gone some stats to go missing.


Contest Time


6HRS Of The Glen…This Weekend

Have you found all your drivers for this weekends endurance race?


2024 Season 3 Hot Lap Challenge



2024 Season 3 Draft Master Schedule


2024 Season 3 Ring Meister Schedule


FIA F4 Regional Tour Series Have Started



Global Endurance Changes for Season 3


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NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open – Sonoma

  • Kyle -P P3. Loving the car, the setup, and the track. The car was fast and was easily a 2nd place car and a good chance at being the best car. Took it easy but found the best line and even now shifting points and had my laps times around 1.5 seconds faster a lap then Wednesday night. Started P3 was car 4 and brought it home P3. Seems to be a good strategy played out by the winner. He was mid pack and as soon as the pit window opened he pitted and just picked off cars for the rest of the race. He wasn’t the fastest car but he sure played his cards right. 
  • Tony -just a P7 in bottom split woo 38 points

Wednesday Open – Iowa 

  • Mike- P by lab three some guy lost talent and wrecked three out of five of us shot of the race. I had 13 minutes of damage.
  • David – P4 is the streak over?   P4, got this on tire strategy, with 50 to go, I stayed out on 30 lap old tires that were actually only 10 laps old cause it was a caution fest.  Was able to maintain 4th through all the late cautions only passed by two guys with fresher tires.
  • Justin – P15th
  • Tyler – P P5. 16 cautions for 78 laps. Full survival mode rocking a 12x all from getting hit from behind. Raced the track as best as I could and it finally paid off. 2nd fastest lap of the race. Shout out to my son Parker for spotting me and keeping me in check towards the end. Couldn’t have done this without him. 
  • Brad W – P24, disaster. Started p9 and drove into the top 5, as high as p2. Was too aggressive on a restart and spun over the bumps into turn 1. Repaired the car and with some pit strategy was back in the top 5. Started the constant yellow cycle and  pitted thinking more cars would come. That was not the case but was able to drive back to p9 until the last GWC coming to the checkered car got turned up into the wall out of turn 4. I can’t avoid him and end up with a p24. Super frustrating ending to a horrible race.
  • Bobby – Won the pole,  fast whole race, get dumped running 4th with 5 to go
  • Chris W – P 20. Not my place. Wrecked, fixed it, wrecked, fixed it, wrecked, fixed it…. On to next week.

Thursday Open – Iowa 

  • Mike- P 16 through the middle part of the race, but the last run I kind of faded back to 16
  • David – P14 didn’t have a good 60 lap run.  Used the stuff up trying to run harder for the not that long run
  • Justin – P12, not much to talk about just took it easy until the last 50 laps, i think i was 22nd the last run and worked my way up to 12th I’m satisfied.

Official Series

IndyCar IRacing Series – Road America

  • EllisP screwed up qualifying started in the back. Started 21st got to ninth by the end of lap one.  Covered around that spot for most of the race ended up finishing p seven. The leader got disqualified for not taking alternates.


  • Ellis – regional qualifiers Rome screwed up qualifying started 20th out of 22 cars. Got the 14th by the end of lap one and kept moving forward got as high as fifth my own mistakes from trying too hard cost me a couple more spots and I finish P6
  • Pole position! Wrecked out by the guy in P2 in the first corner he runs over me from behind. Meatball. 
  • Was running around six at the end of the first slap and some guy can’t race side-by-side and ran me off the track had a little damage but stayed in the race my way up from there from 16th up to finish P7.

A Open

  • Brad W – P9 after starting p16 (Iowa). Blew qualifying by spinning on lap one. Race started with some frustration as when two guys get side by side in front of you, you are trapped. Once things started spreading out, I was able to drive up to the top 10. Made contact in turn one and got off the guy to let him gather it up. He did and as I went to pass him he turned into me causing front end damage. Was able to get everything fixed and restart toward the back. Drove back up to top 5 before another yellow. Put tires on and ended with a 94 lap run to the checkered. Had speed but no drive off to make passes toward the end. Needed a yellow to split the last run up and could have had a top 5. 


  • Kyle P- Saturday Night. P9 started P10 and just ran a very consistent race. Kept in the top 10 all race long and just ran a very impressive race. Car felt solid and never gave me any handling issues. Stayed on the lead lap up until Lap 50 and my fuel strategy was different then the leaders. Solid top 10 night.

League / Hosted Races


  • Ellis-Chris McGuire hosted trucks at Daytona
  • Ran the GEN five car at Talladega wrecked out
  • Back to the trucks that Daytona wrecked out

Final Thoughts

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  1. Squirrels Do What Squirrels Do


On today’s show we will find out how the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series drivers handles the Iowa Speedway, give you an update on the Season 3 patches that were released this week, preview the 6 Hours of The Glen endurance race, give you some more help on dialing in your graphics settings for iRacing and find out which company has entered into the sim racing marketplace.

So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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